Pork Shoulder


When does the cook sleep?

by shinypenny 15 days ago

We want to use an electric smoker to smoke a “Pork Steak Ready Shoulder Butt” for pulled pork. It’s 7.33 lbs and has a little bone. I see estimates of about 1-1/2 to 2 hours per pound... but we...

What did I buy? “Pork Steak Ready Shoulder Butt”

by shinypenny 16 days ago

I was looking for pork shoulder for pulled pork and found this “Pork Steak Ready Shoulder Butt” so I thought why not. How would most people cook this? It’s 7.33 lbs.

RE: Smoked Picnic Shoulder - how do you cook it?

by angustia 7 years ago

I grabbed a smoked picnic shoulder that was on sale, and would like to cook it this weekend. What's the best dish for that? How do you do yours? This newbie definitely needs step-by-step guidanc...

10lb Pork Shoulder - Slow Cooker/Oven

by thastriker 2 years ago

So, I bought a 10lb pork shoulder the other day. I can't remember if it is bone in or not off the top of my head though. I am debating whether to cook it in the oven or the slow cooker. Carnitas, p...

Pork Vindaloo - less fatty

by michaeljc70 10 months ago

I really like Pork Vindaloo. I find that when I use pork shoulder, even well trimmed, it is very fatty. I know that is the nature of pork shoulder. If I make it a day in advance, I can remove the...

Pulled pork for 50

by hwinters 11 months ago

We are hosting a bbq on Saturday afternoon. The head count is way more than expected. I'm a seasoned home chef and won't have any issues seasoning or cooking the pork shoulder but I do have some qu...

DIP, get the Porchetta french dip sandwich, in SF North Beach w/ PICS

by hhc 2 years ago

OMG, you all gotta try the Porchetta French Dip $13, it's so AMAZING! I went on Sat 2/25/17 for dinner and there were a a couple guys as customers but that was it, Sad to see so many people waiti...

pork shoulder vs pork loin

by julesincoq 9 years ago

I have only cooked pork shoulder twice (a couple of attempts at pulled pork) and I found it to be very fatty. I trimmed away tons of surface fat but it was going all through it - blech! I have seve...

Electric smoker help

by wildcat2012 8 years ago

this is the fist time i am ever using a electric smoker and i was looking for some help. i am doing a pork shoulder this weekend. first what temp should i smoke at i have hear that you don't receiv...

Smoking Pork Butt BBQ and Time Management

by Imby 13 years ago

We are hosting a BBQ/Cookout this weekend, and I intend to smoke a pork shoulder, NC-style, on my Weber kettle. I have used it to smoke before, so I'm OK with general technique, but my concern is ...

Sous Vide Pork Shoulder at 165F, Smoked 2 hrs first, water turning rusty colored about 6 hrs into the cook

by Swamibob 1 year ago

Yesterday I decided to try pulled pork and this calls for a temp of 165F for 18-24 hrs. I smoked it for 2 hrs then vacuum sealed it up. I always do multiple seals on each end on long cooks so I sea...

Cooking Pork Shoulder for the first time

by mgp2675 1 year ago

I am a somewhat experienced cook, but somehow I have never actually cooked pork shoulder before. It's so good and it's relatively inexpensive, so I want to give it a try this Monday since I'm off....

My pork got inked - what do I do?

by abandon 2 years ago

I got some skin on pork that has an identifying tattoo. Do I cut it off before cooking it? Is it edible? I can't find any information about this anywhere.

Frozen Pork Butt in Crockpot w/o Defrosting First?

by Tedmom 10 years ago

I have a 3.5 pound frozen, boneless pork butt in the freezer and was wondering whether I can simply put it straight from the freezer into a crockpot without drefrosting it first? If so, does anyon...

* Porchetta *...Slow Roasted with Crispy Crackling Skin... and Pictures

by fourunder 6 years ago

So for a change from the usual straight Roast Pork Roasts I have been making of late….I thought I would liven things up and make something with more than just Kosher Salt and Fresh Cracked Pepper…m...

Crock pot food safety question (cooking pork shoulder)

by mrsmmm 2 years ago

This may be a dumb food safety question, but better safe than sorry I guess. I cooked a 4-5 lb pork shoulder in a crock pot on "high" for 4 hours. By the end of the cooking time, it was nowher...

20lbs of pork shoulder - how long to cook for pulled pork?

by VPALLARI 2 years ago

Like the title says - I have 20lbs of pork shoulder sitting in a Ale Bath seasoned with Butt Rub. I rested it for 12 hours. Tightly covered with tin foil. at 225 F, how long should I cook this b...

how to cook 10lbs of pork shoulder?

by sukmon 11 years ago

Does anyone have clue as to how to prep and cook a 10lb pork shoulder? I am getting one from fresh direct (which is amazing by the way!) and would like to make something called "fresh ham". But...

Pork shoulder cooking time?

by soleado123 11 years ago

Howdy y'all, The weekend before the fourth of July I cooked a Boston butt for the first time. I cooked it outside on a gas grill (for shame ;-) ) @ 350 deg. for four hours. We made pulled p...

Smoking Pork Shoulder Before Oven?

by AG11687 2 years ago

I am cooking pulled pork for a large event. I am starting with 4-20lb bone in pork shoulders. In the past, I have done them in a 200-degree oven for 12-14 hours with very good results, but I was th...