Pickle Juice Beyond Shots: Creative Ways to Use Your Leftover Pickle Brine

Once you finish a jar of pickles, what do you do with the abundance of tangy, salty brine left behind? If you're like most people, the probable answer is: throw it down the sink and toss (maybe recycle...

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Best Pickles

by Reddyrat 11 years ago

What do you think is the best widely available dill pickles available? I currently have a jar of Vlassic dill spears in my refrigerator. They're not bad, but nothing to write home about. Wha...

Uses for pickled onions?

by learning2 8 years ago

Made some pickled eggs, no water, cider vinegar, garlic, lots of garlic, and about every spice that sounded good at the time and Cholula, lots of that, too. Potent stuff! Had a couple of yellow o...

uses for pickle juice

by tatamagouche 11 years ago

I'd started a thread about my penchant for drinking pickle juice on General Topics, which for some unfathomable reason has been removed. On that thread were several interesting ideas about uses for...

Dill seed vs. fresh dill for refrigerator pickles

by watermelonsoo 7 years ago

I've tried making refrigerator pickles twice and they both seemed to have this strange sweetness that I'm really not digging. I like really garlicky Kosher dills from Claussen or half sours from th...

Where to buy a pickling crock (SEA)?

by chococat 15 years ago

Has anybody seen a pickling crock for sale in Seattle? I've checked the usual suspects (Sur la table, City Kitchens, Williams-Sonoma) but have come up empty. I'd like to make pickles in it so I nee...

*May 2009* COTM Cradle of Flavor: Condiments (sambals, dipping sauces, dressings, & pickles)

foxy fairy
by foxy fairy 10 years ago

**May 2009 Cookbook of the Month is Cradle of Flavor: Home Cooking from the Spice Islands of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore by James Oseland. Please post your full-length reviews of recipes ...

what pickles?

by KayZee 12 years ago

A dear friend in Guadaljara wants me to bring her deli pickles. She says that the ones they get down there don't have the right flavor. I myself, I like claussen and other refrigerated pickles. ...


by StephenB 15 years ago

Well, it is the time of year in Wisconin to tend to the kitchen garden and make a batch of pickles. The one's I make are crock pickles, meant to be eaten 'fresh'. Does anyone have a favorite fami...


by lisa 16 years ago

I love the new pickles I get at a local restaurant - Moishy and Itsy's (sp?) Langhorne, PA and would love to try and make pickles at home. Does anyone have a fairly simple receipe? thanks


by hobokenhenry 17 years ago

Interesting article on NY pickles in the City section of last Sunday's NY Times. Not just Eastern European (Jewish) but all kinds--kimchi, etc. It seems as if there'll be a big pickle festival a...

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