Love the other white meat? Discuss pork recipes and cooking tips, plus get info from other pork-loving Chowhounds on which restaurants and shops in your area offer the best.

A Guide to the Best Baby Back Ribs and Spare Ribs

Just in time for summer and the 4th of July, here's your guide to baby back ribs, spare ribs, and how to cook the best BBQ ribs of any kind. No matter how smoky, glistening, and fall-off-the-bone tender...

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Pork Chops Overdone

by LilRedHen 7 months ago

After a long time not using it, I dragged out the Ronco rotisserie and proceeded to cook 2 beautiful bone-in port chops to death. Without a recipe I really overestimated the cooking time. So they...

What did I buy? “Pork Steak Ready Shoulder Butt”

by shinypenny 7 months ago

I was looking for pork shoulder for pulled pork and found this “Pork Steak Ready Shoulder Butt” so I thought why not. How would most people cook this? It’s 7.33 lbs.

MSP-craving breaded fried pork tenderloin sandwich

by KCMPLS 10 years ago

Last time I had this was more than 10 years ago. Any place in the Twin Cities area that have a good one? Crispy, but not greasy, tender moist meat. Sigh.

Meat ball holding

by kris088 8 months ago

So I am planning to open up a meatball food stand serving different kind of meat balls (pork, beef, chicken etc), and a few number of sauces to go along with it. The idea is a customer can just ...

Off white ground pork that smells like cheese its

by novicecrafter 9 months ago

I bought it from the discount bin and it had some off white around the edges. I froze on the sell by date. When thawed the top layer was off white. Not exactly grey. But it smells like cheese it's....

Taylor Ham (aka pork roll)?

by Sam 14 years ago

Can anyone tell me where I might buy Taylor Ham in the greater Hartford or Pioneer Valley area? It's available everywhere where I'm from (central NJ), but its range doesn't seem to extend this far...

Chorizo crawl - Pork salivary glands, lymph nodes & fat (cheeks)

by rworange 13 years ago

This is probably the scariest thing I’ve eaten in my life. I’ve been doing a little crawl of local SF Bay Area Mexican markets and eating some wonderful chorizo. So I figured I’d wrap things up...

How to make Versailles roast pork?

by sasha1 12 years ago

LA hounds and visitors - how would you make Versailles roast pork (i.e. the Cuban restaurants)? I have been gone too long and am craving the flavor. I have onions and garlic, and a pork roast. ...

Can I bake a ham that isn't smothered in sugar and fruit?

by bodacious 10 years ago

I don't understand why pork always has to be paired with sugar and fruit -- especially ham -- as this combination has always struck me as insipid. Does anyone have a recipe for baked ham that does ...

Soup from leftover pork shoulder?

by smittys 8 years ago

Hi--I'm trying to figure out how to use a chunk of pork shoulder in my freezer. It's a chunk of bone with a bit of meat left on it. I originally roasted it with garlic, oregano and vinegar. I'd ...

Boston-style pork fried rice recipe

by Ryan1 7 years ago

im from boston area all my life and chinese take out is my favorite food. i moved to the south and cant find comparable chinese food ANYWHERE. does anyone have a recipe for pork fried rice like the...

Poultry sausage--pork casing

by AdamL 16 years ago

My wife doesn't eat red meat or pork. The other day I picked up a package of chicken & turkey sausage from TJ's. I was feeling mighty pleased with myself for finding a new alternative to throw on t...

1950's Old Style Chinese Steamed Pork (Hom Yu)

by Mochi 14 years ago

Hello, Anyone remember the steamed pork that was served back in the l950's at Chinese restaurants Far East Cafe in Japan Town in Los Angeles or Tin Sing in Gardena? It was softer and didn't have t...

Sweetmeat Empanadas with New Mexico influence

by Bourgeois 10 years ago

Please help me find a recipe for sweetmeat empanadas. My grandma, Teresina, used to make these at Christmas. She used a hand-grinder to grind pork roast. I think there were raisins and it was pr...

Taylor Ham/Pork Roll.... who sends it to California... CHEAP ???

by FairlessHills 7 years ago

Taylor Ham/Pork Roll.... who sends it to California... CHEAP ??? I know it's not a nutritious or dietary food.... but we love Taylor Ham (although SOME call it Pork Roll). Living in Southern ...

Pork loin: cook whole or boil in pieces in pressure cooker??

by mike2401 7 years ago

I have a 3 pound boneless center cut pork loin roast. I intend to boil it in my pressure cooker, and taking the resulting meat (along with some home made chicken bone broth and potatoes) to mak...

pork belly for sausage making?

by j8715 9 years ago

anyone tried fat from the belly vs back fat in making fresh sausage?

Pork liver and why we never see it at grocery stores / restaurants

by cimui 12 years ago

I see beef, veal, and chicken liver for sale all the time. Why not pork? (Is it that the taste is less appealing? Is it that pigs are fed lower quality foods than other farm animals, so the liver i...

What to do with sliced pork belly?

by ChervilGeorge 4 years ago

I purchased what I thought was bacon but when I got home realized it was not bacon but pork belly. I now have 5lbs of pork belly! Ugh. I can't make bacon with it because I don't have a smoker an...

Boneless Pork Top Loin Chops - Can I use in stews?

by PlanetJP 1 year ago

So I got a great buy on some 2" thick boneless pork top loin chops. Can I cut this up and use it in some kind of stew or soup? I'm thinking of making a Mexican or southwest inspired posole or red...