Pork Shoulder

15 Fabulous Braises to Keep You Warm Through Winter

Braising is a cook’s best friend—with a few simple steps, you can make a meal that tastes like it's straight out of a Michelin-starred restaurant. Here’s our basic braising primer, but just remember...

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Recommend a BBQ Sauce for Pork Shoulder

by ePressureCooker 6 years ago

Okay chowhounders, I need your help. I've received a request for some good BBQ sauces for pork shoulder, preferably a variety of sauces. Any type, traditional barbecue, North Carolina vinegar, So...

Menu planning for Special Event

by BonnieV91 6 years ago

Hi everyone! I am just gonna get down to business here. I am getting married in July, and we're going to be preparing our own food. Since we're not professionals by any means we needed help with ...

Cooking pork shoulder overnight?

by MikeG 10 years ago

As I type, I'm marinating a 5 lb butt end piece of pork shoulder for pérnil. If it were a whole shoulder with a lot of skin and fat, I wouldn't have any qualms about letting it roast overnight, bu...

question about slow roasting pork shoulder

by 7speter 7 years ago

For the last year, I've been having issues with slow roasting pork, whether its shoulder or ribs or butt. When I go to my local stores the pork I get has this really strong urine like smell that re...

Smoking a boston butt for pulled pork

by ShannonF 10 years ago

I am sort of new to the "smoking" scene. I smoked my first butt on the gas grill using foil smoke packets and indirect heat. It turned out perfectly. Now have a Brinkmann electric smoker an...

oven juggling

by emmalehman 6 years ago

I am slow roasting a 8 lb pork shoulder right now at about 200... I am serving dinner around 6:30 or 7 and I want to roast 3 or 4 acorn squashes too. If I put the squashes in with the pork, how l...

Large pork shoulder - crock pot

by michaeljc70 6 years ago

I am attempting, for the first time, a 9lb pork butt (with bone) in my slow cooker. I put it on high and added a bunch of stuff (chipotles, oranges and limes cut up, cumin, oregano, onion, garlic,...

HEB Pork Butts bone in 1.47 Today's Ads - Nov. 23

by slowcoooked 7 years ago

Smoke 'em if you got 'em. We got our 7 pounder for 10 bucks and change at Village Center, Canyon Ridge also has them. Pretty good price!

First Time Roasting Pork Shoulder Picnic

by mcsheridan 7 years ago

I have a fresh shoulder picnic half - bone-in and almost exactly 5 pounds. There's a small amount of pork skin around the narrower bone end, which I plan to leave in place. I'm going to remove the ...

2.5lb Pork Butt - how long to cook?

by loulilah 8 years ago

Hello all, I have a 2.5lb bone-in pork butt. I found a nice-looking recipe from food network: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/dave-lieberman/beer-braised-bbq-pork-butt-recipe/index.html Bu...

Estimated timing to slow roast a 4lb pork butt?

by odub 9 years ago

I'm about the try out David Chang's bo ssam recipe, which suggests a 300 degree, 6 hour roast for a 8-10 lb, bone-in pork butt. My bone-in pork butt is half that (4 lbs) and I'm wondering how t...

How to finish a partially smoked Pork Butt?

by mjg0725 14 years ago

Hi, Looking for some advice here. I am infamous for smoking pork butts and making killer pulled pork out of them (see my Avatar?). I use the recipe from food.com for Oklahoma Joe's Pulled Pork....

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