How creatively do you use your Pillivuyt?

by damiano 8 months ago

I've long been an admirer of French porcelain, having some items in rotation for over 15 years now. I used to buy (Ge...


Nannybakes commented 6 months ago

Haviland Mariselles & Ranson

by Libranflight 8 months ago

Are these durable porcelain or bone china or? What shade of white do they resemble or go with, Wedgwood White, Pil...


Libranflight commented 8 months ago

Benefits of enameled & porcelain cast iron over traditional cast iron?

by johnnyscience 5 years ago

Looking to add a high quality American made cast iron 12"ish skillet for searing & getting that awesome crust on stea...


kaleokahu commented 10 months ago

Porcelain tile question

by sueatmo 6 years ago

OK, we're buying a house with a large kitchen. It isn't my dream kitchen, but for that I think we'd need about $50,00...


thymewarrior commented 11 months ago

Is it safe to heat plates in the microwave?

by la2tokyo 7 years ago

As someone who works in a restaurant I feel the need to plate everything on a hot plate. At home, where I have no pl...


Oracoke commented 1 year ago

food safe waterproof glue

by angelisa 8 years ago

Any tips for a food safe, waterproof,heat resistant glue so I may mend a lovely porcelain tea cup from my trip to Chi...


dcant commented 2 years ago

Seeking Chinese Porcelain

by WesAtRedBean 2 years ago

Hi All, A bit "adjacent" to food, but I thought I might ask whether anyone has recommendations for places to buy h...


WesAtRedBean commented 2 years ago

Porcelain Problem

by Elbereth 5 years ago

Currently, my husband and I, never having registered, own a small, rather girly set, of Corelle dinnerware that I pur...


fashbl8 commented 3 years ago

Porcelain/stoneware or ECI for casserole dishes? And best 2nd size?

by Pirendeus 3 years ago

From googling, it seems that many people prefer porcelain/stoneware over enameled cast iron for casserole (e.g. lasag...


DuffyH commented 3 years ago

Lawsuit filed on Wolf blue porcelain chipping

by wekick 3 years ago

Permag over on the gardenweb appliance forum posted this. http://legalnewsline.com/stories/510625972-wolf-appliance...


wekick commented 3 years ago

Time for new cookware

by GroovinGourmet 6 years ago

And I am on a budget, so that means using my 20% discount at Big Lots. They currently have a Paula Deen 12-pc po...


Ozhit commented 3 years ago

Cookware Be the first to comment

Porcelain sink refinishing

by Nyleve 3 years ago

We're currently doing a small kitchen reno and I was thinking it might be a good time to refinish our old porcelain e...

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how do you you clean a porcelain coated cast iron grill grate?

by Hanner 3 years ago

I recently purchased a Weber Q3200 gas grill. I came to find that it had a porcelain coated cast iron grill grate, wh...

Emile Henry vs. Apilco/Pilivuyt/Revol | Stoneware vs. Porcelain

by olympia 7 years ago

I'm looking to buy some baking/roasting pieces and wondering which route to go. I just got some EH pie plates and a ...


jmason commented 3 years ago

Looking for everyday dishes....porcelain?

by Smudgie 5 years ago

I am looking into replacing our everyday dishes from Pflatsgraph. I have found a nice blue and white pattern from Ho...


mike0989 commented 4 years ago

Baking differences between porcelain and enameled cast iron?

by Shkra11 4 years ago

Can anyone help to explain the similarities and differences between porcelain and enameled cast iron for baking? I a...


Shkra11 commented 4 years ago

Everyday dinnerware - Apilco Tuileries porcelain or Wedgwood White bone china?

by sumrtym 4 years ago

As the title suggests. Interested in which will hold up to day to day use better, washed in dishwasher, glaze hold u...


mikie commented 4 years ago

Broken Antique Porcelain- Fixable?

by BonBon79 4 years ago

I received this antique porcelain platter today from eBay in the form of several pieces. Can this be repaired by bein...


zeldaz51 commented 4 years ago