Pork Ribs

A Guide to the Best Baby Back Ribs and Spare Ribs

Just in time for summer and the 4th of July, here's your guide to baby back ribs, spare ribs, and how to cook the best BBQ ribs of any kind. No matter how smoky, glistening, and fall-off-the-bone tender...

Reason for removing ribs membrane?

by Howard_2 8 months ago

Many recipes for ribs instruct you to remove the membrane on the back side of the ribs. But that back side is mostly bone, and is easier to remove (if you wish) after cooking. So what's the purpo...

Pork rib membrane - remove or not?

by Midlife 5 years ago

OK............. now I'm confused. The cooking shows I remember about making pork ribs all said to remove the membrane along the back of the rack before cooking. Then I read this: http://eatocrac...

9 hour oven baked ribs

by jlix 11 years ago

Okay, I rubbed my 4 racks of st Louis ribs with a version of Bittman's rub (salt, sugar, cumin, paprika and chile powder) and then the next day put them on foil lined cookie sheets, into the oven a...

Re-Cooking Ribs?

by jmlehrfeld 2 years ago

I followed a recipe which called for cooking pork ribs covered in foil for 4 hours at 225 and then another 30 minutes uncovered. However, my ribs only cooked to an internal temperature of about 150...

Costco pork ribs and GMO feed

by JuniorBalloon 4 years ago

I'm trying to find out if ribs bought at Costco were fed a GMO diet. I know they're not organic. I have a family member that will not eat GMO fed meat. I have a bunch of Costco Ribs, but if they do...

What to Serve with Baby Back Ribs?

by atwistedlime 11 years ago

I have an unexpected meal to serve and I am planning to make my slow roasted baby back ribs. I wanted to serve a myriad of sides and a nice country dessert. I am crazy at work this week and so my b...

Grilled/Baked Ribs -- Boil?

by jounipesonen 3 years ago

I've been making ribs in the oven for years. (I prefer the 'baby back ribs' type rather than ones with big chunks of meat) I slow roast for a couple of hours - and baste off the rendered grease ...

Pork Ribs & Beans, Slow Cooker

by zackly 3 years ago

With barbecue becoming a phenomena in the USA nowadays, many people don't think of cooking ribs any other way than smoked, low and slow. My supermarket had St Louis cut spare ribs on sale ($2.99#) ...

Ribs in vinegar?

The Librarian
by The Librarian 13 years ago

I'm trying a new recipe tonight for barbecued baby back ribs. The recipe (from a grilling-related cookbook) calls for soaking the ribs in vinegar for at least four hours. Then you drain and dry the...

Applewood Branches for Smoking

by vespito 3 years ago

Hi all, I am going to bbq baby back ribs tomorrow for the first time. Instead of hickory chips, would it be ok to use some applewood? I have a small bundle but it is OLD (talking years). Last...

Half pig, whole head, other parts

Rocky Road
by Rocky Road 3 years ago

Hey there, we just purchased our first half pig from a local farm (85 lbs). I got the whole head because no one wanted the other half that I requested. I imagine there are some "variety meats" in...

In over my head with BBQ ribs!

by BethPhilly 4 years ago

Ok - so I need to make ribs for 125 people at a barbecue. Don't even ask how I got into this mess. Long story short, I'm starting catering and have everything down....except ribs. Any help/advic...

First BBQ Spareribs of 2016

by bbqrubz 4 years ago

Wanted to share my first BBQ Spareribs of 2016, these were prepared with two different recipes : 1) Myron Mixon style rib rub ¼ cup kosher salt • ¼ cup white sugar • ¼ cup paprika • 3 ...

Boiled pork ribs are pink in some spots?

by curious12 4 years ago

My dad decided to make ribs so he put them in a roast pan, filled it with water until the ribs were completely submerged, covered it, and cooked it in the oven for almost 3 hours at 400 degrees. Wh...

need help with where I'm going wrong on a rib recipe

by C mac 4 years ago

Okay, so I had ribs at a friends house and I really liked how they came out. He told me how to make them, but he lives far and don't want to bug him as I have bugged him enough for cooking tips ove...

Korean BBQ Sauce: sell it to me!

by DLovsky 4 years ago

Here we go, I'm ready for Korean BBQ Sauce. I don't care about making it myself, for now, I care about which jar to buy while standing in front of the huge shelf selection at the Asian store. So go...

Need advice on cooking ribs in oven

by Laclede 4 years ago

I am cooking ribs for a Labor day bbq tomorrow and have some questions. I have some baby back ribs and plan to cook them in the oven. So far I have removed the membrane, applied a store bought ru...

Spare ribs- Start dry or start wet?

by hungryinmanhattan 4 years ago

I have read so many recipes including on these boards and am so confused and would appreciate some advice. I understand that I cook "slow and low", maybe 225 or 250, but many say put ribs in foil p...

Summer dinner for colleagues?

by mskilgore 4 years ago

Hi all, First, I just want to say that I love this board. Everyone always has tremendous ideas! Second, I'm hosting about 10 colleagues at my house for dinner on Wednesday night. Originally, ...

Pre-Boiling Baby Back Ribs - fast help

by Lillydu 14 years ago

I'm grilling ribs today for the first time. I've read to boil them for an hour and then grill for 10 minutes appling BBQ sauce. I'm on some time restraints today. Can I boil them now and then re...