Pie Plates

14 Pie Plates Worthy of Showcasing Your Blue Ribbon Desserts

Whether you're baking a pie packed with holiday-appropriate pumpkin or pecans, flavored with year-round favorite chocolate, or bursting with summer fruit (soon!)—or making a savory pie for that matter...

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Pyrex pie plates in London

by McBrownie 8 years ago

Hello everyone, not sure this is the place to post this question but it seems most sensible here; Where can I find a pyrex pie plate in london? I found it very difficult to find pyrex pie plat...

pie plate covers

by happygoluckyinoregon 8 years ago

I am looking for plastic snap covers for 9" glass pie plates. We want to eat our dinner in glass and not plastic plates, but I cook ahead and put in fridge and so far we use plastic. Can't find g...

Pyrex pie plate and lid in oven?

by EK511 8 years ago

I am awaiting a new casserole dish in the mail, but in the mean time I couldn't help but try a new bread recipe. It calls for the dough to be cooked in a covered dish at 450 and I thought, "eh, I'...

A question about pie dishes

by CindyJ 9 years ago

One of my family members has a deep dish pie plate on the wish list. Specifically, the one selected is this porcelain one: http://www.surlatable.com/product/PRO-989798/?affsrcid=Aff0001&mr:tracki...

Bialetti 10" Ceramic Pie Plate - Insane Bargain

by StriperGuy 9 years ago

Every bit as nice as the Emile Henry Version ($40-$45 on Amazon) just got this awesome product from Target.com http://www.target.com/p/bialetti-ceramic-pie-pan-red/-/A-14297794#prodSlot=medium_1...

Convert a 9" tart pan recipe to 9" pie pan?

by LeahinTexas 9 years ago

Hi All, My first post! I would like to make the Maple Pecan Tart with Dried Cherries that is on the Eating Well site, http://www.eatingwell.com/recipes/maple_pecan_tart.html. (Hope it is oka...

Looking for certain size pie plate

blue room
by blue room 9 years ago

I have a deep pie plate that is a perfect size for many many things since I cook for just two. It is 8 1/2" across the top, 6 inches across the bottom, and 2 inches deep. It is a decorated eBay c...

Pyrex Pie Plate

by oooYUM 9 years ago

Quick Question.... If you use a Pyrex pie plate, do you place it on a cookie sheet prior to baking your pie, or just on the oven rack? I am looking for that elusive crispy bottom crust, an...

9" pie dishes - where to buy in UK?

by psycho_fluff 10 years ago

I want to get some 9" pie dishes for my pumpkin pies & coconut cream pies that I do but cant find any anywhere. Im sick of getting the ready made Keebler Graham Cracker ready made ones & would lik...

Crostata - on baking pan or inside pie plate

by Rella 10 years ago

A crostata needs a surface to sit on, so am wondering which is better: baking it on a baking sheet, or inside a regular glass pyrex 10" pie pan.

Pie Plate Recommendations?

by Levaeria 10 years ago

I’m purchasing a new pie plate later today and I wanted to get some advice on the ones I’m considering (or ones I should be considering.) I make most of my purchases online, which I believe some pe...

I screwed up: how do I get the black streaks off my aluminum popcorn popper and pie dish?!

by bgbc 10 years ago

Yeah, I screwed up. Celebrated a new dishwasher by not handwashing the greasy popcorn maker but instead put it in the dishwasher. Along for a ride was a pebbled aluminum pie dish. This is the p...

Mini Aluminum Pie Plates #YEG

by kati3 10 years ago

For making individual pot pies or pies -- anyone know where I can get these? Thanks in advance!

Can I use cheap aluminum pie plates to make pumpkin pie?

by dynastar 11 years ago

This year I am in charge of the pumpkin pies and plan to make 2 or 3. I usually do not make pies, therefore do not own any pie pans. I was thinking of using the cheapos that I can throw away. Or is...

Best type of pie pan for browned crust

by umami 15 years ago

I normally bake my pies in a glass Pyrex pie pan (recommended by Cook's Illustrated) but was wondering if I would get better browning on the bottom of my crust (specifically with pumpkin pie) if I ...

Size of Pie Dish Pan

by ijeny 12 years ago

Hi, If the recipes call for 9" pie crust, do I use only 9" pie pan or I can also use 9.5" deep pie pan as well?

The Pie Plate -- I just ate the perfect peach and custard tart

by TorontoJo 12 years ago

Just wanted to give another shout out to The Pie Plate in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Olson Foods has been getting a lot of love lately and I don't want people to miss out on this little gem, located in ...

Cake in a Pie Dish?

by plateofwander 12 years ago

I'm living in a small city in China. My American co-worker's birthday is next week, and I want to bake him a cake. The problem is I don't have a cake pan, only a glass pie dish. How should I adjust...

Best Deep Dish Pie Plate

by jenhen2 13 years ago

I am looking for a deep dish pie plate. I saw a nice Emile Henry one, but it was about $40, which seemed a little expensive. If it's worth it, though, I'll totally go for it. Just wanted to check i...