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Go on, tell us what you hate. Confess your food-related pet peeves here and meet some Chowhounds who feel the same way. Commiseration is the name of the game.

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Something peculiar about this Morbier cheese

by Howard_2 6 months ago

Cheese under false pretenses? I need some opinions about this situation regarding Morbier cheese from Murray's Che...


Lesliepbg commented 16 days ago

They say it's "Beef"?

by shejwang 27 days ago

I need some help here. A Szechuan restaurant here in San Jose has a dish with a delicious flavor called "Beef Stew"....

Karl S commented 25 days ago

Philly Cheesesteak Rant

by Ally1111 4 months ago

First online rant but felt so strongly about my disappointing lunch, I had to share with fellow food people. Our c...


Felliott commented 1 month ago

Pickled Eggs!

by emily49 2 months ago

i don't get why there is a such thing because everybody i know thinks they are disgusting and same with people on You...

Scoffier commented 2 months ago

Fried eggs?

by Motosport 4 months ago

I just had breakfast at the local diner. I ordered 2 fried eggs, bacon and home fries. When the order came out the ...

Motosport commented 4 months ago

Do you have family/friends who don't appreciate good home cooking?

by HighHeels 5 years ago

I am just gonna take a second to vent. I love to cook. I enjoy trying hard things that some people would steer clea...


suburban_mom commented 5 months ago

Potholder Problem

by Deborah R. 5 months ago

This is going to sound trivial, but it really isn't. I can't seem to find truly heat-proof potholders anymore. I used...


masha commented 5 months ago

What's the deal with lemons in water?

by dwkayak 6 months ago

Anyone know anything about the history of this? How long ago did restaurants start doing this? I don't get it and I d...

coll commented 6 months ago

Home Fries

by OLD TIME CHEF 7 months ago

Anyone know of an eatery in Somerset County and vicinity that serves home fried potatoes that are fully fried throug...

ambrose commented 7 months ago

Nasty Battered French Fries

by Pitbullchow 7 months ago

What is this horrible trend of restaurants serving these French fries that are either called; Battered, coated or sea...


fourunder commented 7 months ago

Invitation etiquette

by hihope 7 months ago

A neighbor asked my husband and I to Thanksgiving dinner 3 weeks ahead. A time was not mentioned. We assumed when t...

thegforceny commented 7 months ago

3 Annoying Trends in Hipster Eateries

by skidmarkjones 7 months ago

Went to "Go get em tiger" today for brunch. The latest in trend-desperate hipster brunch spots in LF/Silverlake. Th...


Rubidoux commented 7 months ago

Malodorous plastic food packaging (and other rants)

by BobtheBigPig 8 years ago

OK, I may be completely nuts. But here's my dilemma. I've noticed a disturbing trend in the last several years fo...


tupelohoney1010 commented 7 months ago

Thanksgiving Sibling Problems

by outRIAAge 8 months ago

Come, one and all, and rant. My sister invited me to join her at a potluck Thanksgiving dinner. She asked if I could ...

thegforceny commented 8 months ago


by soniabegonia 8 years ago

I've heard so many people say marscapone (R on the first syllable, pone as 1 syllable) - countless times on the Food ...


Faeryhaven commented 8 months ago

Biggest Cooking Show Pet Peeves

by Atomic76 4 years ago

I can't stand it when they are cutting jalapenos and have to go into the whole speech about how the seeds and the rib...


ChefLuLuB commented 8 months ago

Charged full price instead of prix fixe - what would you do

by governator 9 months ago

It's no biggie, but ... Last Saturday my wife and I had dinner at a small french restaurant in Manhattan. I di...


jounipesonen commented 9 months ago

Spelling errors on menus and websites

by Curlz 3 years ago

I just made a reservation on Open Table for a mid-priced restaurant and was stunned to see "pre-fix menu available" o...

BiscuitBoy commented 9 months ago

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Dannon just shrank it's individual yoghurt containers to 5.3 oz!

by masha 9 months ago

I remember when they were 8 oz and reduced them to 6. This really annoys me because I keep individual packages of pl...

Should restaurants offer Child Free Zones?

by boratini 1 year ago

It used to be when you entered a restaurant you were offered Smoking or non-smoking sections. With the ban on smoking...

thegforceny commented 10 months ago