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The Weirdest, Wildest, and Most Delicious Food Festivals to Get Your Grub on in 2020 

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Restaurant in Pittsburgh for U of Pitt graduation

by ippchris 6 years ago

I'm looking for a restaurant in Pittsburgh that would be good for a post-graduation party with about 12 to 15 people. It doesn't have to be in Oakland where the University is, but we don't want to ...

Pittsburgh's Finest?

by Nadrooy 6 years ago

As someone who grew-up in the Burgh during the 70s, there were two restaurants that were really special. One was Top of the Triangle- ok, probably the best city view from top of the Steel Building...

Steakhouse in Pittsburgh, PA

by trepman 6 years ago

I will be in downtown Pittsburgh PA on business for a few days and I am looking for an authentic steakhouse, one that is not part of a chain of restaurants, with a good wine list, no restriction on...

Weekend in Pittsburgh with 3 year old: suggestions?

by bunnylicious 6 years ago

Hi everyone, Hubby, 3 year-old daughter and I will be visiting Pittsburgh from Toronto April 3-6. We have never been to Pittsburgh before. Not sure where we will be staying yet, but we will have...

Seafood recs in Pittsburgh

by Jaleamia 7 years ago

I will also be in Pittsburgh next week and saw a lot of good suggestions on the other threads. Do any of you have a rec for a seafood restaurant? The one place that I saw mentioned appears to be cl...

Weekend in Pittsburgh

by Lisabelle 7 years ago

I am going to be visiting University of Pittsburgh with my daughter this weekend. I'm looking for suggestions for a great dinner and lunch place (maybe with a nice view). Food is the number one pri...

Pittsburgh/Bethel Park area

by kasw 7 years ago

My husband will be spending the next 2-4 months working in downtown Pittsburgh and living in Bethel Park. I would appreciate some suggestions on casual restaurants near Bethel Park. He does have fu...

Pittsburgh rehearsal dinner?

by seb211 7 years ago

This hasn't been posted in a while, and I no longer live there, so I need help! Any recommendations for a 40-50 person Friday rehearsal dinner, preferably downtown or in the East End? Formality not...

Pittsburgh Nutrolls

by katherine_w 14 years ago

Has anyone found a bakery that makes really good nutrolls for the holidays? Thanks in advance.

anyone been to jade grille? pittsburgh

by yammers 7 years ago

hey everyone! just wanted to see if anyone has hit up jade grille in mt lebanon and is it legit? The menu seems a little confusing with different regions of china represented. My ethnicity is chine...

Bulk Caramel for Caramel Apples in Pittsburgh?

by Rick 15 years ago

A teacher friend of mine needs caramel for 200 apples for this Friday. She tried Sam's Club but they don't have the caramel in stock. Anyone have any ideas where to get bulk caramel for this proj...

The Allegheny River or the Monangahela River from Pittsburgh?

by kasw 7 years ago

My husband and I like to follow rivers from source to mouth or mouth to source. We try to stay as close to the river as possible, but do not mind going 5-10 miles inland and crossing it if needed....

Looking for kielbasa in Pittsburgh area

by playngolf 11 years ago

I grew up outside of Pittsburgh and remember my parents buying kielbasa from a place called Ferlan's (sp), but I cannot find it. Does anyone know of this place, store name, address, phone number...

Dim Sum in Pittsburgh?

by Rick 15 years ago

I recently had Dim Sum in San Francisco. It was great and cheap. We were given a small card with all of the menu items and we just checked off how many of what item we wanted. Is there anywhere ...

Pittsburgh - restaurant/higher end bar/pub that can accommodate 150 people!

by kkumer 7 years ago

We are looking for a place to have our 25th high school reunion over Thanksgiving weekend to accommodate approximately 100-150 people. I don't live in the burgh any longer, so I'm at a loss! Any ...

Pittsburgh favorites

by Sfpaulina 11 years ago

Hello, I'll be visiting Pittsburgh in a couple of weeks from San Francisco - I've never been here before so I would love to hear what the not-to-be-missed places are of locals and visitors alike! ...

need help in Pittsburgh !

by nyperr 7 years ago

I am looking for top spots in Pittsburgh with chefs who use high quality fresh local ingredients hopefully somewhat creatively that is open on SUNDAY. Seems everything is closed on Sundays!!! ...

Pittsburgh foodies: ISO pre show eats near Heinz Hall

by kwfoodiewannabe 7 years ago

Heading to the Bill Maher show 8:00pm on Jul. 26. Can any 'burgh area hounds advise a good place for pre show eats close to Heinz Hall? Fancy or casual works... timing/parking and good food most...

Can I survive a move from Manhattan to Pittsburgh?

by rifbat 14 years ago

Help! I would appreciate any suggestions for restaurants that will convince me to move with my husband of 30 years from Manhattan to Pittsburgh. Can a person who lives across the street from Per Se...

cocktail bun in pittsburgh?

by mousehunter 7 years ago

Hello everyone. Does anyone know if there is a place to get Hong Kong-style cocktail buns in or around Pittsburgh? It has been too long! Thanks!