Personal Chef


Private Chef - 40th Birthday Party

by jfunk06 1 year ago

Hello Foodies - Do you have a Chef that will wow the crowd of 40 people in a masked safe, distanced, backyard birthday? Let me know if you've used a private chef for any occasions that made dining ...

Like GIANT/MiTocaya? Want them to be your personal chefs?

by pierce 2 years ago

Check out this online auction to benefit Brentano public school. Jason Vincent and Diana Davila both have second graders at the school, and they are offering to join forces to cook dinner for 10 to...

Has anyone tried using Table at Home?

by Samcromer 4 years ago

I recently saw a Facebook ad for a business called Table at Home that allows you to book a chef online to come cook in your home. They are also looking for amateur chefs to join their platform and...

Cooking class / program / in Italy?

by kwleland 3 years ago

Has anyone taken a great cooking class or training program in Italy recently? I'm looking for something hands on, a bit more in depth, and not touristy. I am a personal chef with 5+ years of experi...

Another reason to do something else for a living

by ChefMikeinBurlington 3 years ago

Every day, more and more, I ask myself, considering the shitty hours, barely average wages and seemingly endless attacks on what few rights we have, why the fuck would I ever encourage anyone to en...

Calling all chefs!

by ChefAnthTO 3 years ago

Hey, I'm new here! I wanted to say hello to everyone and introduce myself. I'm a self-taught chef that loves cooking and eating amazing food. I also run a software company and I'd like to use te...

Personal Chef tipping?

by Runnergirl7 4 years ago

Hi all. We bid on and won at a charity fundraiser-- dinner for 8 in our home put on by a personal chef. Here's my question, we bid $850 and paid the money to the charity. Do we tip the chef on top ...

Friend needs meal delivery after surgery, any suggestions for a service or chef?

by ninrn 5 years ago

Hello, My dear friend lives in Lincoln Park and she is going to have hip surgery next week. She will be more or less bed-bound for six weeks after that. She'll have some help from friends, but ...

Personal Chef for small birthday dinner

by adi 4 years ago

Hi will be in San Diego in August for a friend's birthday. I would like to book a chef to come to the home. I have no idea where to start. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Chef wanted for an at home cooking class - sauces

by sten00 4 years ago

I'm looking for a chef to come into our home to do a cooking class centered around sauces for 6 adults. Does anyone know of any great chefs out there that do this? Have you ever had a chef come int...

Private chef in Ojai or Santa Barbara area

by waferthin 5 years ago

Hi - I'm looking for a private chef for a friends reunion/birthday weekend in Ojai in April. The meals don't have to be formal, in fact we're looking for something relatively simple and rustic. Ou...

Chef for special occasion

by lilyann 5 years ago

Hi -- I am looking for a terrific personal chef to come into our Philadelphia home and prepare a special meal for 11 to celebrate a birthday. Price is less an option than someone with personality w...

Caterer for small dinner party in Oakland?

by margjane 5 years ago

Can anyone recommend a caterer for a dinner party for 8-10 people in the Oakland hills? We are looking for California/fresh/French/Mediterranean cuisine.

Boston-area high-end private chefs / caterers?

MC Slim JB
by MC Slim JB 5 years ago

Haven't seen a post on this subject in a few years. Looking on behalf of a friend for a high-end caterer or private chef to do a party for 20 in a private home with the use of its kitchen. Focus on...

Private chef for a villa vacation?

by waferthin 5 years ago

Hi, does anyone have any experience with private chef services in Italy, or villas with a chef, outside of the major cities? We're a group of 6 adults hoping to rent a villa (location TBD) for a we...

Listing of Personal Chefs in DMV?

by Pat_Spagnuolo 6 years ago

Does anyone know where to find a listing of personal chefs here in the DMV? I've only be able to find a handful of people, I was hoping there was a list or something somewhere.

Private Chef at Home

by sysauro 6 years ago

Looking for a recommendation for a private chef to come to a home to prepare a meal for 4-8 people in Toronto, ON. Any suggestions?

Looking for a Private Chef for NYE

by BrownieSugar418 6 years ago

Last year we had hired a private chef found on Kitchensurfing for a small NYE dinner party in our apartment in new york city. We want to do the same thing this year, except this year we will be at ...

Private Chef for NYE

by BrownieSugar418 6 years ago

Last year we had hired a private chef found on Kitchensurfing for a small NYE dinner party in our apartment. We want to do the same thing this year, except Kitchensurfing no longer does this for sp...

Looking for bread and scone baker to come to my house in SF to help me bake...

by wellworld 6 years ago

I am looking for some help from a baker who knows how to bake bread and scones, You may want a day away from your regular job, or you just may be a wonderful home baker. This would be for about 4 ...