Swap Basic for Baller with These Pistachio & Raspberry Cookies

Terribly tired by the holiday cookies you’ve been making year after year after year? Well, dust off your apron and yank out your baking sheets because we have some new inspiration for all of your holiday...

Inzana Ranch

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

A couple weeks ago I bought some spectacular fresh figs from Inzana Ranch at the Monday evening farmers market in Pacific Grove. I tried a couple peaches too and these were luscious, tree-ripened, ...

Quintessence Sorbet | Port Costa & Oakland

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Members of the Chowhound community experienced the ecstasy of discovering Scream Sorbet at our picnic in 2008 at the launch, and then our collective mourning over its demise in 2013. https://www.ch...

White Pistachios?

by Bob Grove 12 years ago

A very long time ago I was able to buy white, salt encrusted, in the shell pistachio's. Does anyone know if these are still available anywhere? Thanks

White salt crusted pistachio nuts

by irStevi 2 years ago

Where can I find the white salt crusted pistachio nuts? Don't know who carries them but I sure would like to find a supplier. Just want them for personal use, but my friends like them too.

What to do with Pistachio Paste?

by teemo 11 years ago

I was gifted a small jar of "crema pistacchi," 150g/5.29 oz. What would be the best use for it? I've never had it before, so I don't want to waste it.

Where can I buy good Turkish Pistachios

by GIOny 11 years ago

I love Turkish Pistachios (antep) and have always bought Zenobia off the net but they have now doubled in price and the last batch i ordered off of nutsonthenet were mixed largely with California p...

Pistachio flavor - do I like it fake or just intense??

by jen223 9 years ago

I'd like to make a pistachio cake/cupcake/muffin/dessert. But here is my predicament. My absolute favorite ice cream growing up was pistachio. I also like pistachio nuts themselves but am not ...

A Kingdom from Dust

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

" . . . old Tulare Lake, which rose by flood and sank by drought. Four tribes of Yokut lived along its shores. On the shallow bottom, the women fished mussels and clams with their toes. The nets of...

“Pistachio Nuts Where are the Good Ones?”

by zackly 4 years ago

I've bought some shell-on pistachio nuts lately that lacked the good, rich flavor I associate with pistachio nuts. Other than the salt they are largely tasteless and bland. Should I look for a part...

Fig and Prosciutto Apps - Questions

by amsuka 3 years ago

Hey chow-minds, simple queries here! Making appetizers for dinner party: fresh fig, bocconcini, basil, wrapped in prosciutto. I am considering adding a drizzle of honey, and/or some crushed pistac...

Where does Jacques Pepin get his bright green pistachios?

by suepea 4 years ago

On episodes of Heart & Soul and other series, Jacques cooks with pistachios that are amazingly plump and green. I've searched high and low for a source for these and cannot find anything. Everythin...

The finest pistachios?

by poot 5 years ago

I wonder what the finest pistachio nuts taste like. Are they Iranian? What makes one pistachio better than another? Are there merchants that sell many different types from different nations?

Pistachio questions

by BangorDin 15 years ago

I have a lot of roasted, salted pistachios. Great snacks, but can I use them in cakes, candy, ice cream, veggie pates, risotto, all the recipes I see? I have never seen raw pistachios--are they po...

What to do with pistachio creme?

toodie jane
by toodie jane 15 years ago

found this at a local gourmet store. any recipe suggestions? (beyond typical nut-butter application as spread, etc.)

Momofuku Pistachio Cake

by nemo 5 years ago

Has anyone made any of the Momofuku cakes? I'm intrigued by the pistachio one, but it looks labor-intensive so I'd like a recommendation before I jump in. I've got all the ingredients, altho goin...

Pistachio cream need a recipe for use in a cookie

by itryalot 7 years ago

I have some and want to use it for Christmas baking. What can I make? Every time I search a recipe, it gives me a recipe to make the pistachio cream not use it. We could eat it smeared on a varie...

Iran Pistachio Burbank Calif. area

by Seasane 6 years ago

Looking for someplace to buy Pistachio's from Iran that is located in the Burbank Area. Thanks John

Pomegranate & Pistachio Tart

by loveyournoms 6 years ago

I was invited to a friend's Persian New Year celebration and I'd like to contribute something. I'd like to do a tart with pastry cream, swirled with pomegranate molasses, and topped with slivered p...

Maude reservation available 3/19

by frumpydumpty 6 years ago

Purchased two bar seats for 3/19 @ 5:45 and now we can't make. Pistachio is the item of the month. Asking $373, which is exactly what I paid direct through Maude and includes taxes and service char...