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Hurricane Preparedness: These Are The Foods To Have On Hand

Contemplating natural disasters like hurricanes and wildfires may suppress your appetite, but we must eat to live, and gathering food supplies is an important part of being prepared to survive catastrophic...

Acceptable Dog Bones?

by zackly 12 months ago

I recently bought some roasted dog bones from one of the large online pet product retailers. I was gently chastised by the rescue group I got my dog from that cooked bones are dangerous due to poss...

I'm cooking lowfat for my elderly dog, post-pancreatitis and thought I'd share

c oliver
by c oliver 7 years ago

My 15 y.o. dog (a Puli) had lost about 20% of her body weight from one annual exam to another. I wanted to get some of that weight on her so started adding different things to her food. Basically...

Cake didn't rise?

by BartenderRx 3 years ago

First off, yes I am one of those people. I made a birthday cake for my dog. For some reason it barely rose at all. At first I was thinking by baking soda was past its prime, but I had just used...

'I am vegan, so my dog will be vegan, too'...

by gutreactions 3 years ago

I say: if you want to live a certain nutritional lifestyle, go right ahead. But why impose it on your pet? Disturbing report on the news this morning about pet owners who are vegan feeding their pe...

Winter wildlife: feed the birds, not the squirrels... cayenne, et al

by greygarious 9 years ago

Without buying a pricey "squirrel-proof" feeder that may not live up to its promise, hot chili is a good way to foil greedy, destructive squirrels. You can buy additives for wild bird seed at the ...

Food to help your dog GAIN weight.

by DaisyM 9 years ago

Hello, We are adopting a rescue dog who is extremely thin. He is an adult Treeing Walker Coonhound. We know that he had a collar on when he was picked up, but his owners did not want him. The ...

Puppy needs to gain weight

by msleaamarie 4 years ago

I recently adopted a 7 week old puppy , the first night she pooped worms and so I took her to the vet to get dewormed and all her shots , she's healthy now and her test came out negative for worms....

Grain Free Doggy

by ilikepotatoes 5 years ago

Does anyone have recipes for grain free dogs? I like the paleo movement but I looked at my dog's food and it had animal digest in the ingredients? This is not an ingredient or magazine, this is j...

Keeping partially-eaten pet food in fridge

by lisaleira 5 years ago

Hi people- I have a question. I gave a roommate that likes to take her dog's food bowl and place it -- with the partially eaten food-- right in the fridge where our food is. She has finally agreed...

Would love to replicate "Pill Pockets" for dogs

by chocolatejam 10 years ago

I was thinking about making up a recipe for my dog similar to Pill Pockets. I've made dried out dog cookies and softer ones, but never a "chewy, play dough" texture like the pill pockets whiich he...

Need a processor that purees veggies

by Itsame 5 years ago

I'm looking for a machine that will puree veggies, green leafy ones in particular. I have a 4Qt KitchenAid, but it takes forever and I'm having trouble finding a replacement blade. The smaller sm...

Dog needs to gain 15 more lbs

by tessadw 6 years ago

Help, I have a rescue English springer who needs to gain 15 more pounds. His last foster got about 8 pounds on him but he is still way under weight. He is 10-11 years old, big framed and leggy, b...

Cooking for your dogs! Share your favorite recipes please.

by nothingswrong 6 years ago

**Requisite preamble: Obviously consult your vet before feeding your dog any new foods to make sure he/she can tolerate it.** Please share your favorite recipes that you use for your furry frien...

Our Cat Likes People Food

by Kat 9 years ago

Is this weird? We adopted the cat a few months ago and while he eats hs pet food, he hangs out in the kitchen whenever I am in there and sits at my feet when he sees me eating. The cat LOVES gravy;...

Hummingbird nectar-sugar&water or store bought?

iL Divo
by iL Divo 9 years ago

good morning, hubby and I were at EmmaJeans in Victorville Ca yesterday having breakfast. it's a place GF featured on DDD's and hubby & shooting buddies go after shooting targets in the mountai...

DIY Pill Pockets for Dogs

by zackly 7 years ago

I find that "Greenies" style pill pockets are the fastest, foolproof method to get my dog to take her meds. Not messy like peanut butter or soft cheese and she cannot separate the treat from the pi...

Meat jerky

by chowser 6 years ago

I'm not sure if this goes here but I'm hoping to hear from people who make meat jerkys. I make it for my dog, just slice raw chicken and bake it low and slow. But I was wondering if I could grind ...

Feeding Your Pet After Its Upset Stomach

by pinehurst 9 years ago

I would love your suggestions about what to feed a dog who's recovering from a bout of upset stomach---no chronic conditions, just the occasionally bout of mild doggie dysentery. Our vet has al...

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