Pie Plates

Pie crusts adhering to pie plate

by cpboudreau 11 years ago

I bake Key Lime pies and Pecan pies and have tried pre-baking the pie crust and not pre-baking yet the crusts always ...


joebeets commented 18 days ago

Best tart/pie crust tips

by imanewbie 3 months ago

I’m on a mission to make the best damn fruit tarte. I’ve found a custard recipe I really like but now I wanna make th...


masha commented 3 months ago

Pie has a problem-- the search for the elusive 7 inch pie dish

by JudiAU 10 years ago

Fruit pies are delicious. I freeze a lot of them in season. We eat a lot of them. I give away a lot of them. And frui...


Downsizer commented 8 months ago

what happened to regular 8" glass Pyrex pie pans?

by Claudette 5 years ago

I have not bought a glass pie pan in many years, but after moving 1,000 miles, I've broken or lost a bunch of equipme...

wekick commented 1 year ago

Looking for a 6.5-inch pie pan

by solon 1 year ago

I like to make half recipes of pie in a small pie pan. The only one I've been able to find that is the right size (6...

nofunlatte commented 1 year ago

Silicone pans for pies?

by Mistral 8 years ago

Anyone using silicone pans for pies and quiches? I was wondering if it is more difficult to line the flexible silicon...


acanthus17 commented 2 years ago

pie plate mystery, please help me solve

by addicted2cake 3 years ago

This may sound a little strange, but whenever I bake a pie, the bottom of my pie plate (outside bottom, not baked bot...

meatn3 commented 3 years ago

Help making apple pie without a pie dish

by brighton312 7 years ago

I don't have access to any oven-proof pans at the moment, so I can't bake my usual apple pie. I have all the ingredie...


Videlicet commented 3 years ago

Best individual pie plates (for pot pies)

by jasimo17 7 years ago

I am a pie making machine! I would like to buy some bakeware to make individual pot pies. Most recipes call for 12...


andib commented 3 years ago

Any fruit pies in GTA similar to The Pie Plate (NOTL)?

by Royaljelly 3 years ago

Had a fantastic peach/blueberry pie at The Pie Plate on my way home from NOTL. Is there any shop in GTA that does ...

justsayn commented 3 years ago

Emile Henry pie pan --will I be sorry?

by blue room 7 years ago

I'd love to have this http://www.williams-sonoma.com/products/emile-henry-artisan-ruffled-pie-dish/?pkey=cpie-pans-...


sweetcinnabon commented 3 years ago

Glass Pie Plates?

by bk 12 years ago

Looks like that's all I have in my cupboard. Does baking time or anything else about a recipe need to be changed w...


JudiAU commented 3 years ago

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Tin-Plated Steel Pie Pans

by carloseltejano 4 years ago

Attention avid pie bakers--why did commercial bakeries formerly (as in 50+ years ago) use metal pie pans? Were they t...

testing pie plates

by rmarisco 4 years ago

i pulled out my pie plates yesterday and did a little test: i have 3 different 9" pie plates from different manufac...

Caitlin McGrath commented 4 years ago

Pyrex pie plates in London

by McBrownie 4 years ago

Hello everyone, not sure this is the place to post this question but it seems most sensible here; Where can I find...


McBrownie commented 4 years ago

pie plate covers

by happygoluckyinoregon 5 years ago

I am looking for plastic snap covers for 9" glass pie plates. We want to eat our dinner in glass and not plastic pla...

pdxgastro commented 5 years ago

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Pyrex pie plate and lid in oven?

by EK511 5 years ago

I am awaiting a new casserole dish in the mail, but in the mean time I couldn't help but try a new bread recipe. It ...

A question about pie dishes

by CindyJ 5 years ago

One of my family members has a deep dish pie plate on the wish list. Specifically, the one selected is this porcelai...


Claudette commented 5 years ago

Bialetti 10" Ceramic Pie Plate - Insane Bargain

by StriperGuy 5 years ago

Every bit as nice as the Emile Henry Version ($40-$45 on Amazon) just got this awesome product from Target.com htt...

StriperGuy commented 5 years ago

Convert a 9" tart pan recipe to 9" pie pan?

by LeahinTexas 5 years ago

Hi All, My first post! I would like to make the Maple Pecan Tart with Dried Cherries that is on the Eating Wel...


LeahinTexas commented 5 years ago