Get advice from other Chowhounds about what and where to eat in Philadelphia, from the best cheesesteaks to can't-miss fine dining.

Philly eats

by Latinpig 5 days ago

Bringing my son to college next week and I am looking to explore the food scene. I have a reservation at Zahav but w...


urbanfabric commented 3 days ago

Help with Labor Day weekend visit

by mrsjoujou 12 days ago

Hi, We lived in Philly 12 years ago for a short time (11 Months). We are planing to visit Sat 9/2- Tue 9/5. I hav...


mrsjoujou commented 5 days ago

Dining near Philadelphia Art Museum?

by somervilleoldtimer 1 month ago

We will have a car. This is a family get-together, five of us, need not be fancy but we do like good food and pleasa...


schmom commented 8 days ago

Does Philly have an actually-great fish market (if not, why not?)

by GDSwamp 13 days ago

Philly is a great food city that's only gotten better in the twelve years I've lived here. But I'm amazed at how bad ...


Bigley9 commented 12 days ago

Need Rec Center City BYOB preferred

by ElaineL 17 days ago

Haven't been following the Philly food scene for a while. Looking to celebrate our anniversary in Center City in Sept...

cwdonald commented 16 days ago

Sad recent passings of Philly food people, Mark Onorato and Holly Moore

by Chef_Dude 18 days ago

Was very sorry to hear that Mark Onorato passed away July 31st. Mark ran George's near the corner of 9th & Christian...


Bigley9 commented 17 days ago

Best Carrot Cake in Upper Bucks

by maddoxdy 22 days ago

My wife likes carrot cake and I wanted to get her one for her birthday. I'm looking for the kind that has cream chees...


maddoxdy commented 18 days ago

ISO good beef carpaccio close to Norristown

by letsindulge 18 days ago

Ailing FIL's 85th birthday coming up and I want to "gift" him with beef carpaccio to go. It's been a love of this dis...


Unkle Al commented 18 days ago

Help finding a restaurant in Philly (and cheesesteak)

by DCRandy 24 days ago

We will have an opportunity to spend an evening and most of the following day in Philly on August 23. We would reall...


Bigley9 commented 18 days ago

Etiquette for BYO Restaurants in Philly

by BDM1 23 days ago

Heading to Philly tonight with my brother for a weekend of food, wine and fun. I've been in the business most of my ...


arepo commented 22 days ago

Smoke Daddy's (Mike) IS RETURNING

by 25 days ago

HALLELUJAH! MIKE IS COMING BACK!!! He sent out this email and I am proud to post it here: Please forward this ema...


cantthinkupname commented 23 days ago

Pennsylvania BBQ

by JunieB 2 months ago

I started by searching for BBQ discussions within the past 12 months for which there were no results. Bad sign? I've ...

BostonBestEats commented 24 days ago


by arepo 29 days ago

Never heard of it. A Japanese-Korean restaurant near Callowhill Street. Any comments?


arepo commented 27 days ago

Where to find a good bialy?

by george2 1 year ago

I'm in the central Bucks/eastern Montgomery County area and am hankerin' for a good New York style bialy. Anything in...

cwdonald commented 1 month ago

Short Visit to Philly - Passyunk, bakeries, cheesesteaks, etc.

by arp29 2 months ago

Hi ‘hounds, I am heading to Philly in 2 weeks with my sister and my 10 and 21 year old nephews. The 21 year old wil...


Bigley9 commented 1 month ago

Place to eat alone?

by jenem001 1 month ago

Greetings Philadelphia Chowhounds. I'll be in Philadelphia for three nights this month for business (staying near Log...

cwdonald commented 1 month ago

August 2017 Wedding Cocktail/Dinner Party

by tsheard 1 month ago

Hi All, My fiancé and I are looking to have our wedding reception in the Philly area. We have 35 guests and are lo...


urbanfabric commented 1 month ago

Arpeggio reopens

by cwdonald 2 months ago

Arpeggio has reopened in a larger space in Spring House, near where the new Amazon Whole Foods, and Starbucks are goi...

Bacchus101 commented 1 month ago

Philadelphia dinner recommendation, please

by lilaki 3 months ago

hi hounds, toronto-based CH-er, here. heading to philadelphia for a few nights for work, traveling with two c...


Bigley9 commented 2 months ago