Picky Eaters

Trying to feed a picky eater? Ask fellow Chowhounds for solutions and recipes that will please even the most persnickety palate.

Family trip to Barcelona with allergies

by selena03 3 days ago

We will be travelling to Barcelona (from Vancouver) this March with 2 children (6,11) who have food allergies to pean...


medgirl commented 1 day ago

Family trip to Paris with allergies

by selena03 3 days ago

We will be travelling to Paris (from Vancouver) this March with 2 children (6, 11) who have food allergies to peanuts...

John Talbott commented 3 days ago

Beef stew for a picky boyfriend?

by carophil11 4 months ago

Hey all! I have a top round roast that got a bit freezer burned, and with the chilly weather lately, I want to mak...

melpy commented 4 months ago

Picky (adult) eater

by archerbarbie 5 months ago

So my boyfriend is a very picky eater, (i know some things i am picky on as well, but hes just bad!) He will not e...

The Chowhound Team commented 5 months ago

Picky, Unadventurous Eater in San Sebastian

by glsebs 7 years ago

We will be in San Sebastian three nights in June. My husband will eat anything, but I am very unadventurous. I look...


Maximilien commented 7 months ago

How to make my own brunch for my picky eater BF

by The_Libster 11 months ago

I know mimosas are in order. You can suggest another beverage. we don't plan on going anywhere So I'm looking f...

LaLa commented 8 months ago

Married a Meat and Potatoes Man....Help!

by Mermazon 11 years ago

First off, I must comment how happy I am to find people who love food and cooking as much as I do! There are some gre...


RochelleMarie commented 9 months ago

Boston with my Son

by jvan 12 months ago

My 14 year old son (not a fussy eater) and I are heading to Boston, staying in Mission Hill, close to the Back of the...


mojospapi commented 10 months ago

Cooking for a family of "I hate that!" List of dislikes to follow

by catseefood 1 year ago

So I cook for an house hold of myself, 13 y/o child in my custody, and over 55 y/o parents. 13 y/o hates pasta, wei...


Foxeyblue commented 12 months ago

Multi generational family dinner

by ellkayem 12 months ago

Looking for a restaurant in West village area on a Saturday night to please a group that will include an 80 something...


Kathyd1 commented 12 months ago

Basic eaters: need an SF dinner joint w/ decent bar

by zunzie 1 year ago

Meeting out of town family friends for dinner in SF tonight. They're afraid of anything 'too fancy' and 'too spicy'. ...


DavidT commented 12 months ago

Family Gathering

by stephanieupnorth 1 year ago

Hi there, long time reader, first time posting! I'm hosting a gathering for 10 family members including my young c...

outRIAAge commented 1 year ago

Oahu - Kualoa Ranch Lunch Spot

by princess00 1 year ago

We will be visiting Kualoa Ranch for their Movie Tour one morning of our trip. I am thinking we will need to grab lu...


roro808 commented 1 year ago

San Francisco Trip Meal Recommendations

by stepha12 2 years ago

I will be traveling to San Francisco at the end of June. There are six of us (2 adults and 4 children). I am lookin...

free sample addict aka Tracy L commented 1 year ago

Dinner party gone awkward

by matchapopcorn 1 year ago

I decided to edit out specific details from this post to avoid possible social faux pas in the future. So this we...


fryerlover commented 1 year ago

Banishing food-fussiness/weird phobias

by GreyGuitar 2 years ago

Ok weird post alert... this may not even be comprehensible by some. So for basically my whole life I've been the p...


Billy33 commented 2 years ago

Restaurant for non-picky (but picky) girlfriend!

by DReborn 2 years ago

hi all, i consider myself a foodie and have a roster of all the "best" restaurants in LA. Here's the problem: girlfri...

katydid13 commented 2 years ago

Planning Easter Brunch for Multiple Picky Adult Eaters

by DeaconBlues 2 years ago

My wife's family is coming over for Easter next week. We have a large entertaining space so we end up hosting some ...


julesrules commented 2 years ago

HELP! I'm a really picky eater!

by PickyCupcake 2 years ago

I'm a really picky eater and I became an adult recently. The only things I eat would be some fast food like chicken n...

nannygoat commented 2 years ago

Learning to Like It

by Procrastibaker 11 years ago

I am a firm believer that one can learn to like, and even enjoy, eating just about anything. From personal experience...


sandylc commented 2 years ago