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Dinner Between Dallas and McKinney

by madsdadus 2 years ago

Interested in finding a nice but unique dining experience between Dallas and McKinney. Celebrating my Mom’s 80th. Only requirement is there needs to be a good selection of non-spicy foods for her. ...

North Dallas Has A New Restaurant Discount App

by bossofthesouth 3 years ago

Local restaurateurs has launched the new CheapEatz restaurant discount app for dine-in and take out customers. What's unique about this app is that CheapEatz uses the average of 3 major review site...

Richardson/Plano Eats

by merrieg 5 years ago

Ignorant East Coaster here, going to be in the Richardson/Plano area for 2 nights soon. I'm looking for good BBQ and Tex-Mex, although I'm open to other outstanding suggestions. Also, is this an ar...

North Dallas All-you-can-eat Lobster...WHERE??

by dickybilly 14 years ago

At one time there were several restaurants offering ALL YOU CAN EAT LOBSTER, for example, Trulucks, Pappedeux, Todai....Serving styles were either waiter service replenishing lobsters as needed or ...

Mindblowingly delicious cake in Dallas/Plano?

by instantphoebe 7 years ago

The cake doesn't have to be pretty — I care much more about the flavor and texture, and I sadly have yet to find one I love. I like a cake that's super moist, isn't overly sweet, doesn't have t...

Farmers Market in Plano, TX

by stargate 14 years ago

Hi: We just moved here and I would like to know if there are any farmers market here. Also, I got a flyer from Sprouts Market. Do u like it? Thanks.

H Mart Plano

by jasmine_bay 8 years ago

Is this location open yet? They've been working on it for a long time. A few months ago I drove up to the front of the store thinking they were open (there were cars in the parking lot), but it was...

Can anyone tell me about Iravat? -- the Indian place in the asian marketplace at Legacy in Plano.

Dallas Alice
by Dallas Alice 8 years ago

We had lunch at Little Sichuan today, and picked up a menu from Iravat. Looks good, the place smelled fantasic, but there were relatively few people there. Ok, it was lunchtime, and the place loo...

Good Food in Plano/Richardson

by Husker4MU 8 years ago

I'm heading to Plano/Richardson tomorrow for work for 3 nights. Any suggestions on great, unique places to eat in the area? I'm open to any type of food but want to avoid steak houses and keep it...

Contra Dancing this Weekend (April 19-21) in Richardson/Plano Area

by unobug 8 years ago

Need suggestions for where to eat in the upper Greenville/Richardson area-breakfast and dinner. Our location is the Sokol Athletic Center-need places a short driving distance from there.

Interesting find at East Plano Costco....whole pig

by planojim 8 years ago

Yep, for $2.99/lb, you can buy a "Farmland Fire Pit Roasting Pig" in the frozen food section. It's the whole pig, head, feet, etc. I don't think my smoker is big enough to fit it, but for those o...

Looking for a good Mexican (tex-mex) breakfast place in/near Plano

by ECcowboy 9 years ago

Been on this hunt for a while. Best one I've found so far is Tino's Too on Ave K. Looking for great chilaquiles, good refritos, homemade tortillas. Sidebar, also trying to find the best breakf...

Andouille Sausage - What grocery or specialty stores in Plano/N. Dallas

by masnole 8 years ago

carry any or even have a selection of reasonably good available? The good stuff defined as anything generally available in Louisiana (Savioe, Manda.....etc). Making Gumbo this weekend need t...

[DFW] Best Prime Rib in N. Dallas/Plano area?

by Webra1 14 years ago

My Grandfather is in town for his 94th birthday and he loves Prime Rib. He loves Lawry's, but he can have that back home in California. They're staying in Plano, but are willing to venture as far a...

Whiskey Cake - Plano - LOVED it

by rlh 9 years ago

Following several visits over a few weeks last month, I have to create a thread lauding this recent discovery - coming from Boston to visit Richardson / Plano area, it's been tough to readily find ...

Looking for an American restaurant but elevated in W. Plano/Carrollton

by LewisvilleHounder 9 years ago

I am looking for the Whiskey Cake type place in W. Plano/Carrollton. Not willing to get dressed up. Just want a solid menu but well prepared food. I can only think of Whiskey Cake, Houston's a...

Spec's is opening a location in my neighborhood (Carrollton/Plano)

Carrollton Foodie
by Carrollton Foodie 9 years ago

Spec's is opening a location on Parker Rd. in the space formerly occupied by Majestic Liquor. I've been to the Plano location at Park and the Tollway and the larger location on 75. Love them! Gr...

A Good Indian Buffet for Lunch in Plano/Richardson/Addison/North Dallas?

by shannydiva 12 years ago

Can anyone recommend a good Indian Luncheon Buffet within these areas? We had lunch at Claypit in Addison today, the food was OK, but it was kinda cold-very lukewarm curries. Are there any st...

White Queso in Plano area

by MLyons 9 years ago

I am DESPERATE to find white queso in my area. All I can find is the disgusting yellow stuff. Any suggestions?

Two Nights in Plano

by Cheflambo 9 years ago

We're attending the Plano Ham-Fest this weekend. No, it has nothing to do with pork. However, while Mr. Cheflambo looks at radios, I am in search of some places to eat that are intresting, within...