Pig's Feet


Where to get pig's feet/cow's feet around Nassau/Long Island?

by lvysaur 5 years ago

I want cartilaginous cuts with minimal meat on them, in order to make a highly gelatinous soup. Pig's feet have been good for this, ham hocks have been acceptable but not ideal (they have more mea...

Half pig, whole head, other parts

Rocky Road
by Rocky Road 5 years ago

Hey there, we just purchased our first half pig from a local farm (85 lbs). I got the whole head because no one wanted the other half that I requested. I imagine there are some "variety meats" in...

I need to shave ... or, why I'm making braised pig's feet

by ipsedixit 11 years ago

Pig trotter lovers out there ... how do you get rid of those pesky little hairs on the pig's feet? When I was small, my mom used to braised pig's feet and just leave the hair on them. While the...

how do you eat whole pig's feet?

by ramonasaur 13 years ago

I was recently confronted with this problem at my regular vietnamese spot. It was in my soup bowl, perched on top, clearly the "special" part of the otherwise delicious special: a whole pig's foot....

where can I find ginger and black vinegar pig's feet

by mussetto 12 years ago

Chinese dish traditionally made for woman who have just given birth. Made with hard boiled eggs, pig trotters, allspice, ginger brewed in black vinegar. A friend bought it at T&T, but I could not...

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