How to Make Perfect Salmon Burgers, Plus 5 Tasty Ways to Top Them

Looking for something lighter than ground beef but with a more distinctive taste than ground turkey? Try our best salmon burger recipe, plus five delicious ways to top it. Burgers may be the most riffed...

Visiting Montreal

by nsm08 1 year ago

Hi, My husband and I will be in Montreal this August for 4 days. This will be our first time. We enjoy going out to eating out and enjoy great food and in a more casual atmosphere. We are sta...

Pescetarian-Friendly Yatai in Fukuoka

by jaded_toast 1 year ago

I will be visiting Japan soon, and it will be my first time visiting Fukuoka. I want to try some of the yatai stalls, but it seems like most are meat-oriented. I am pescetarian, so no meat, but fis...

What to do and where to eat in Brighton England

by epicurious34 1 year ago

Hello. Looking forward to spending a few nights in Brighton and exploring the city. Pescatarian. Attending a concert one night and have reservations at Little Fish Market. Was sad to hear Isaac...

Looking for a non-Italian BYOB

by Bigley9 1 year ago

I am looking for a non-Italian BYOB suitable for a pescatarian as well as omnivores. I am considering: Perla, Sate Kampar, Cadence and Bistro la Bete. Any thoughts? How's the ambiance?

Seafood in Columbus, Ohio

by arabrab 1 year ago

Headed to Columbus Ohio on a business trip next week. Staying at the holiday inn on east Broad. I am a pescatarian and am looking some good seafood in the area.

Help with planning a dinner party for guests with various dietary restrictions!

by townsendsmith 5 years ago

Help! I'm hosting a dinner party tomorrow night for another couple and have to manage a wide range of dietary restrictions. One guest is a full-on vegetarian, one is a pescatarian, and two (inc...

NYC yearly girls trip

by selena03 2 years ago

My old college roommate and I are meeting in NY again in mid November. I am from Vancouver and she is from Sweden. We already know we are going to Marea and Scalinatella. We need one more dinner an...

Restaurant Recommendation - Middletown CT

by BarnacleSally 2 years ago

I"m having a little trouble coming up with a restaurant that would fit the needs of my group of friends and am hoping to get some help/ideas here! We are a group of 5, ages 30-70 with 1 gluten free...

Montreal: May weekend with kids

by torgal 2 years ago

Staying in downtown Montreal, 2 adults, 1 teenager, 1 preteen kid, have a reservation at Elena for one night looking for a reco for another. Kids are used to urban restaurants and are pretty adven...

Las Vegas

by MrStayPuft 2 years ago

All, I am traveling to Las Vegas for the first time in a couple weeks for business. I would be welcome to any suggestions for restaurants/buffets/etc. Any good coffee shops there? Just so you k...

2 nights in Santa Barbara

by manaloman 3 years ago

I will be in Santa Barbara for 2 nights next Monday and Tuesday. M6 wife is a pescatarian who only occasionally eats dairy products. We are thinking of Tuesday night at The Lark and Monday night at...

Potluck buffet for an orchestra

by jsbc78 3 years ago

I'm in charge of planning a meal for an orchestra in February. I've been informed by the manager that one of the musicians is a pescatarian. I'm wondering if I make fish tacos (our fav recipe uses ...

Girls Weekend

by nsm08 3 years ago

Hi, I’ll be in Austin in Feb for a girls weekend. We are looking for restaurant ideas with a fun environment. I prefer a good cocktail list and am not picky (but I am a pescatarian). No price...

Restaurant Critiques for Family Vacation

by Torontotonto 3 years ago

Hello! I have perused the hound site and read some of the local blogs (especially Talbott's) in planning for our trip with 2 teenagers. Can I humbly ask the hounds to critique my choices for restos...

Pescatarian/vegetarian romantic dinner

by Magelet 3 years ago

Looking for somewhere special for an anniversary dinner on a weeknight. In SF, Oakland, Berkeley, Tiburon or Sausalito. Someplace quiet and romantic, I'd like to be able to hear eachother talk. ...

Pescatarian or Vegetarian Main for 8 people

pistachio peas
by pistachio peas 3 years ago

I'm having a few close friends over as an early, casual birthday celebration for my husband. All are omnivores except one who is a pescatarian so I figure it's easier to cook an all vegetarian meal...

Budget Dinner, Reservations accepted, Unique

by DDewil 3 years ago

I ave family visiting from out of town and between the 8 of them they have tried many varieties of ethnic food, all Asian, all European, all North American. A. We are Foodies B. I am a pescata...

Need 2 recs for group that includes 1 vegetarian/pescatarian

by lorax14 3 years ago

We're a group of four -- one of whom does not eat shellfish but will eat other fish. We need two dinner spots for a weekend in August that will please all four while accommodating the one! Don't ne...

Birthday dinner downtown for a pescatarian

by blvs 3 years ago

A group of co-workers will be staying at Embassy Suites on Stout St. for a conference and will be celebrating the birthday of a vegetarian who will eat fish. While we'd prefer to walk or take the ...

Vegetarian/pescatarian upscale in Paris

by dloons 3 years ago

Any place doing anything special without meat? We don't need vegan. Wondering about a place showing craft and even style. Thanks.