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Irish Potato Candies Are the Best St. Patrick's Day Treat You've Never Heard Of

Sometimes the best-tasting treats are the most unassuming. You'd never expect a tiny brown lump to be so delicious. In fact, some might be turned off by the color and shape altogether. But that's half...

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Knife Sharpening?

by cwatts 13 years ago

Where do the Philly hounds take their knives to have them professionally sharpened? I was ecstatic to hear that Fantes was doing it, only to be disappointed by the little handheld sharpener that th...

Hana in Wayne

by productionjon 13 years ago

Been past Hana more times than I can count. Never made it inside. Any insight on the place?

Visiting Scottsdale in September.

by mtm7654 13 years ago

Hi. I'll be visiting and staying with a friend in Scottsdale the first week in September. Not sure what part of Scottsdale she's in but we'll have a car and plenty of time so Phoenix is an option...

Coconut grater in Philadelphia - who sells them?

by Smellchipper 14 years ago

Howdy! Am looking for a coconut grater and have been to three Indian groceries, an Asian supermarket and a Chinese restaurant supply place. No luck. In an ideal world I'd find this: http://www....

Joseph Ambler Inn

by semmen 14 years ago

I'm thinking of taking my husband there for Valentine's Day (more likely the weekend after, since he travels). I did a search but found very little or current info. We have done the nearby William ...

take out in ambler

by ljg76 14 years ago

who in the area has a good take out dinner? i've been to kc's alley its OK except they use styrofoam and sometimes makes food soggy...

Trying to find black truffles in Philly burbs

by lmgreen12 14 years ago

I'm trying to find whole black truffles either in a jar or a can in the suburbs. I can go into the Philly if I have to but if there is a place closer (I'm in Norristown) it would be easier. Spagh...

Breakfast spots near Philly Convention Center (without the bread)

by Bluemonster from LA 14 years ago

Hi all, I'm spending a few days in Downtown Philly next week, and I'm looking for a good breakfast spot near the convention center. I need a place that deals more with eggs & cooked dishes rather t...

Pupusas in Philly

by Concepcion 15 years ago

Does anyone know of any restaurants that serve Salvadorian Pupusas in Philly?

eel and peapod leaves

by Psmith 18 years ago

Hi all, I spent part of last week in Philadelphia and wanted to share a discovery I made there in chinatown on the off chance you guys didn't already know about it. I was walking down Race St. ...

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