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Old Engine Oil

by kaleokahu 2 years ago

A local serious beer parlour is touting having one of the few available kegs of the Scottish Brewer Haviestoun's port...

Porters & Stouts - Their Place in the Craft Beer Pantheon

by MGZ 3 years ago

So, in a recent thread about Americans' taste in beers generally leading them to mass marketed pale lagers, a slight ...

Jim Dorsch

Jim Dorsch commented 3 years ago

Tasting Notes: 8 quick miscellaneous beers on tap... IPA, porter, stout, etc.

by TombstoneShadow 4 years ago

There's nothing like taking your wife to an appointment close to a great microbrew bar :) With an hour or so to kill...


Kenji commented 4 years ago

Beer and porter

by heybaldy 4 years ago

Recently. I had a dark beer by Les trois musqtiers . This set me off my track as to my habitual beer tastes. So Iv...


lagatta commented 4 years ago

Rarity: A "great" Porter... Deschutes Black Butte annual series

by TombstoneShadow 5 years ago

I've claimed to "like" porters for a long time. After all, that's what we beer connoisseurs are supposed to do right?...


SP1 commented 5 years ago

Porter beer

by kpzoo 5 years ago

I have a chili recipe I'd like to try that calls for a "porter style" beer. Is this something I could find easily in ...


catroast commented 5 years ago

Help! Need correct recipe for Molly Stevens' Short Ribs Braised in Porter Ale with Maple-Rosemary Glaze!

by Chris VR 13 years ago

I've read enough raves here to buy Molly Stevens' "All About Braising" cookbook. It's on order from Amazon. But in ...


theamusedbouche commented 8 years ago

Black Butte Porter?

by salustro 8 years ago

Anyone know of any beer bars/bistros in San Diego that have black butte in bottles/tap? It looks like The Yard House...


DougOLis commented 8 years ago

SF - Ritual Porter at City Beer

by osho 8 years ago

I have been meaning to write about my favourite beer enthusiast destination for the longest time. What better way ...


osho commented 8 years ago

Any Opinions Regarding Smuttynose Baltic Porter?

by MDBBQFiend 9 years ago

Any tasting notes or opinions out there regarding Smuttynose Brewery's Baltic Porter? I'm a fan of the brewery, bu...


shellshock24 commented 8 years ago

A Question about Stevens' Short Ribs in Porter Ale

by CindyJ 9 years ago

My short ribs are presently braising, and I'm definitely going to have leftovers. The recipe says to reduce the brai...


Phurstluv commented 9 years ago

Maui Brewing Company - coconut porter

by cornbeefhash 9 years ago

Does anyone know if any store carries any of this beer? I'm looking specifically for the coconut porter but I'd be i... commented 9 years ago

Recipe for Short Ribs Braised in Porter Ale with Rosemary/Mape Glaze

by Ingrid 13 years ago

Last week I inquired about recipes for braised short ribs. Here is a paraphrase of a recipe I've used that has resul...


freelancer77 commented 9 years ago

Porter Ale

by bxgirl 10 years ago

I am finally going to try Molly Stevens' short ribs. One of the key ingredients, of course, is porter ale. As I never...


bxgirl commented 10 years ago

A porter beer by Michalob?

by Passadumkeg 11 years ago

I don't usually look in the big name domestic beer section, but today, as I walked by, I noticed this porter by Mich...


Passadumkeg commented 10 years ago

Stone Smoked Porter Shake @ Ritual Tavern (SD)

by Josh 11 years ago

This may be the greatest dessert item ever conceived. Cool, creamy, rich, with a surprisingly bitter bite that makes ...


chefjeffd commented 11 years ago

Smuttynose Baltic Porter

by Kenji 11 years ago

I was ecstatic to encounter this brew at the Cambridge, MA. Trader Joe's. It's the newest beer in Smuttynose's "Big ...


Kenji commented 11 years ago

Where to get porter ale?

by bxgirl 11 years ago

On this snowy day in Manhattan, I am thinking of making Molly Stevens' braised short ribs. Can anyone suggest a place...


JoanN commented 11 years ago

AAB Porter Braised SHort Ribs

by nissenpa 11 years ago

I will be making these ina few weeks for DH's Birthday. We have made these many times and LOVE them. I usually serv...


nissenpa commented 11 years ago

porter time

by japhyryder 11 years ago

it's november and to my mind that makes it time to give up IPA's and lagers and switch to porter. any rec's for po...


Kenji commented 11 years ago