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Go on, tell us what you hate. Confess your food-related pet peeves here and meet some Chowhounds who feel the same way. Commiseration is the name of the game.

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Pet Peeve: when upscale delis give you cold cuts from the "butt end".

by Jack 16 years ago

I stopped by a small gourmet shop here in NYC on my way home today, it's on 2nd Ave. near 31st Street, and decided to get some cold cuts. After giving my order I noticed the counterman was using t...

Cookbook peeves

by lax2mia 16 years ago

I admit that I go through cookbooks like I do paper towels and if it wasn't for my local library I'd be much poorer. One thing that I'm noticing now in cookbooks, especially those from Food Networ...

Spicy food pet peeve - stop ruining it for the rest of us!

by JackS 16 years ago

Many many times I have had to plead with various waitstaff for spicy food. Sometimes they will honor my pleas and sometimes they won't. If I order something spicy without pleading, sometimes they...

Pet Peeves

by Chow Chow 17 years ago

Anyone have any pet peeves about current dining? Mine is and has been for a while the overuse of Mesclun. I feel that many restaurants rely too heavily on using mesclun in salads when there are so ...

Pet Peeve

by James G 17 years ago

What is it with restaurants that won't take reservations on a Saturday night at 8pm? I just phoned Zaytinya to book a table for four at that time and was told that they don't take reservations for...

Service-Peeves & Praise

by pat I. 17 years ago

Hi- I'm doing a bit of research on service in the food industry. I'm interested in knowing what you can't stand with regard to service and what you love. What do you consider to be great service...

Pet Peeve

by Mike Kilgore 20 years ago

I don't have many, and this has probably been discussed here before, but has anyone else noticed how many times when you leave cash, that as the waiter/waitress picks it up you hear "do you need an...

Pet Peeve: Steaks - Medium Rare, Medium...

by JS 18 years ago

I frequently enjoy a good bone-in rib-eye (aka cownboy steak) and have tried many high-end steak restaurants (Mortons, Palm, Lugers, etc). No matter which restaurant I go to, the servers INSIST u...

Restaurant Pet Peeves

by Jo 18 years ago

My top three are: 1. Specials that are significantly more expensive than the most expensive entree. Don't restauranteurs know that we will find out eventually? 2. Patrons that make and receive c...

Jerry's Sandwiches Peeve, long and slightly ranty...

by chrislrob 18 years ago

So after the raves on this board and others, I signed up for the Jerry's Sandwiches e-mail of their specials. One of the specials today was Hickory-Smoked, Rum & Brown Sugar Marinated, Salmon. I...

milwaukee pet peeve

by christine 18 years ago

We lived in New York for 8 years. There, people on the street do not make eye contact but waiters always do. Here it is the opposite. Strangers greet you, but waiters in many "fine" restaurants...

Menu Pet Peeves- moved to Not About Food Board

The Chowhound Team
by The Chowhound Team 18 years ago

Please keep this board specific to food in Pennsylvania and use the Not About Food Board for general restaurant discussions. Thanks! Link: [BROKEN LINK REMOVED]

Pet Peeve about meat "Doneness"

by David De Silva 19 years ago

One of my pet peeves about restaurants is that it seems like I can never get my meat cooked the way I want it. For example, I love rack of lamb, usually order it when out, but rarely, if ever, get ...

Pet Peeve: Broken Ribs on Romaine Lettuce

by survivorhound 19 years ago

Those damn twisty-ties that compress the romaine heads for ease of shipping tend to break the ribs which then get discolored and unappetizing: a travesty in your opinion, or is it just me?

Another Pet Peeve: Wobbly Tables

by Buen Provecho 19 years ago

Does this irk anyone else, or is it just me? It seems like bad form to be jamming wadded napkins under the leg of a table or chair and yet, I'd almost prefer that to having a shipboard-type experi...

Pet peeve--corned beef

by Alan H 19 years ago

Just curious, why do so many people call it "corn" beef, not "corned" beef??

Pet packaging peeves

by lucia 19 years ago

I am stumped as to why supermarkets intentionally package their food so that it will go bad faster, sometimes right on the shelves. I'm talking about packaging potatoes in clear plastic, so they go...

Pet Peeves

by Vital Information 19 years ago

Dave H. asked me what I have against fresh strawberrys in February, since they are not coming from the still frozen tundra of our soil. Well, I am waging a small and totally ineffective campgaign ...

Biggest Pet Peeve of the all - Wet salad

by Vital Information 19 years ago

Please, Jim, in the next go around, how about pins that say, I'd like my salad shaken not wet please. How many times have you been served a salad so wet that the dressing mearly whispers seven se...

yet another peeve

by howler 20 years ago

for god's sake, if i see another food article in benighted blighty talking about 'starters' and 'mains' ... massively pedestrian words, 'starters' and 'mains', solid and stodgy. images of people...

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