Poblano Pepper

7 Summer Side Dishes Worth Building an Entire Feast Around

Whether you're planning your Labor Day menu or just looking for a great weeknight meal, these are some of the best summer side dishes worth building the whole thing around. From spicy stuffed poblanos...

Poblano vs Pasilla, same thing?

by juliejulez 8 years ago

So I've been keeping my eye out for poblano chilis to use for the COTM. At 2 different markets I did not see any labeled poblano, but saw pasillas. The ones labeled pasillas looked like poblanos....

Boudin Stuffed Poblanos

by rudeboy 17 years ago

I have some extra boudin that I need to use and some fresh poblano peppers. I'm going to take the boudin out of the casing, add some feta and some nuts of some sort, stuff into the peppers and roas...

Where to buy Poblano Chiles in the GTA?

by pauluptime 4 years ago

A few years ago at the St Jacobs Market we bought a pillow-cased size bag of big, delicious Poblano chiles that made the best rellenos. Seriously good and fresh. Even frozen (after being blanche...

Poblano chiles in the UK? Equivalent flavour?

by Balcasaurus 9 years ago

Has anyone ever come across poblano chiles in the UK? I haven't seen any yet, but I am dying to make my favorite poblano chile rice, like I used to make back home in California. The recipe calls fo...

Roasting Poblano peppers: what went wrong?

by mschow 12 years ago

Yesterday I roasted a bag of poblano peppers (to make chile rellenos with). I roasted them in my gas oven, under the broiler. However, a strange thing happened with 4 of the peppers. After cool...

Can't peel poblano peppers without tearing them apart !

by lacoet 5 years ago

Hi, Does anybody know of a different way to remove the skin from poblano peppers (to stuff them later) other that the common one of broiling them, or toast them on direct flame, put them inside a ...

Very small poblano peppers

by Lisa H. 5 years ago

I have lots of very small (average 2") poblano peppers, both green and red. They are not going to get bigger, if I leave them on the plant, they wilt away. What to do with these? They are way to sm...

Thanksgiving side with poblano peppers?

by DGresh 6 years ago

I have a small guest list, and the usual suspects for the T'giving table. Would like to add one more somewhat different dish. Was thinking of poblano peppers. Found a recipe with onions and corn in...

DOTM July 2015 - Cream of Poblano Soup

by brucesw 6 years ago

This month we’re tasting and exploring Cream of Poblano soup. This will be a new experience for me so I’m looking forward to learning something. Is it thick or thin? What are the toppings? I’ve...

Where can I find fresh poblano peppers in Montreal?

by mess7777 6 years ago

Hello, I am new to the city, and love cooking mexican fooding, chilles rellenos being a personal favorite. Can someone tell me where I could find fresh poblanos, hopefully someplace that stocks the...

Dehydrating poblano peppers

by gourmanda 6 years ago

(Thought I posted this but don't see it) Can they dehydrated and ground to flavor future dishes or will the relatively thick skin in some way impede the process?

cream of poblano soup

by dimsumgirl 6 years ago

I've been dreaming of that cream of poblano soup from Houston. Anyone got any ideas for how to make? I've been doing lots of volunteer work with a restaurant that benefits a local charity. I'm s...

Chiles Rellenos - not with poblanos?

by Jaymes 6 years ago

Got a friend that prefers chiles other than poblano. I know poblanos are traditional, but I have seen other chiles used - Hatch, Anaheim, pasillo. Is anyone aware of a restaurant in Houston that...

Frozen Poblano Strips!

Will Owen
by Will Owen 8 years ago

Found these at my neighborhood Food4Less store (in Pasadena CA) and had to try them. I've found it difficult to roast and peel those satisfactorily; these are done perfectly, have excellent flavor,...

Poblano Peppers in the West End

by kpzoo 8 years ago

Before I start calling around, does anyone happen to know where I'd be likely to find poblano peppers in the West End? (NDG, Westmount, CSL, etc.) Or even the western part of downtown? Or whethe...

help with poblano peppers.

by Augieang 7 years ago

I am making poblano Chciken chowder for dinner and need some advice. The recipe calls for chopping the peppers and tossing them in the stock. Should I roast them first, or just do what the recipe s...

Poblano chiles on the West Island?

by EMMTL 7 years ago

Hi all I need some poblano chiles for a recipe I'm making, does anyone know if I can get them anywhere on the West Island? Thanks in advance!

Using a kitchen torch to roast poblanos?

by ratgirlagogo 11 years ago

I love poblanos and similar chiles, but I don't love the time it takes to char them on the stovetop burner. Plus, it's so difficult to actually char the concave sections of the pepper. I've tried r...


Will Owen
by Will Owen 14 years ago

There is a pepper which is identified in all the books and other reference I can find as the Poblano - nice dark-green thing, heart-shaped and shiny, about 4-6" long. It's fairly hot when raw, more...

Corn Poblano Chowder Questions

by nafybean 7 years ago

I want to make a corn and poblano chowder for dinner tonight and I have a sort of plan, but some questions too. Here's the plan as I imagine it: - Sautee chopped leftover pork crackling and fat ...