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Anyone been eating in Manayunk lately?

by JunieB 4 days ago

I have lost touch with the restaurant scene in Manayunk. Haven't been there since Jake's reopened. I only went to Jak...

Forgot how good Le Virtu is

by middleagedfoodie 17 days ago

We haven't been there in years, preferring Brigantessa. But now that Brigantessa has a new chef, we decided to try Le...

Steve R

Steve R commented 5 days ago

What's new and wonderful in Philadelphia?

by fillyfilet 10 days ago

Have been away from Chowhound for awhile (hate the new format and the ads) but since nothing has come along to take i...


BostonBestEats commented 6 days ago

Shad Roe

by PATTYSHIVELY 5 years ago

Does anyone know of restaurants in Philly or Delaware county that are currently serving Shad Roe?


cwdonald commented 6 days ago

Grand Finale of Solomonov Easter weekend eats

by cgarner 18 days ago

Grand finale: After something of a nap, shower and some TUMS, we walked over to Society Hill Towers and got to the st...


BostonBestEats commented 9 days ago

Pomme, Peachtree & Ward Review (Wedding)

by JohnTalbotWannabe 2 years ago

We got married at Pomme in October 2015. When considering wedding venues, we were won over by the overwhel...


Poopsies1 commented 10 days ago

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Michael Solomonov Easter Weend Part deux

by cgarner 18 days ago

Part deux Woke up, (Easter Morning) walked back to the scene of last night's crime... hahah across the street form A...

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Whirlwind Michael Solomonov Easter weekend Part 1

by cgarner 18 days ago

My friend and I made a decision to try to hit all of Mike's places in one weekend. here's how it went! Checked into...

Citizens Bank Park Eats

by burgeoningfoodie 1 month ago

As out of towners, we will be going to our first (and maybe only) game at Citizens Bank Park in May. What places are...


Philly Ray commented 19 days ago

Better line up now (Pizzeria Beddia, Fishtown, Philly PA)

by BostonBestEats 24 days ago

END OF AN ERA: "The Best Pizza in America" Pizzeria Beddia is closing Saturday, but he'll be back with a new restaura...


BostonBestEats commented 20 days ago

He wasn't too keen on Keen

by cwdonald 2 months ago

One of the best no bell reviews Laban has done since Ocean Prime. Has anyone dined at Keen? Would anyone dine here af...


Philly Ray commented 25 days ago

Morimoto? Worth the Price of Admission?

by fogfog 1 month ago

Looking for the Best Sushi in PHL.... and great execution of Japanese cuisine. This is for a special occasion. I rea...


acgold7 commented 26 days ago

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Acadia Restaurant

by Bigley9 27 days ago

Hi has anyone been to Acadia - on 8th Street above Christian where James/Couer were?

Where to stay and what to eat with a family of 3

by burgeoningfoodie 3 months ago

My wife, rising kindergartner and I are planning a trip to Philly around Memorial Day week or so. She and I have bee...


truman commented 1 month ago

Sandwich Trip in Philadelphia

by turbowine 2 months ago

In Philadelphia for the first time, and by myself as well. Without the spouse to influence my decisions, I thought I...


Philly Ray commented 1 month ago

Double Knot vs. Tinto?

by oez 1 month ago

Philly Chowhounders, we will be staying at the Logan, and these two restaurants both seemed a bit similar in the smal...


Philly Ray commented 1 month ago

Is Sophie's food truck near Penn still around?

by chowinpa 8 years ago

Greetings! A friend who graduated Penn in the mid-eighties wanted me to do some research and see if Sophie's food tru...


oez commented 1 month ago

Need Philly restaurant advice

by nyperr 2 months ago

We'll be traveling to Philly next week for 2 dinners and 2 lunches. We'll be staying in Center City. I did get a res...


adfoodie commented 2 months ago

Spanish Restaurant + David Ansill

by Unkle Al 5 months ago

Can anyone recommend a really good Spanish restaurant in either Philadelphia or Montgomery County? Also, does anyo...


Unkle Al commented 2 months ago

Indian in South Jersey now that Inde Blue is gone?

by middleagedfoodie 2 months ago

We used to love Coriander but lately, not quite as much. Maybe Inde Blue and our favorite vegetarian in NE Philly, Ta...


szmn commented 2 months ago