Pork Belly


pork belly for sausage making?

by j8715 8 years ago

anyone tried fat from the belly vs back fat in making fresh sausage?

What to do with sliced pork belly?

by ChervilGeorge 4 years ago

I purchased what I thought was bacon but when I got home realized it was not bacon but pork belly. I now have 5lbs of pork belly! Ugh. I can't make bacon with it because I don't have a smoker an...

Thin-cut pork belly

by katecm 6 years ago

At the Asian market, I got some very thin-cut pork belly slices. They're in the freezer now and I don't know what to do with them. Too thin to braise? Can I sauté?

Where to Buy Pork Belly in DC Metro

by jac0077 9 years ago

I have seen some other threads on this but nothing great. Two questions: 1. Is the pork belly sold at Asian markets just as good as at a butcher shop? 2. Has anyone purchased pork belly at any...

Very thin, fairly lean pork belly--How to cook?

by ninrn 8 months ago

Hi, I know that someone asked this question before, but all the answers seem to have been referring to thinly sliced pork belly and not pork belly that's just thin. I have some pieces of fairly ...

Pork Belly for bacon curing

by joannpeach 11 months ago

I'm new to the area and would like to find out where I can source pork belly (sans skin) to cure for bacon?

Where can I buy Pork Belly in PDX ?

by centavocnf 1 year ago

Was thinking Barbur Foods, or Gartners ( where one calls to order it...) anywhere else? I only need about 5 lbs... Thanks folks!

Hunan Bacon

by BIM 11 years ago

Does anyone out there remember Henry Chung's original restaurant on Kearny in Chinatown - late 70's I guess...and on the menu they had this dish called simply, I think, Hunan bacon. It consisted o...

Best Butcher for Charcuterie Meat?

by larrysteeze 1 year ago

I live in the Newton/Waltham (MA) area and have been looking for either a good butcher or a good farm in the area that I'll be able to get high quality meat to cure. I've been having a tough time a...

Crispy Pork Belly -- What is the role of vinegar?

by iPat 1 year ago

I see quite a number of recipes for crispy pork belly/pork crackling that ask you to rub vinegar/lemon juice on the skin to make it crisp. What exactly does the vinegar do to the pork skin? Can ...

* Porchetta *...Slow Roasted with Crispy Crackling Skin... and Pictures

by fourunder 6 years ago

So for a change from the usual straight Roast Pork Roasts I have been making of late….I thought I would liven things up and make something with more than just Kosher Salt and Fresh Cracked Pepper…m...

Where to send a pork belly to be smoked for bacon?

by mjbythebay 1 year ago

Hi, we are buying a half pig from Baron's Meats on Church St. in San Francisco. Unfortunately, they don't offer smoking services, so are going to have a pork belly that we would prefer to have smok...

Dongpo Pork, "Land of Fish and Rice"

by dekokisindekitchen 1 year ago

So I stopped in at Venezia's on Germantown Pike to see if they had any pork bellies with skin on. As it happened, they were sent some by mistake and I happily grabbed two pounds, took it home and p...

Ping's Bistro: Hunan in Fremont

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

Ping's Bistro opened a year ago. I first became aware of it when I stumbled on photos of some dishes on an incomplete website http://blog.findkeeper.co/#blog . I was struck by the artfulness of the...

Advice Needed! Pork Belly Confit Still Good After Two Months In Refrigerator?

by Franzisaurus_Rex 2 years ago

FOOD BRETHREN! I need some advice. I have one last piece of pork belly confit in the fridge. I brined these bitches for about 5 days (brine included pink curing salt), vacuum sealed the squares ...

Does vegetarian pork belly exist?? Hmmm....

by codychop 8 years ago

I'm just tossing an idea around in my head-- I am making pork belly momofuku style buns for my chinese new years party- and was wondering if something similar could be made ... but vegetarian!!?? ...

Porchetta Question

by WasatchWanderer 2 years ago

Seasons Greetings to everyone. I am assembling a Porchetta for Christmas Eve dinner, and I have a question about the pork belly. I'm finding it nearly impossible to track down a skin-on pork belly...

Good sauce or gravy to serve with porchetta?

by jackfredi 2 years ago

Have a frozen porchetta already cooked and it seems a bit dry. Any suggestions on a sauce or gravy to serve with it?

Gordon Ramsay Pork Belly Showdown

by tc2012 2 years ago

So there are two recipes that I've seen from Gordon, one is pork belly with fennel roasted for 2 hours and the other is a much more low and slow "pressed" version taking 2 days to complete. Has any...

Dongpo Rou & Chinese Priceless Pork Belly

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

The Asian Art Museum kicked off a pork belly eating fest to accompany the unveiling of the "Meat-shaped stone", a Qing dynasty rendering of Dongpo Rou in jasper, on loan from the National Palace Mu...