Satisfy your fro-yo craving. Fellow Pinkberry lovers tell you where to find your fix, plus how to replicate the tangy dessert at home. You're welcome.

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Pinkberry in Santana Row, SJ report

by hhc 12 years ago

I got to try Pinkberry and thought it was fine. Froyo Girl let me go as her guest on Thurs 1/22/09 for a special VIP Grand Opening event, though the store is Open now. In the center of the Santan...

Looking for soft serve ice cream tasting frozen yogurt in Hollywood NOT Pinkberry!

by PinotPlease 14 years ago

Hey all, I posted a recent post regarding pinkberry, which I find gross. It turned into a weird argument about who uses powder and who doesn't. I don't care since the stuff I like is inherently fa...

Is Yummo really comparable to Pinkberry? [KS, MO]

by inbiz 12 years ago

I've never been to either and am curious. People in LA love their Pinkberry. Is it worth going to P&L to check it out?

Pinkberry in the Bay Area?

by vinoveritas 14 years ago

I just moved back to the bay area from LA, and I am having terrible withdrawals from pinkberry, does anyone know of anything even remotely similar here up north? I'd REALLY appreciate it.

FroYo wars: Pinkberry, Red Mango duke it out in San Jose

Xiao Yang
by Xiao Yang 12 years ago

From the Contra Costa Times: http://is.gd/gIy9

Where else can I get Pinkberry knockoffs?

by hsquare2southend 13 years ago

Tried that stuff for the first time at KnowFat in Watertown a few weeks ago. Thought it was odd and rather yucky at first bite. Didn't understand what all the hype was about. Then, after a few m...

Just tried Pinkberry for the first time

by woggiedoggie 13 years ago

What is it with all this talk about Pinkberry? I finally tried it, and thought it really didn't taste good at all, and was too expensive. I thought it might be the fact that I wasn't used to the "t...

Pinkberry at Hollywood & Vine

lil mikey
by lil mikey 13 years ago

The sign went up literally years ago, but it never opened. Now, I walked by last night and it's finally open at Hollywood and Vine, same building as Katsuya. And there are people in there and ev...

NY or CA chains (Pinkberry, In-Out,etc.) coming?

by ChristineR 13 years ago

Ok, yes, we are talking chains just for fun. So Cosi finally came to town. Do we know if they are opening more locations? I've heard a rumor that Pinkberry was a possibility also, but no inf...

Reasonable Pinkberry Substitute Near Fenway

by astrid 13 years ago

Anyone who loves/crave Pinkberry fro yo may find an acceptable substitute in the Landmark Center. In the place that was formerly "KnowFat" and is now "UGrill" (next to the movie theatre entrance) ...

Pinkberry,Sunberry, etc.

by sunkissedbabe43 13 years ago

Does anyone know if there is anything like that coming or already in Orlando? Thanks!!


by barry 13 years ago

I was in Los Angeles a couple of weeks ago, and went by a Pinkberry. I remembered reading about it here, so we stopped by the next day. I must say...very good. The yogurt was tangy, and it becam...

I found something worse than Pinkberry

Miss Needle
by Miss Needle 13 years ago

A few days ago, I tried Galaxy 2.0, a frozen yogurt place on 38th between 5th and 6th. Last minute impulse purchase as I really needed to cool off. It's really a strange place. That frozen yogurt...

Pinkberry or Cefiore? [moved from L.A. board]

by AndyGanil 13 years ago

I've tried Cefiore and I'd say it's okay, but I have never tried Pinkberry, heard about it though. I live relatively far from a Pinkberry. Is it worth the wait? And, what is the difference between ...

Taps, Beard Papa & Pinkberry in Corona

by OCAnn 13 years ago

So I ventured east of the 15 to meet friends for brunch @ Taps' new location in Corona (Dos Lagos). The seafood/jazz brunch is nearly identical to the one in Brea, except the one in Corona had kin...

weiner factory/pinkberry

by trojans 13 years ago

It's official as of yesterday the pinkberry deal is dead. The owner of pinkberry could not meet the parking requirements demanded by Sherman Oaks. He would have had to pay 30K plus per year to me...

New Fro Yo/Pinkberry-type Place Opening in Dupont

by Jacey 13 years ago

The small Boston tart yogurt chain, Berrylane, will be opening up at the end of June on 17th St between P and Q St. in the old healthstore that closed last month. They will be serving basically onl...

Pinkberry Locations

by WHills 14 years ago

I looked on the pinkberry website and couldn't find a list of locations. Anybody know all the locations? If not, can you put down the location you know of? I know of the following locations by l...

Pinkberry Lawsuit Settled

Xiao Yang
by Xiao Yang 13 years ago

They'll pay out some cash for falsely labeling their product "Frozen Yogurt" and have to divulge their ingredients on their website. http://www.ksby.com/Global/story.asp?S=8156120

Pinkberry Finally "Frozen Yogurt"

by lesleyb 13 years ago

Three years after Pinkberry got its swirly grip on Los Angeles (and now the country), it's officially certified as "yogurt" from the National Yogurt Association. http://la.eater.com/archives/200...