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Stovetop? Microwave? Extra butter? Talk popcorn with Chowhounds and share topping ideas, favorite popcorn varieties, and more.

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What's the best plain oil for popping corn?

by Spaceechik 5 years ago

I'm fairly broke all the time, and I make popcorn frequently, as it's very cheap, and is good for a snack while watch...


pfink42 commented 2 months ago

Cheese Popcorn recipe

by mlukan 9 years ago

Anyone know a good method of making a great cheese popcorn. Im not a huge fan of the powders though thanks.


NanaBanana1964 commented 8 months ago

Cache River Basmati Gourmet Popcorn Rice...

by Littleman 7 years ago

Has anyone tried this rice. You can order it online from McKnight Milling Co. in Wynne, AR. It's outstanding and ha...


silkclay commented 9 months ago

Garrett Popcorn Price Menu?

by jken2000 10 years ago

Does anyone know where I can find the price menu for Garrett's Popcorn. I know they have a website but it only has t...


Thunder09 commented 9 months ago

Microwave Popcorn

by James Cristinian 8 years ago

How many people like microwave over fresh popped? I prefer fresh popped for several reasons. Fresh popped just tast...


zackly commented 9 months ago

Air popped popcorn stale right after popping?

by madeliner 2 years ago

Hi I have been using Jolly Time loose popcorn in my hot air popper but it seems stale even though it is freshly poppe...


tnyce2000 commented 1 year ago

Popping popcorn on stove

by colanne 1 year ago

I've always popped popcorn over the stove but now that I've moved into a new place, the popcorn doesn't seem to be po...

dave_c commented 1 year ago

Jiffy Pop in Manhattan?

by r_tucker 1 year ago

Hi. Looking to share the "fun" of Jiffy Pop (no judgements please) with my kids and am not seeing it in my local mar...

rnh17 commented 1 year ago

Where can I purchase good popcorn kernels for home use?

by lr1917 10 years ago

I'm a big popcorn eater, and I really want to purchase kernels that make the puffy - brain type popcorn (think scream...


cinderflower commented 1 year ago

Caramel Popcorn

by rahulpandey 2 years ago

I try to make caramel popcorn but at the end of the batch when the caramel is ready and I add corns it turns powdery ...

Chris VR commented 2 years ago

How do you make old-fashioned popcorn in a covered pan or pot?

by free sample addict aka Tracy L 11 years ago

I used to make it all the time when I was a kid and then air poppers and microwave poppers came out. I'd love to mak...

MidwesternerTT commented 2 years ago

Best Popcorn?

by Uncle Bob 2 years ago

Has anyone tried the bulk popcorn form Whole Foods? I think they have yellow, and white. ~~ I usually use Orville Red...

Ttrockwood commented 2 years ago

Best Popcorn

by randyjl 9 years ago

I am a popcorn addict! Where can I buy the absolute popcorn to pop at home? Microwave or non-microwave.

Uncle Bob commented 2 years ago


by magic 6 years ago

Has anyone tried these relatively lower fat popcorn/chip hybrids? My god they are addictive. I can only find th...


dor2404 commented 2 years ago

Popcorn & Truffle Oil & Truffle Salt

by bowmgbo 7 years ago

I've recently started making popcorn. Today I flavored it with butter, white truffle oil, parmesan, salt. My fri...


marcyfitz commented 2 years ago

Best Movie Theatre Popcorn is...

by laurennycfoodie 10 years ago

at the Film Forum! Any other takers? The stuff from AMC, Regal, and the other commercial chains etc. tastes like ru...


nycguy20011 commented 2 years ago

Is Popcorn The New Bread?

by El Chevere 2 years ago

Ate at another resto besides Brooklyn Girl that serves popcorn in lieu of bread, Kettner this a new tre...

El Chevere commented 2 years ago

Popcorn - yellow, white, tips, hints?

by KaimukiMan 2 years ago

For some inexplicable reason I decided to make stovetop popcorn the other day. because of health concerns I knew I w...

Ttrockwood commented 2 years ago

ISO skinny pop

by annamac 2 years ago

Got addicted to this at Costco and now they don't have it anymore. Anyone have another source?


tygrr_lily commented 2 years ago

HELP: how to make popcorn on the stovetop

by themirthmobile 10 years ago

I don't have a microwave and hate microwave popcorn anyways, it's too salty and fake buttery. And I don't want to bu...


calumin commented 2 years ago