Pet Peeves

Go on, tell us what you hate. Confess your food-related pet peeves here and meet some Chowhounds who feel the same way. Commiseration is the name of the game.


An Embarrassment of Riches

by alexrander 2 months ago

Two items struck me: Stock brokers (wealth managers) are inviting clients to learn of the joys of cooking at home, and 2) The governor of California is seen cavorting with other officials including...

Ketchup stains on my facemask...

by gutreactions 5 months ago

We have been going out for meals sporatically as the pandemic restrictions are relaxed in the greater New York City area. We are careful about it. On one occasion, while working on an order of frie...

Nasty Battered French Fries

by Pitbullchow 4 years ago

What is this horrible trend of restaurants serving these French fries that are either called; Battered, coated or seasoned ? What happened to the good ole fashioned all potato French fry ? Upon d...


by Querencia 4 months ago

When my 40 year-old Cuisinart cracked I replaced it last year with a new one but I have never been able to use it because the lid is so tight it it won't turn and fit (necessary to make the motor e...

Best way to navigate a Buffet?

by gutreactions 1 year ago

I will be visiting restaurants and house parties that I know will be serving buffet-style. What's the best way to tackle it. After all these years, it's still all too easy to load up the plate with...

"After our oysters, we'd like to order waffles!"

by gutreactions 12 months ago

Ok, so maybe I should mind my own business, but we were sitting down for brunch at a popular spot in Annapolis during our recent trip and noticed the table next to us. They started with a round of ...

Pandemic price increases: real or contrived?

by gutreactions 8 months ago

It is getting ridiculous out there! Go market shopping and you will find meat prices going north; cherries ranging from $2.99 to a whopping $14.99; artichokes, 2 for $3.99 to 1 for $4; rhubarb from...

Pizza Pet Peeve - Do You 'Blot' the Top of The Pizza With a Paper Towel or Napkin?

by treb 8 months ago

With a lot of pizza being consumed these days, I've been with some folks who will blot the top of their pizza slice with a napkin or paper towel. There's one particular pizza that I order that ...

The Unruly Taco: where do you draw the line?

by gutreactions 7 months ago

The other day were at a new Mexican restaurant and ordered 4 different tacos. They came out overstuffed with product. That's fine, they were darn good. Problem is eating them was an unwieldly proce...

The Unruly Burger: where do you draw the line?

by gutreactions 1 year ago

I like a good burger like the next person, sometimes piled high with layers of toppings. The other day, I ordered an 'award winning' towering burger at a friendly local tavern. When it was brought ...

Follow-up to Bad Tuna Post

by Purple_Rose 8 months ago

I know I vowed never to buy or eat tuna again. But, I was dying for macaroni salad. And you can’t have macaroni salad without tuna. (At least, I can’t) So, with trepidation, I bought a can of Stark...

Sneeze on hands, then empty dishwasher?

by boaviagem 8 months ago

Saw it this morning. Step 1 - sneeze on hands. Step 2 - empty dishwasher. Like I am already paranoid hypochondriac worried enough, now this?

Tuna Fish Lack of Quality

by Purple_Rose 8 months ago

I have been buying Bumble Bee Solid White Albacore Tuna for years. And the quality was wonderful. It was just like chicken breast meat. But, lately, the tuna has been wretchedly, disgusting and nas...

Accoutrements? No, they are accompaniments!

by janetms383 4 years ago

Gee, I am so sick and tired of hearing self-proclaimed food experts using the term "accoutrements" to describe the avocado and cheese with which they are topping their chili. Those are accompanimen...

Does anyone else find this combo more than a little repulsive? Mayo + White Rice

by ipsedixit 8 years ago

Co-worker was eating this at lunch. Squirt bottle of Hellman's and a big bowl of what looked like converted white rice. Squirt, mix, repeat, then eat. I don't know about you, but just the ...

What one ingredient makes you immediately avoid a recipe?

by BethNH 1 year ago

I don't consider myself a picky eater but there are a handful of foods I avoid at all cost. When I'm reading through recipes I notice that if I see one of these foods I will immediately skip to th...

Dinner guest peeve

by lafarrell 6 years ago

I hosted Easter yesterday for about 15. A few days ago, an invited guest asked if she could bring her grown daughter with her (as well as her two young sons who were already coming). I agreed with ...

They say it's "Beef"?

by shejwang 3 years ago

I need some help here. A Szechuan restaurant here in San Jose has a dish with a delicious flavor called "Beef Stew". I don't know enough about meat cuts to know WHAT it is, but I've never had be...

Do you have family/friends who don't appreciate good home cooking?

by HighHeels 8 years ago

I am just gonna take a second to vent. I love to cook. I enjoy trying hard things that some people would steer clear of. And I love learning from others, like here. But I have family who just do...