Real Doner Is the Real Deal in Petaluma

The chicken gyro wrap is “insanely good” at Real Doner (Gyro) in Petaluma, says audacious, who also praises the “mouthwatering” rice and the “zesty” salad. This tip hasn’t gone unnoticed...

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Sonoma/Santa Rosa/Petaluma -- off the beaten path

by Chowpatty 16 years ago

We'll be in Sonoma for the film festival weekend, and many of the parties and receptions will be at the Girl and the Fig and other downtown Sonoma places. I'd like to show my boyfriend the area on ...

Has anyone eaten recently at Le Bistro in Petaluma?

by Fettunta 16 years ago

I've heard/read that this is a lovely place, but would like to hear from someone's recent experience. I imagine their menu is small, and would be disappointed to learn that only certain dishes are...

Volpi's in Petaluma

by Alex 16 years ago

Going in for the first time tonight for dinner. Any recommendations? Thanks!

Petaluma for Lunch?

by bodegadawg 16 years ago

Hey where do we go and eat lunch in Petaluma, we're interested in what you have to say.Thanks!!

Divine Delights, Petaluma

by Melanie Wong 17 years ago

The good boys and girls got the freshest of the fresh petits fours direct from Divine Delights outlet in Petaluma in their stockings this year. I finally made it in there last Monday to shop in pe...

Christmas Cheer at Bricks, Petaluma

by Melanie Wong 17 years ago

Sunday night I finally had the chance to drop in on the one-year-old Bricks in Petaluma’s historic downtown to follow-up on a tip posted here for thin crust pizza. Bench seating and small tables w...

birthday dinner, Novato or Petaluma

by karen 17 years ago

We are planning to meet my daughter for her birthday next week. Novato/Petaluma is about halfway for each of us. Any recommendations for good food/pleasant ambiance?

Jerome’s Mesquite Bar-B-Que, Petaluma

by Melanie Wong 17 years ago

Jerome’s promotes itself as “The Heart and Soulfood of Petaluma”. Every time it’s mentioned, “Chow Fun (Derek)” has a bar-b-gasm about the beef ribs. Picking up a take-out order on Sunday, now I...

One Fifty Four, Petaluma

by Graham 17 years ago

Just back home from our summer vacation, had to post a short report on One Fifty Four in Petaluma. Located in the centre of town in what was obviously a shop in a previous life, the room is decor...

Any recs in Petaluma?

by MCondron 17 years ago

Going to the accordian festival this weekend in Cotati and want to stop on the drive home for dinner- most likely Petaluma. Looking for a vegetarian-friendly place with entrees in the low teens at ...

Petaluma: off-the-beaten-track

by Cynthia 17 years ago

Hwy 101 was backed up again - and, I detoured to Divine Delights for their petit fours. They moved from Novato to Petalulma early in the year and now have a retail outlet - see the sign from the f...

21st Bakery in Petaluma--- plans?

by rln 17 years ago

I recently told my friend in Petaluma to look out for a new bakery opening up --- Della Frattoria. They are at the Ferry Bldg. farmer's market on Saturdays. Great bread. This will be there first...

URGENT! Nice lunch spot in Petaluma?

by Maya 17 years ago

Looking for a anice mother-daughter lunch spot in Petaluma, preferably with outdoor seating, but not strictly necessary. My mom had her heart set on Central Market (but it's closed for lunch), so ...

Pedroni’s Potato Salad from Lombardi’s (Petaluma)

by Melanie Wong 17 years ago

After lunch on Friday, I stopped by Lombardi’s on the way out of town to pick up some Pedroni’s potato salad. Jennie Sheeks describes it better than I can in the link below. It’s $5.99/lb. and a...

Water Street Bistro (Petaluma)

by Melanie Wong 17 years ago

On Friday I made an early escape from the City to start the weekend with a lunch stop in Petaluma. My intended destination was the new Bricks on Kentucky, however, I discovered it’s not open for l...

Petaluma Riverside Brunch

by hamachihil 17 years ago

Any suggestions? Would love to sit outside, gaze out over the water and munch. Have heard many good things about le Bistrot but have no idea if it's on the river. We're heading up North on 101 t...

Report: 7th Annual Great Petaluma Chili Cookoff, May 2

by Bryan Loofbourrow 17 years ago

I'd never been to a chili cookoff before, and didn't know what to expect, but the banner sign has been hanging over the main street in Petaluma for a couple of weeks, and there was an announcement ...

Central Market/Petaluma?

by E 17 years ago

Has anyone been to the Central Market, on Petaluma Blvd. near Washington, I believe? Any other suggestions for a fancy dinner in the Petaluma area?

DeSchmire Restaurant Petaluma

by Caitlin Murphy 17 years ago

Has anyone tried this place recently/heard anything about it? It has been a fixture in petaluma since my childhood there, and I am thinking of taking my mom there for dinner tomorrow. It's between ...

Petaluma dining

by Fine 18 years ago

Anyone tried Central Market or Semolina? If so, any recommendations? Many thanks.

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