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Can anybody else "smell" fruit flies?

by porcospino 9 years ago

So I've done some fairly extensive web research (read: about 5 minutes with Google) that has brought up nothing on th...


Njchicaa commented 3 months ago

Food Safety Advice

by ElWalker 7 months ago

I just did something pretty dumb. I have a couple plants outside a window and I've been having trouble with bugs gett...


saregama commented 7 months ago

How do you get rid of fruit flies in your kitchen??

by thunderbug84 11 years ago

Is there any trick that will rid my kitchen of fruit flies?? There are sooo many and I don't know why they are here! ...


wojski371 commented 10 months ago

Getting rid of roly-poly's (or pill bugs)?

by baloney 9 years ago

How do I get rid of these pests? They aren't a huge army but they are all spread out over my garden. They like to h...


doggymomma commented 10 months ago

Getting Rid of ANTS!!!

by Whinerdiner 6 years ago

So I feel like I'm in a bad sci-fi movie. There are ants everywhere in my kitchen! Counters, cabinets, stove, sink, w...


traytons commented 10 months ago

what's eating my green bean plants?

by AmyH 6 years ago

I like to plant Kentucky Wonder pole beans but every year, right after they come up and start getting leaves, somethi...


AmyH commented 10 months ago

Gardening Be the first to comment

Garden pest issues

by Kaur 12 months ago

I made a small garden bed. Its full of compost, Peet Moss, garden soil and mulch on top. I planted Zucchinis, Tomatoe...

Teeny, tiny white bugs on my indoor parsley plant. What to do?

by Googs 8 years ago

How can I get rid of the insects without harming hubby or my cat? Yes, I know my cat shouldn't be eating my plants, ...


peppermint1968 commented 1 year ago

Gardening Be the first to comment

Basil and the Asiatic Beetle

by Bonbon10 2 years ago

Basil is a leafy herb that is enjoyed not only by humans but these contacorous pest called Asiatic Beetles. I never ...

Can someone tell me what kind of bug this is?

by JoeSof 2 years ago

I just found these bugs on a weed near my garbage can. I haven't see any in my garden yet, but there are lots of the...


PoppiYYZ commented 2 years ago

What are these stupid bugs and why won't they die??

by thursday 6 years ago

We found teeny tiny little bugs in our sugar bowl close to a year ago. They're about 1/4 to 1/2 the size of a gnat, ...


cmvb commented 2 years ago

How to eradicate tiny black bugs on my potted cucumbers

by small h 2 years ago

They are poppy-seed-size, round, and immobile. My research indicates that they might be flea beetles, but they don't ...


small h commented 2 years ago

Garlic Spray for Insect Control on Basil?

by CindyJ 7 years ago

The insects are awful this year! Maybe it's because of all the rain earlier this spring, or (more likely, I think) t...


mcf commented 2 years ago

can anything be done about cucumber beetles?

by AmyH 3 years ago

I have a recurring problem with cucumber beetles. My plants look great but then the cucumber beetles cut the stems an...


AmyH commented 2 years ago

Something ate all my lettuce...

by PharmaChick 3 years ago

I mean, decimated it. Down to the roots. A whole pot of it. (Well, storage tote, an 18 gallon, I think. That's what ...


Bottomless_Pit commented 2 years ago

Ants in our Organic Garden

by normalheightsfoodie 9 years ago

I am the Chair of our Community Garden in San Diego. Many of our plots that have chard is being attacked by ants. ...


whitelotus commented 2 years ago

Does this product exist?

by Puffin3 3 years ago

I never see any fruits flies hovering around the produce in my grocery store. Why? Does the store have a machine tha...


BobB commented 3 years ago

Recipe for homemade insecticidal soap?

by CindyJ 3 years ago

Something is eating my basil. I'd like to spray it with something safe and non-toxic that will keep the bugs away. ...


qwerty1 commented 3 years ago

Basil Bugs? Gardening Question.

by DreamCyn 9 years ago

Hey there. I'm attempting a garden on my deck, and my basil plants are getting eaten up! It gets so bad entire lea...


dkenworthy commented 3 years ago

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