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Go on, tell us what you hate. Confess your food-related pet peeves here and meet some Chowhounds who feel the same way. Commiseration is the name of the game.

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Uninvited guest

by Rascal1 1 year ago

We are having an informal party and my fairly new SIL has grown daughters who she always assumes is invited to everything our side of the family does so she invited one of them to our party. We ar...


by soniabegonia 11 years ago

I've heard so many people say marscapone (R on the first syllable, pone as 1 syllable) - countless times on the Food Network, where you'd think they'd know better. It's MAS-CAR-PO-NE. It's not th...

Surge in Spam

by masha 10 months ago

Mods, I am sure you've noticed the recent surge in spam posts, mainly relating to supposed health & wellness topics. You've been taking them down almost as quickly as they appear but is there anyt...

Rachael Ray

by KathyReam 10 months ago

I agree she is so bother some when she talks over her guests. Esp when it's medical info. I don't really care what her brother or mother etc. does. She should watch her show to see how rude she is.

Unctuous doesn't mean what you think it does

by Chatsworth 10 months ago

Too many people seem to think that unctuous means rich and tasty with a wonderful mouth feel (whatever that is). It actually means greasy, not really how I want my food to be. Anyone else have ...

Chili: It indeed has beans!!!

by whm1974 10 months ago

Despite what many Texas may claim, beans have has been part the popular stew famously known as Chili. And always have since the dish was actually invented by the Native Americans who live in the ar...

Winter scurvy

by fionasit 11 months ago

Seasonal fruit and veg are not available here in the Midwest. Once in awhile I see a lovely color on a vegetable and then I buy it. For the most part frozen veg, limited fruits are consumed. This r...

Photos of food and restaurants

by LadyofTexas 1 year ago

I have noticed reviews of restaurants and specific dishes with accompanying photos. Often the photos are nauseating--half-eaten tacos, or a pile of pasta, or (ugh!) an unidentified drink that is g...

Cleaning grill

by 1Majikk1 12 months ago

You clean the grill grates because all that charred burnt on hook is just nasty. You don't have to be a compulsive cleaner, you just have to be sanitary.

Is “foodie” a pejorative term, complimentary, or both?

by kelvin_of_ranard 1 year ago

I generally regard “foodie” to be a pejorative versus complimentary term, unless the intent is manifestly positive. I accept that having particular “tastes” in food or dress may be unusual to some...

Pepperidge Farm “Tahoe” White Chocolate Macadamia Cookies

by Taralli 1 year ago

Been buying these cookies for a while from more than one store, but recently noticed a big change. White chocolate bits have become milk/dark chocolate bits, showing through on bottom of cookies. ...

First do no harm

by Hawashingtonian 1 year ago

Just saw this last night. One of the most painful things I've read. Here's a preview: "My landlord needed to fix the sink handle or something and asked if I had a knife, then proceeded to grab m...

Is Grocery Store Etiquette Dead?

by kelvin_of_ranard 1 year ago

When the butcher asked “who’s next?”, I turned to the man standing next to me and asked him. When the young woman obliviously blocks the aisle with her shopping cart and case of cheap beer, I sa...

The key to making ground turkey a great addition to your recipes? Bacon (like the real stuff, made from pigs).

by TokiyoRio 1 year ago

No, it's not a way to switch to ground turkey to reduce your saturated fat intake, but ground turkey has some advantages. It's a lot less expensive than ground beef, and it has a smaller environmen...

Restricting cell phone use at restaurants...

by gutreactions 2 years ago

I have noticed more and more restaurants posting signs restricting the use of cell phones in the dining room. Obsessive picture taking...non-stop texting, etc. How do you feel about this issue? Wou...

Trader Joes... Please, just ring up my groceries.

by K2000 13 years ago

There's a new Trader Joes by my house (Queens) and I've been there 3 times now. I like their food just fine, but at the checkout, the clerks always want to give me commentary about my groceries ...

Tight Cuisinart Lid

by Querencia 1 year ago

I had my old Cuisinart for forty years and never had the slightest problem getting the workbowl's lid on and screwed tight in place (necessary for it to turn on). This new one, I can't get the lid ...

Nabisco Famous Chocolate Wafers

by sfe6 1 year ago

I don't know if these have been discontinued, but there are posts here dating over 10 years back from people who couldn't find them. I have only found them on Amazon or Ebay for about $15 and up (w...