Replace Your Thanksgiving Turkey with These 5 Bird Alternatives

Not up to tackling a whole turkey this Thanksgiving? These five birds are great turkey alternatives to cook. Two years ago I spent my first actual Thanksgiving away from home with friends. And, food...

Which bird to cook?

by Monica 3 years ago

Pigeon Squab Pheasant Grouse Why should I eat chicken when I can eat these birds. Joking aside, I just roasted some quails a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, the result was just so so and I a...

Pheasant breast in mtl

by whiteben 3 years ago

hey yall hope everyone is doing good. I just saw this awesome recipe from scott rea (my idol) and it called for a bacon wrapped pheasant breast, and I was wondering where do they sell pheasant bres...

How should I go about cooking Pheasant?

by logan09 4 years ago

Got two from a family friend from a recent hunting trip. They are whole from what I can see(Including the feet) So....How should I go about cooking these? I'm open to suggestions. Thanks.

Cooking time for roast Pheasant...

by OCEllen 11 years ago

Suggestions? Experiences? Also having quail which I have cooked many times.

Trying to find pheasant...

by duke_of_mildew 12 years ago

Anyone know of a store or butcher shop around Glendale/Burbank or the SF Valley where I can get pheasant?

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