Satisfy your fro-yo craving. Fellow Pinkberry lovers tell you where to find your fix, plus how to replicate the tangy dessert at home. You're welcome.


simple frozen yogurt at home? (to rival pinkberry's taste)

by nyc_cravings 14 years ago

what is the simplest recipe for frozen yogurt at home? i've tried just adding yogurt to my ice cream maker, but the result is rather icy. a few recipes first require draining the yogurt - why is t...

Convince me that Pinkberry is awesome

by Boston_Otter 8 years ago

A Pinkberry just opened in my neighborhood, literally across the street from an Orange Leaf and a block from an identical FroYo place. We have froyo saturation. But several Young Hip People have be...


by mangosteentime 9 years ago

I had to post since I haven't seen it here yet- love it or hate it, Pinkberry has arrived in MN. There is a Pinkberry stand on the first floor of Macy's at the Mall of America. A worker there sa...

Pinkberry now open in SF Union Square

by hhc 9 years ago

I saw the construction sign while on the 38 bus that Pinkberry is coming soon! On Geary Blvd between Powell & O'Farrell. Please let me know if you know when it's opening.


by joe777cool 10 years ago

Ok, so Im a little bit late to the show, but the first one just came to my area late summer. Seems this place gets a bad rap on some of the regional boards. While it is a bit on the pricey side, ...

Pinkberry coming to West Hartford...should i care?

by rudysmom 10 years ago

Pinkberry is slated to open in (where else) Blue Back some time in September. never tasted it, so i'm curious...is it all that?

It's official: Berryline utterly superior to Pinkberry

by bella_sarda 10 years ago

I had some Berryline yesterday afternoon and a Pinkberry this morning. I tried to sample JP Licks tart yogurt as well but their yogurt machine was down this morning (they clean it Monday a.m, FYI)...

Pinkberry is good - How do I make Frozen Yogurt at home?

by AndyNYC 15 years ago

I recently tried Pinkberry and found their style of frozen yogurt to be quite good. Its actually frozen yogurt, not pseudo ice cream so it tastes like real yogurt. It made me think about all the ...

Pinkberry - Harvard Square

by Stride 11 years ago

I should probably save this for April Openings and Closings, but Pinkberry has announced an opening date for its new Harvard Square store - April 8th: http://www.wickedlocal.com/cambridge/news/x71...

Why no Pinkberry in SF?

by Scotty100 11 years ago

Had a craving last time I was in the city - but am led to believe there is no pinkberry to be found anywhere in SF?! I can't believe that's true...but if it is am curious as to why it hasn't opened...

Pinkberry (frozen yogurt) now open in Sunnyvale & San Ramon

by hhc 11 years ago

Pinkberry is now open in Sunnyvale - across from Sprouts & Trader Joe's on El Camino Real: 122 East El Camino Real, Sunnyvale, CA 94087. San Ramon location: 3104 Crow Canyon Place, San Ramon, CA ...

Pinkberry coming to DC

by woodleyparkhound 11 years ago

Location yet to be determined... http://www.nbcwashington.com/around-town/food-drink/Pinkberry-Saying-Hey-to-the-District-102377879.html?__source=Facebook

Is Pinkberry ever going to open in Boston?

by ToothMan 12 years ago

I've heard about a Pinkberry opening in Boston, but when is this actually going to happen? Their web-site has said "Swirling Soon" for months and I'm starting to doubt that I'll ever be able to get...

frozen yogurt that is NOT pinkberry/red mango in midtown west?

by tarsky 11 years ago

i know this a mundane question, and i found an old post about it, but it was more than 3 years back, so i decided to post again. Anyone familiar with a place (anywhere, really) that serves frozen y...

Pinkberry opening in Fairfield

by SeoulQueen 11 years ago

Pinkberry slated to open this autumn. If you happen to be a fro-yo lover like me, this is excellent news. Also, for those living closer to Greenwich/ the NY-CT border, there is a self serve R...

Pinkberry (frozen yogurt) now in Sacramento!

by hhc 12 years ago

Sacramento now has the famous Pinkberry frozen yogurt. I love it in the SF Bay Area. Hope it's good over there too. Pinkberry 2100 Arden Way Sacramento, CA 95825-2216 (916) 921-5852 http:/...

Pinkberry - 2nd location in the Bay Area - Stanford Shopping Center, Palo Alto Official Grand Opening Sat 1/23/10

by hhc 12 years ago

Went for the FREE froyo today Fri 1/22/10 when I heard and got there before 5pm, it was friends & family today from 1-7p. There was a long line up by The Body Shop - don't block the other stores e...

Yogurt Land in Fullerton > Pinkberry

by sumo10 15 years ago

I was going to post this in the many Pinkberry posts so there wouldn't be yet another Pinkberry-related post but thought it deserved its own post. I went to Pinkberry in K-town a couple weeks ago ...