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Irish Potato Candies Are the Best St. Patrick's Day Treat You've Never Heard Of

Sometimes the best-tasting treats are the most unassuming. You'd never expect a tiny brown lump to be so delicious. In fact, some might be turned off by the color and shape altogether. But that's half...

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bachelorette dinner

by eastcostFOODlover 10 years ago

hi - I'm originally from philly, haven't lived there in years... so my knowledge on great restaurants is non-existent. i'm visiting philly for a bachelorette evening in mid-january during the week...

Sashimi Grade fish in Montco?

by mkertello 10 years ago

I've been searching for a place to buy sashimi grade fish in the greater Montco area. Any thoughts?

Not very good

by sylviag 10 years ago

We hadn't been to Ernesto's for quite a while, but needed a place close to the Kimmel Center. Unfortunately, my reasons for not returning were reinforced. I would love to like this place. It is...

Been to Starr's New Pizza Place??

by RUShue 10 years ago

Has anyone been yet? Looking for feedback. Worth going? Got great review by La Ban, is he right?

best cheesesteak from a lunch truck/daytime vendor

by mazza3 10 years ago

i was wondering where you all go for a delicious, greasy steak when you're at work (or during the day when you're playing hookie). my favie truck in university city has gone and i am looking for ot...

Welcome Feedback on Fond

by FriskLamb 10 years ago

Thinking of taking the dear lady wife to Fond - seems to have some reasonable reviews. Welcomes any comments - specifically what is good to order, and just as importantly, what to avoid. Any wine...

Which Steakhouse? Which Steak?

by Hungryin theBurbs 10 years ago

I'm thinking of taking my husband to a steakhouse for his birthday. We never go, so I'd love some opinions on which ones folks are liking these days, and also which steaks are best at each place. ...

Unfortunate weekend in Philly; Can't win 'em all.

by Steve 10 years ago

On my third recent trip to Philly, I finally struck out. I had a mostly unpleasant weekend of eating. It left a bad taste in my mouth. The best thing we had was something of our own creation: w...

Amada during RW

by mrslloyddobler 10 years ago

I've never been to Amada, but I hope to get the Cliff's Notes version during RW. What dish shouldn't be missed? What would you order? We'll probably do the three course meal and share an order o...

Suggestions for upscale restaurtant/lounge for small 50th B'day

by PinkMartini 10 years ago

Hi Folks! Help! I'm in search of a 4ish star restaurant that has a lounge and possible entertainment for a dinner gathering of 12-15 people to celebrate 50th birthday. Italian or Contempory Americ...

Help - need wedding cake near center city

by sylviag 10 years ago

This is for a friend of mine. (Not everyone knows about Chowhound!) She needs to get a wedding cake somewhere in or near center city. South Philly would work, also. Needs to serve about 15 pe...

86 West in Doylestown

by truffles2 10 years ago

Has anyone been here yet. It just opened next to the Knight House. (Which I love.) Am considering heading there for a holiday dinner with some friends from work. What's the buzz?

Barclay Prime - GREAT!

by taboo 10 years ago

Service and ambiance were wonderful right from the start. I am from NYC and have been to the best steakhouses, but none have this decor or couches so comfy. Appetizers were the scallops with baco...

Out of the Way Philly Restaurants I Like

by Greggulator 10 years ago

Hey everyone. I write for a website called "Philly2Philly.com" where I review some restaurants and the like. But I'm trying to find super out-of-the-way places with stuff that hasn't been covered t...

Where Can I Go to Learn Knife Sharpening Skills?

by CindyJ 11 years ago

Reading through a thread on the Cookware board http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/590727 confirms what I've known for a long time -- I know zilch about knife maintenance. I nearly ruined a couple of...

Chinese: Ambience Counts Also

by Bashful3 10 years ago

Our car had a problem, so we took a cab to Chinatown with friends at the last minute. They had a place in mind, but traffic on 10th St was fierce, and when I spotted Charles Plaza I suggested we ...

Black Bass Inn/New Hope

by mschow 10 years ago

I know this is in PA, but since so many CH dine in the Lambertville/New Hope area, I'm hoping someone has a recent review of the place. It's newly reopened, and some friends and I were thinking o...

Good Restaurants in Doylestown/Bucks County Area

by HamOnMyBones 10 years ago

My parents are coming up for a visit from North Carolina and all I ever hear from them is how good the food is down there. They always find some way to point out how much better there restaurants a...

Knife Sharpening - found - Philly burbs

by jujuthomas 12 years ago

I'd been searching for some time for someone to sharpen our knives in the MontCo area - when DH thought to ask at a Williams Sonoma at the mall. They referred us to Kitchen Kapers on 309 in the Sho...

prohibition taproom

by rabidog 11 years ago

i haven't seen this place mentioned often on here so i thought i would. this is a pretty spectacular place to avoid the weekend mob scene as it's a bit out of the way (but not too far from center ...

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