Pinto Beans

The Best Ways to Use All the Beans in Your Pantry, Including for Dessert

Wondering how to use beans when faced with a surplus in the pantry? From black beans to chickpeas and canned beans to dried, here are the best ways to use beans (without ever getting bored). It’s likely...

Beans for the reception

by jukejointjewel 4 years ago

We have decided to serve beans and cornbread for the reception at our wedding. Goes with our theme, plus we all love them. Here is my question: Can I cook the beans the way I want them, freeze the...

Refried Beans Using Indian Beans?

by zackly 4 years ago

I'm going to a Patel Brothers Indian supermarket today. Being that today is Cinco de Mayo, I'm thinking of making refried beans. I generally use dried pinto beans for this preparation. A quick sear...

Perking up canned pintos?

by Sarah 16 years ago

Anything I can do to jazz up canned pinto beans (I know, I know) so it'll go with my shredded pork tacos?

The Moldy Pinto Bean Mystery! Can you help?

by misscooley 12 years ago

Howdy Hounds, I have a mystery that even Google couldn't help me solve. Last night I cooked dried pinto beans in my 6 quart presto pressure cooker for 55 minutes. When I ate a test bowl abo...

Why do my pinto beans taste sweet?

by PhotoMike 6 years ago

I wanted to make low fat refried beans from dry pinto beans and I was looking to mimic/improve upon canned refried beans. My beans tasted good but they ended up tasting pretty sweet and I can't fig...

Bargain BBQ done RIGHT, simple and quick

by SlowFood3 6 years ago

Two popular tourist attractions (Little White House and Callaway Gardens) to visit with a need for lunch between the two, we chose The Whistling Pig Cafe in Pine Mountain, Georgia. Just order at th...

How Do You Make Mexican Restaurant Refried Beans?

by dtud 15 years ago

i have no problem making Mexican food at home - but i have never been able to get refried beans to taste "right" - like a restaurant. i'm from Los Angeles - so my favorite refried beans are made f...

Skins came off pinto beans!

by bungiefour 6 years ago

This is the first time I have cooked pinto and black beans. I usually buy canned, but I'm cooking for 120 people. The skin came off the beans and so the beans have all these skins visible. It does...

Freezing cooked Mexican black beans and cooked pinto beans (Cafe rio type)

by bungiefour 6 years ago

I need input! We are serving a Cafe Rio type dinner at my daughters wedding reception in a week. I wanted to do as much of the cooking this week. Can the cooked black and pinto beans be frozen? I ...

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