Making a Butter Lamb for Easter Is an Easy Edible Art Project

Lamb for Easter is a time-honored tradition, but we're not just talking roasted leg of lamb. There's also the butter lamb traditional to Polish, Russian, and Slovenian Catholic Easter tables, and it...


by wselias 1 year ago

Looking for a bakery that makes old fashioned Polish pletzel. Prefer if they will ship.

Polish pickles

by Tristou 1 year ago

Where can I buy real polski ogorki -- the sweet, eastern European version, not Bic's -- in Québec City? I've found the German gerkins at Pomme-Salade which are close, but not quite what I love.

School me on Polish grocery stores

by RealMenJulienne 7 years ago

I'm fortunate to live in a very Polish-heavy neighborhood with a lot of delis, butcher shops and bakeries, but every time I go shopping I always come back with the same things: kielbasa weselna, Ka...

Good paczki by mail order?

by PenskeFan 9 years ago

OK, so good mail-order paczki might be an oxymoron, but I am hoping it isn't. Last year I had resolved to get some, then it turned out I was going to be Up North in a place with lots of local ch...

Polish Dinner Friday Nights at Oby Lee Winery

by Steve 3 years ago

In the Clarendon area, Oby Lee Winery is a euro-funky creperie that defies what we normally think of as an American restaurant. It's just a bit weird and delightful and features an unusual wine pr...

ISO: Polish (?) multi-layer cake!

by dhberry 14 years ago

Years ago a neighbor of Polish descent promised to make my daughter a cake (she passed away, and I miss her, and I wish she'd shown me how to make this cake!) I think she said it was 12 or 16 laye...

Zagloba in Copiague for Pierogi and other Polish Food

by Paul Trapani 4 years ago

Stopped in here recently looking for something comforting to eat. I had gone to Bozena a few times for pierogies and such, but it's closed now. This place is a different vibe. It's a cheerful polis...

What in the world do I use premixed Bread Crumbs "Bulka Tarta" and lard for?

by Snickety_Shnoine 4 years ago

My GF's mom gave me a 32 oz deli container with a label on it that only says "Bread Crumbs Bulka Tarta". From Google, Bulka Tarta just means bread crumbs in polish. However, the ingredients are: ...

Question on types of Polish food

by coll 15 years ago

We attended our local Polish festival yesterday and had a great time, as always. We decided to splurge and got our meal at the Polish Hall, as we wanted a nice variety. But all they served was pie...


by Obsession2013 4 years ago

I'll be in Chicago with a friend in September 2017, coming from the Bay Area. Please send recommendations for restaurants near the Magnificent Mile and all those that are easily reached by public t...

Happy Fat Tuesday!

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

What are you doing for Mardi Gras? 7:59am - My first stop of the day was Doughnut Dolly in SF's Twitter building lobby. Today is Paczki Day, devoted to the rich Polish donuts filled with jam or...

Staropolska | Logan Square - Chicago

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

After stops at Ajé Cafe and Binny's, then a walk around Wrigleyville, our dinner stop was closer to our home base. http://www.chowhound.com/post/aje-cafe-binnys-lakeview-chicago-1042838 I could no...

Polish deli--- Clinton/Oxford area

by Barbarella 5 years ago

Another wedding, another trip. This time I am looking for some polish food to go from a good deli in the Clinton/ Oxford area. Any ideas?

Your best stuffed cabbage recipe

by Barbarella 5 years ago

Need to make Polish stuffed cabbach at home. It is a long ride for me to a Polish deli. Let me know how you make yours....

Zosia Cafe & Kitchen | Polish Cuisine in Graton

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 5 years ago

Table talk at a dinner party last week mentioned a Polish restaurant coming to Graton. Polish, really?!? So yesterday I headed over to the hamlet to see what's up. Zosia Cafe & Kitchen is next...

Getting Ready for Thanksgiving

by GeezerGourmet 5 years ago

Back in the day, I used to light up the kerosene heater in the garage, then light up a cigar and then polish copper pots. Haven't done any of that for some time. But today was the day: I went to ...

Polish Deli - South River or Linden

by Barbarella 5 years ago

Headed back to Monmouth County from West Orange next Sunday and need to know your favs in either town.

Polish Deli-- Monmouth Or Ocean County --New Jersey

by Barbarella 5 years ago

Looking for a Polish Deli in Monmouth or Ocean County. Let me know which ones you like..

Polish Festival May 7 and 8

by James Cristinian 5 years ago

We'll be by the desserts. Pass it on to HO as my computer forced me into Windows 10 and I need to set up a new account.

Polish Market, Vienna

by VaPaula 5 years ago

Thanks to being stopped in traffic at a precise angle on a stretch of Chain Bridge Rd we're on nearly every day, I spotted a "Polish Market" sign in one of the many non-descript plazas. Turns out i...