A Pepperoni Shortage Could Be Threatening Your Pizza Routine

The latest coronavirus related shortage: pepperoni. Higher prices are impacting small pizza shops and potentially your pepperoni pizza habit. Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse there appears...

Pepperoni Balls in Erie PA - Recipe?

by kevincox 7 years ago

The amazing thing about the internet is that a question asked 12 years ago on the Chowhound board is still a point of discussion today. As such, the question of How to Make Pepperoni Balls the way ...

Does anyone have this old Bisquick recipe?

by ds1549 5 years ago

My aunt used to make pepperoni bread using an old Bisquick recipe. It was baked in a cake pan and looked like cornbread... from mixing the chunks of pepperoni in the batter.. but not made with co...

Unopened Hormel's pepperoni

by agalaslam 4 years ago

I just found this in the back of my fridge, unopened. It says to use or freeze by the date. The date was March 15 2017, a week ago :/ Is it still good to use? I mean pepperoni is salty..

How long have pepperoni puffs been around?

by ebchower 5 years ago

My local pub added these to their appetizer menu. I had never heard of them so decided to give it a try as I'm well worn of the standard bar food appetizers. I'm scared to think of the calories I...

Pepperoni Roll Help

by MorsaRex 5 years ago

So I've been attempting to make pepperoni rolls like I get at a local Italian grocery store (they're incredible). Here's my dilemma: using pizza dough, my pepperoni rolls come out with an overly dr...

Chicken Pepperoni?

by egurock 5 years ago

Has anyone made homemade pepperoni using chicken instead of pork? I was at a restaurant recently that featured chicken pepperoni on the menu and I want to try to make it myself, but can't find a re...

Locally Made Pepperoni

by Lenox637 6 years ago

Does anyone know of a place where one can find a high quality locally made pepperoni? I live in Western Mass and driving usually isn't an issue.

Locally Made Pepperoni

by Lenox637 6 years ago

Does anyone know where one can find locally made pepperoni. I noticed Rolf's doesn't but they are more of a German style producer of sausages. I live in Berkshire county in Western Mass but always ...

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