Pork Loin

Pork Loin and Pork Tenderloin: What Is the Difference?

Despite what you might think, What is the difference between pork loin and pork tenderloin? is not a trick question. Although they sound incredibly similar, pork tenderloin and pork loin are actually...

Whole Pork Loin - How to prepare?

by kcfields 2 years ago

I have an almost 4 1/2 lb whole pork loin that I need ideas of how to prepare. I’m thinking of cutting it in half and slicing some boneless chops as I’m only cooking for two. That would leave me wi...

Pork shoulder al’diavolo revised

by Crjennings64 2 years ago

Hi, I made this with pork shoulder as a test for a dinner party I’ll be having in a couple of weeks, and its just way too much fat - my guests will definitely want a leaner cut of meat. So, I was t...

Tough pork loin

by stoveslave 3 years ago

I roasted a pork loin and even though it was nicely pink in the middle and the rub had great flavor, the meat was tough and my husband couldn't chew it. I have all this meat leftover but don't know...

Where to buy Skin-on Pork Loin?

by JDS1 5 years ago

Looking to find a source of skin-on pork loin or leg of pork. I am originally from the UK where this is very common and popular way to butcher and cook pork. I have been in the USA now for 10 years...

pork shoulder vs pork loin

by julesincoq 12 years ago

I have only cooked pork shoulder twice (a couple of attempts at pulled pork) and I found it to be very fatty. I trimmed away tons of surface fat but it was going all through it - blech! I have seve...

4.5 lb center cut boneless pork loin roast - what's the best way to cook it? HELP!

by GSDlove 12 years ago

Hubby brought this home from the market and I have no idea how to cook it. Is this something that's best prepared low and slow? As many details as you can provide would be greatly appreciated - ...

Sous vide pork loin--time?

by jgabsalot 4 years ago

Wondering if anyone has had an experience of sous vide-ing for too long? I have 3 9-pound loins from costo sealed in marinade right now and need to finish for a dinner for about 50 on Wednesday nig...

Pulled pork using whole boneless pork,loin

by Nyleve 7 years ago

I know this isn't the right cut of pork for this but I found two whole boneless loins in the freezer at the soup kitchen where I volunteer. And when the food bank gives you pork loin - which just a...

Aldi's Pork Half Loin- Terrible!

by TropiChef 5 years ago

Experiences on Aldi's meats? I live in South Florida and recently did my first shopping at Aldi's. I am not impressed. Seems like a hit or miss. Some produce fresh, some with rotten areas that w...

Need some advice on pork stew cooking times

by MsBees 5 years ago

Hi all, I'm in New England and we are in the middle of a snow storm. So it seems like the perfect day for a hearty stew :). Anyway, for a number of years my hubby can't eat beef. But can eat pork. ...

How long to cook a whole pork loin roast?

by dicken74 5 years ago

I picked up a whole boneless pork loin roast and i'm not sure how long to cook it. I had my butcher cut it in half so I could fit it in my roasting pan, so now I have two 5 lbs roasts. The guidelin...

Leftover pork loin help

by rbrbr 5 years ago

Hi all - I have a ton of leftover pork loin, and am looking for things to cook with it. It's pretty dry on it's own. Ideally I would love to make something and freeze it since we will be away fo...

Pork Roast for 20 people

by sdohm3 5 years ago

Hi, I am hosting Christmas dinner for 20 people, and have two 6.5 lb pork loin top loin roasts to make. I'd like to slow roast them in the oven or slow cooker. So far I have figured out that I co...

Help! Cubed boneless center cut pork loin chops in a slow cooker?

by magnoliasouth 5 years ago

I made a mistake. I am an emeals member and so I don't have to do any meal planning. I just add the recipes to my grocery list and shop. Then the day of, I cook. I'm not working, so it I don't pay ...

32 pounds of pork loin roast, where do I even start?!

by Julie1223 5 years ago

I need to cook 32 pounds of pork roast for an event. So I have two questions - What temperature and for how long does this need to cook? (I have only been able to find 20 mins per pound at 3...

What to do with boneless pork loin chops

by DowntownJosie 5 years ago

My husband bought them at Costco yesterday and grilled them up and they were disgusting. They were still a bit pink in the middle so I don't think they were overdone they were just bone dry. We sti...

Cooking/Curing Costco Style Boneless Pork loins

by chefmikebenninger 5 years ago

Anyone have any ideas for cooking or curing those giant Costco Style Boneless Pork loins? they are on sale a lot and I recently bought two of them. I could either grilled them as chops or as a roas...

Pork tenderloin vs pork loin--need recipes too

by NotSoHot 6 years ago

Some time ago we purchased a nearly 3 lb "pork tenderloin"--that's what the label says on it. Now the only pork tenderloins we've ever seen are usually about 1 lb. Have never seen a 3 lb one. But I...

Good substitute for cranberries?

by mississippigirl1 6 years ago

I went to two groceries and could not find fresh or frozen cranberries for the pork roast recipe I'm making. I'm following a series of recipes to make 10 frozen crockpot meals, and cranberry is one...