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No Salt in Pickles

by kshbennett 3 months ago

I have discovered that I made a really big mistake when I canned at least two batches of pickles this summer...I forg...


kshbennett commented 3 months ago

Pickle board the new cheese board?

by NomadicFoodie 5 months ago

I recently saw this article and thought the idea was kinda neat. Not sure I would actually omit the cheese, but I li...

LaLa commented 5 months ago

Jamming, Canning and Preserving 2017

by MmeFleiss 12 months ago

I just made my first batch for the year. My husband loves the pickled onions that he eats in London, so I decided to ...


rstuart commented 6 months ago

Pickling - dilute vinegar?

by Enso 8 months ago

This is about *refrigerator* pickling, NOT about canning. I have a recipe for pickled beets (adapted from Craig Cl...


PSRaT commented 7 months ago

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Pickling Vinegar 7%

by boratini 8 months ago

I have a new pickling book that has recipes requiring 7% acidity vinegar. I have been searching all sources here in t...

Porthus request: my pickled tongue recipe

by porker 10 years ago

Here you go, Porthus, my version of pickled tongue. Let me know if you try it and what you think. Pickled, cured p...


Silverstaterob commented 8 months ago

Fermented pickles overpowered by salt

by HabaneroLady 8 months ago

I am trying to make fermented pickles for the first time. I have tried two recipes. One is from The Joy of Pickling a...


small h commented 8 months ago

Processing pickles at 3400'?

by corpkid 9 months ago

Made my first dozen quarts of pickles ever, trying to replicate the McClure's Spicy ones and it didn't work out so we...

MelMM commented 9 months ago

What To Do With Pickled Pork?

by Felliott 10 months ago

I am making red beans and rice for Memorial Day. I'm using Kenji's recipe for the red beans and rice, and Alton Brown...


LorenzoGA commented 10 months ago

Adventures in Pickling!

by TheLateNightGourmet 12 months ago

There's an excellent old post on this topic if you want to look for it here:

TheLateNightGourmet commented 12 months ago


by lestblight 6 years ago

Hey everyone I will not profess to know much about pickling- so i turn to you guys for some help and info. I te...


GCSinKTM commented 1 year ago

Texture Problem with Homemade Pickled Lox

by helou 1 year ago

I got a wonderful recipe from someone online for making my own pickled lox. It involves salt/sugar curing salmon, an...


helou commented 1 year ago

How to add flavor to cooked white beans?

by msmarm 2 years ago

We know beans are healthy and most of us don't include enough in our and our family's diets. Maybe 1 way is to make t...

Ttrockwood commented 1 year ago

Store in Calgary for sauerkraut crocks

by Beamer15 2 years ago

Hi, I'm looking for a new store that I heard of that sells crocks for making pickles and sauerkraut. Has anyone heard...


Linze commented 1 year ago

Fermentation Book Recommendations, Please

by ninrn 1 year ago

Hi, I'd like to start doing some home fermentation. I'm particularly interested in making my own kombucha, yogurt...

ninrn commented 1 year ago

Sichuan Pickling Jars In The GTA

by chilibeanpaste 1 year ago

I'll be in Toronto in late February 2017 (from Halifax) and want to pick up several good-sized Sichuan ceramic pickli...


chilibeanpaste commented 1 year ago

Pickled Tomatoes

by HR1 1 year ago

I just pickled a big 4 Liter jar of tomatoes. The recipe did not state how to cover the tomatoes. Do I have to seal t...


jdgall commented 1 year ago

What to do with an overgrown cucumber

by Scott_R 2 years ago

Found a cucumber in my patch that had escaped my notice and is now about 18" long. What to do with it? I'm thinkin...


boratini commented 1 year ago

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