Pickle Juice Beyond Shots: Creative Ways to Use Your Leftover Pickle Brine

Once you finish a jar of pickles, what do you do with the abundance of tangy, salty brine left behind? If you're like most people, the probable answer is: throw it down the sink and toss (maybe recycle...

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anyone seen Heinz Gherkins lately?

by coll 13 years ago

It's becoming harder and harder to find these, I've tried all the other brands and they're nowhere near the same. They all have a funny taste, like cloves or something. Heinz still makes sweet reli...

Ideas for spicy dill pickles?

by corpkid 2 years ago

I went a little nuts and made 6 jars of spicy dill pickle spears and want to use them in my cooking, and they are quite spicy (2 red thai chilis per pint jar) and delicious. I need some inspiratio...

Did Metro stop carrying Claussen pickles?

by gisaster25 8 years ago

I was horrified to see the refrigerator shelf space formerly occupied by Claussen kosher dill spears at the Metro at College & Ossington (in Toronto) full, instead, of Strub's pickles. Only Strub's...

Real barrel-cured sour pickles in Durham

by ButtMan 6 years ago

Howdy y'all, New member here. I'm looking for places that sell real barrel-cured sour pickles, like the kind you'd get at the St. Lawrence market or at a nice steak house or with a good smo...

Leghorn Chicken?

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

Yesterday I noticed the signs for "Socially Conscious Chicken" at Leghorn Chicken. And gotta love the motto: "Make pickles, not war". But is the food any good?

Canning cucumbers (pickles)

by Germaine379 2 years ago

I made two mistakes after cannng (processing in jars) for sliced cucumber. 1. Forgot Tom run knife around jar to move air bubbles before sealing. 2. I processed jars for proper time (10 min, )...

January 2007/2009/2016 COTM: Zuni Cafe Cookbook: Vegetables, Savoury Fruit Dishes, Pickles/ Sauces and Relishes

by redwood2bay 12 years ago

----------------------------------------------------- 2016 REVISIT NOTE: If you are the first in 2016 to comment on a recipe, please reply to the OP and do not try to find existing posts to commen...

The Hottest and Tastiest Paste Evva

by DoctorChow 2 years ago

I'm a chili person who loves good, genuine hot sauces. As opposed to concentrates like "Dave's" stuff. Here's a real paste that I think is the hottest and at the same time most flavorful that...

Jacob's Pickles (UWS)

by ipsedixit 5 years ago

This place is pretty cool. Fried pickles, hot sour pickles, some decent fried chicken, good biscuits and some freaking outstanding sausage gravy. And beer floats, as well as a bunch of beers o...

Any ways to eat full pickles?

by khaz 2 years ago

As the result of an ill-advised wager I need to eat a bunch of pickles in the next two days, but I'm five pickles in and I'm sick of them! I have about ten left, I've already tried peanut butter, i...

Refrigerator Pickles - Heating the Vinegar?

by nickdziegler 2 years ago

Hello, I have been looking at recipes for refrigerator pickles, and they mostly seem to call for heating the vinegar before refrigeration. Is there a food safety reason for this? What I'd li...

Pickled Garlic

by munchkin1 3 years ago

I sent a jar to my son (Vermont Country Store). Is it used in recipes or just eaten like a pickle or olive?

Calling all pickle freaks

Pantry Party
by Pantry Party 9 years ago

Pickles. Right now the little pickling cukes are very plentiful at the market, so these are what I'm focusing on at the moment. I'm very curious to find out from experienced pickle-makers (not q...

reusing pickle brine, either commercially bought or homemade?

by Madrid 5 years ago

I'm making pickles and following the home cooking dish of the month thread, but I'm wondering about reusing pickle brine. I've read some recipes that include the pickles and also some of the bri...

Tartine's Spicy Carrots

by Sixy Beast 14 years ago

Tartine Bakery, 600 Guerrero Street @ 18th San Francisco, CA 94110, 415 487 2600 I just tried Tartine's spicy pickled carrot accompaniment to a take out croque monsieur yesterday. A not too cr...

Bubbie's Pickles

by Kim Shook 17 years ago

I got a jar of these at my supermarket. Supposedly they are famous and award winning. They smell wonderful, but I was disappointed in the texture. They weren't crisp at all. Kind of flabby? Ha...

Need Recipe: Chinese Pickled Carrots

by ThePontificator 3 years ago

Decades ago I had a recipe for "Chinese Pickled Carrots" (refrigerator pickles). I only made it once and unfortunately lost the recipe. It called for cutting into matchsticks a vast quantity of...

great half sour pickles? Schorr's?

by 1newyorkguy 7 years ago

Anyone know of any in town? I used to get Batampte and would get satisfied..they seemed to go downhill though and most batches were borderline "gone bad", soft, off-tasting. Then I found Scho...

Pickles Safety Query

by Bada Bing 8 years ago

I guess this isn't exactly a home cooking issue, but here it goes: I just opened a jar of Nathan's Kosher Pickle Halves that has been sitting a month or two in the pantry since purchase. On open...