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Cooked Lobster Meat

by mesafoodie 8 days ago

Anywhere to buy cooked lobster meat (no shells) in Phoenix?


by carole6854 1 month ago

Does anyone know what restaurants in Phoenix or surrounding areas serve Jackfruit? I am very interested in trying it.

johnseberg commented 16 days ago

Looking for NM ground chile in Phoenix

by sun lover 7 years ago

Hi -- I live in Canada, but am going to Phoenix for a brief visit in Feb. Usually get ground NM red chile (Hatch and ...


ChiliOne commented 16 days ago

Dutch food in PHX?

by foodtastegood 8 years ago

I'm new to AZ, is there any place that sells Dutch food? Restaurant or retail stores would be fine. Specifically I ...


furgasons commented 1 month ago

Visiting Tucson, Flagstaff, and Phoenix

by snowgirl51 3 months ago

Hi, I am from Manhattan and am visiting AZ for about 10 days. Wondering if anyone has any recommendations for the be...


andrewtree commented 3 months ago

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Help: Nacho Nostalgia Phoenix circa 1970s-80s

by GladysCravitz 4 months ago

Having an attack of 1980s nostalgia! Can anyone help me better remember a special nacho platter of tortilla chips, be...

Dinner options near Arizona Grand Resort near South Mountain Park

by BRL 5 years ago

I will be staying at the Arizona Grand Resort right near South Mountain Park in a couple of weeks and I'm looking for...


Oliver8 commented 5 months ago

Sushi burritos?

by meiamdrew 1 year ago

Was just in Vegas and finally got to try a Sushi burrito for the first time, and I am in love. Is it possible to get ...


thezeta commented 6 months ago

Phoenix Food Nerds?

by Bax 9 months ago

Anyone know what's going on with the Phoenix Food Nerds site? I haven't been able to access it for days. Chowhound ha...


dcblanchard commented 6 months ago

Best Taco in Downtown Phoenix

by alexa52 7 months ago

I'm researching an article on the best taco's in Pheonix and focusing on the downtown area. I'll be visiting in March...


janeh commented 6 months ago

Salt Rising Bread In Metro Phoenix

by moonvalleysam 8 years ago

My wife and I have wonderful memories of salt rising bread growing up in indiana. Nothing like it on a cold winter mo...


juneaz commented 6 months ago

Looking for mom and pop restaurants in Tucson

by melicia 7 months ago

Hi all We are spending a week in Tucson and would appreciate recommendations for mom and pop mexican restaurants, f...


melicia commented 6 months ago

Buying prime beef in Phx(particularly E Valley)?

by ziggylu 10 years ago

Anywhere besides AJ's? A day off turned into a long tiring day at work instead. My plan for dinner got blown awa...


JaneB39 commented 7 months ago

Has anyone found fresh chestnuts in the valley?

by Jen76 7 years ago

Would like to try making a chestnut stuffing. Has anyone found fresh ones - preferrably in the East Valley? I swear I...


GasWreath621 commented 8 months ago

Anyone else FED UP with Bountiful Baskets?

by fluffitude 6 years ago

I after my second to last purchase from them, I vowed to not participate again but we LOVE 9 grain bread I went ahead...


vandalii commented 9 months ago

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Birthday dinner

by bkbk1969 9 months ago

Hi, We are coming to Scottsdale from New York for a wedding and staying at JW Marriott Camelback Inn-Scottsdale Re...

Biltong in Phoenix?

by tivon 3 years ago

Does anyone know of a local store that sells Biltong (South African dried beef)? Thanks!


Areteselias commented 9 months ago

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Brunch in Scottsdale/East Phoenix?

by Fida 9 months ago

Wow, anyone left in this forum? Seems like a ghost town. Just thought I'd check for any newer suggestions for bru...

Reco's for Phx/Scottsdale please

by carole6860 1 year ago

Hello- Perhaps I am failing at searching and finding only old posts so apologies here if that's the case. I am tryin...


Claudette commented 10 months ago