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Half way between

by skytan16 4 years ago

I'm looking for some good places to go that are halfway between Moon Twp, Pa area and Evans City, Pa. Bar/restaurants, eateries, any other interesting things. I'm guessing the areas would be roughl...

Butcher recommendation in Pittsburgh?

by djbpitt 12 years ago

Dear Chowhounders, Can anyone recommend a butcher in Pittsburgh? Someone who can reliably provide excellent quality and reasonable prices both in general and for unusual items that might be diff...

Best dining experience in Pittsburgh?

by Matt416 4 years ago

Heading down to Pittsburgh at the end of September from Toronto for the Ravens vs. Steelers football game. Staying near the stadiums. Looking for a fun lunch spot and a great place for dinner bef...

Best food road trip within 12 hrs of Washington, D.C.?

Worldwide Diner
by Worldwide Diner 4 years ago

I live in the suburbs of D.C., and I go to Baltimore, Philly, and NYC regularly. I've been to Charleston, Ashville, and Montreal recently. Have plans to go back to Portland, ME in October. In No...

Weekday Breakfast spots in Pittsburgh?

by acewex 4 years ago

I forgot to ask- Does anyone have reccomendadtions for weekday breakfast spots (anywhere between Cranberry Township and downtown)? Only looking for teenager-friendly type of places. Any sugges...

Two months in Pittsburgh! (cool-ass shirts, cocktails, coffee, doughnuts, and breweries)

by zammdogg 4 years ago

You know the drill, hounds- my backposts are all this. I love five things in this world: odd clothing/shirts (preferably from local businesses), coffee, doughnuts, breweries, and art. I'm moving to...

Lunch near Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh

by Elyssa 4 years ago

I have 24 hours in Pittsburgh for business but I think tomorrow I'll be able to squeeze in a lunch and visit to the Andy Warhol Museum before having to head to the airport. Where should I go fo...

Visiting Pittsburgh: seeking bars, sandwiches, and more

by guenevere51 4 years ago

Hello, Pittsburgh hounds! My husband and I are visiting your city from Baltimore for the first time next week and could use some guidance on a few items. Quick rundown: we’re in our mid-30s and enj...

What is Pittsburgh's Signature Dish?

by mlukan 11 years ago

I'm driving through and want to know whats the best of the best and where can I find it? Thanks Hounds.

Tamari to disappear from restaurant scene

by burghgal 4 years ago

First Lawrenceville, now Wexford. Sad. http://www.pittsburghmagazine.com/Best-of-the-Burgh-Blogs/The-412/June-2015/Tamari-to-Disappear-from-Pittsburgh-Restaurant-Scene/

PGH: Salt of the Earth to shutter Aug. 1

by hassenpfeffer 4 years ago

http://www.post-gazette.com/life/dining/2015/06/22/Salt-of-the-Earth-in-Pittsburgh-s-Garfield-neighborhood-to-close-August/stories/201506220157 A game-changer when it opened 5 years ago, it had ...

One night in Pittsburgh...where should I go?

by Elyssa 4 years ago

In early July I'm traveling to Pittsburgh for work. I'm going to be staying at the Sheraton-Station Square. I likely will only have time for one dinner (possibly a 2nd early one before I fly out th...

In Pittsburgh For a Few Days

by Boatman 4 years ago

I'll be in Pittsburgh for a little over three days next week, my first time there, and am figuring out a food itinerary. So far I've got Tessaro's, Alla Famiglia, Mineo's, Jean-Marc Chatellier's, a...

Restaurant in Pittsburgh for U of Pitt graduation

by ippchris 4 years ago

I'm looking for a restaurant in Pittsburgh that would be good for a post-graduation party with about 12 to 15 people. It doesn't have to be in Oakland where the University is, but we don't want to ...

Pittsburgh's Finest?

by Nadrooy 4 years ago

As someone who grew-up in the Burgh during the 70s, there were two restaurants that were really special. One was Top of the Triangle- ok, probably the best city view from top of the Steel Building...

Steakhouse in Pittsburgh, PA

by trepman 4 years ago

I will be in downtown Pittsburgh PA on business for a few days and I am looking for an authentic steakhouse, one that is not part of a chain of restaurants, with a good wine list, no restriction on...

Weekend in Pittsburgh with 3 year old: suggestions?

by bunnylicious 4 years ago

Hi everyone, Hubby, 3 year-old daughter and I will be visiting Pittsburgh from Toronto April 3-6. We have never been to Pittsburgh before. Not sure where we will be staying yet, but we will have...

Seafood recs in Pittsburgh

by Jaleamia 4 years ago

I will also be in Pittsburgh next week and saw a lot of good suggestions on the other threads. Do any of you have a rec for a seafood restaurant? The one place that I saw mentioned appears to be cl...