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Pomona - Non-Exotic, Please

by ElsieDee 12 years ago

Have a last-minute dinner issue and would appreciate any help. I've an acquaintance who's interviewing at Pomona tomorrow and who's developed a touchy/stress-related tummy. If it was just her I'd t...

joey's bbq in pomona on 2nd st

by kevin 13 years ago

has anyone been here? is it really good or worth any sort of trek? also, what's up with the downtown area it's located in, looks like a ghost town or ready for some massive re-development. lot...

Taco stand cateing in Pomona/Claremont?

by holzingers 13 years ago

I am having a party in Claremont and am looking for a Mexican Catering company that will set up a taco stand type thing in my back yard. Does anybody know of one?

Dining in the Pomona area?????

by Timabruin 13 years ago

I was asking about the Pomona Valley Minging Company on a previous post and got mixed reviews.(actually they where mostly negative) I am meeting some friends from the Palm Springs area and am desp...

Pomona Valley Mining Company-Horrible Food and Service

by trappedinla 13 years ago

I normally read but do not post but we had a horrible experience at this restaurant on Saturday. We walked in and noticed that they had placed us near a table set-up for a large party. We asked if ...

Farm Store in Cal Poly Pomona

by Dommy 13 years ago

Last month, Layne posted a wonderful report on the Farm Store at Cal Poly Pomona. http://www.chowhound.com/topics/392874 I spent my teenage years living not far from the Kellogg Ranch. I a...

Pomona Valley Mining Company

by Timabruin 13 years ago

I have driven by this restaurant 1000 times but have never tried it. It looks like the views from the restaurant are nice...how's the food though? Give me some feed back my fellow Hound Dogs........

Catering around Pomona/Claremont

by ariete416 13 years ago

I need a last minute, good restaurant that I can order food for 30 for a party for tomorrow. I would like Mexican, but I've seen/heard La Paloma has gone downhill. Any recommendations? Thanks.

Groovy Pitstop at Farm Store, Cal Poly Pomona

by Layne Murphy 13 years ago

Pictures are available at http://manifeasto.blogspot.com/ Driving back from the Springs I spontaneously stopped at the Farm Store at Cal Poly Pomona after years of curiousity. The first thing on m...

Pomona or Ontario Late Breakfast/Lunch Today

by Burger Boy 13 years ago

I need a place i can have a leisurly time with an old friend and her 2 year old, who is pretty well behaved. She does not eat pork, but I do, so as long as there are options. HELP! TIA

Coco Palm in Pomona

by lawyerbriefs 14 years ago

My wife Jane and I visited the Inland Empire (quite a name for a long series of seemingly similar suburban cities) to collect our daughter from camp this weekend. We decided to try Coco Palm, a Cu...

restaurants in Pomona or Ontario

by kastanton 14 years ago

I will be at a conference at Claremont Graduate University and would like recomendations for restaurants in Pomono or Ontario--italian, tapas, american--good food is the most important thing--thanks

Mix Bowl Cafe - Pomona

by Curt 15 years ago

Went to visit some Thai friends staying at their cousin's in Corona. They mentioned they had khao mun kai at Mix Bowl Cafe. We headed over to give it a try. The khao mun kai is up there with the ...

Lunch in Pomona? Suggestions?

by David 14 years ago

I am meeting an old friend for lunch on Friday in Pomona. I hope someone has suggestions! Thanks!

Good Restaurants in Pomona

by cmg727 14 years ago

Anybody have any good restaurant recommendations in Pomona near Western University??

Pomona vicinity- sit down Mexican

by yumyumdonut 14 years ago

Anyone have a rec for a sit down Mexican restaurant in the Pomona/Claremont vicinity? I'm not looking for a touristy dump with the same old boring food. Something a bit more authentic. (I've got...

Pho - towards Pomona?

by WildSwede 14 years ago

Will be attending the Harvest Festival at the Fairgrounds on Sunday and was wondering if there is any good (or decent) Pho in the area? Or in between there and Duarte? Thanks!

any decent suggestions in claremont/pomona/la verne area?

by kendoggydogg 15 years ago

just got a job at pomona valley hospital. any good eats in the vicinity? thanks!!! kdd

Veggie Dinner spots near Pomona

by r 15 years ago

I have an exam I am taking in Pomona on Saturday (at the LA County Fair Grounds). After I am done at 5:30, I want to hit up a good place that has good vegetarian food. Any suggestions? I live in...