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How to Make the Crispiest, Crunchiest Funnel Cake at Home

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Chuck and Ginny's Sauce Recipe Erie, PA

by BCAHuntress 9 years ago

Does anyone have a copycat recipe or the recipe to Chuck and Ginny's Sauce? I have been buying the jars of it since they closed down, but i can only get them when I make it back home to Erie.

Texas Lunch In North East, Pa

by wavedrop 10 years ago

On Main St there was a resturant that had a Greek Sauce out of this world. It wasn't red it was a milky color but was off the charts. I don't recall any hot dogs in it either. Does anybidy hav...

Better line up now (Pizzeria Beddia, Fishtown, Philly PA)

by BostonBestEats 3 years ago

END OF AN ERA: "The Best Pizza in America" Pizzeria Beddia is closing Saturday, but he'll be back with a new restaurant at the end of the year Best pizza I've ever had (Tacconelli’s is second). ...

Outside Dining - Pittsburgh, PA

by hamm 12 years ago

As the weather gets nicer, it is possible to combine 2 of my favorite things.. eating and being outside. So, my question is.. where are your favorite places to dine outside? I like... Ibi...

Kennett Square Recommendation

by Forklaw 3 years ago

CH’ers - I need a recommendation for a fine dining restaurant in Kennett Square area that can accommodate a party of 14 to celebrate my Dad’s 90th Birthday celebration this June. My folks are foodi...


by nlalli 3 years ago

hi hounds, i'm heading to pittsburgh for a couple of days and would love some guidance on eating on all levels there. i know there's a hip food "moment" going on and i'd love to know which of those...

Fish heads?

by Georgina_Orwell 4 years ago

I have a supply of halibut bones to make fish stock. I'm in "centrally isolated" PA. Virtually every recipe I find has fish heads as an ingredient, but in my area there are none to be had. Might I ...

Empress Pittsburgh

by ttirem3 4 years ago

Does anyone remember the Empress Chinese Restaurant that was in the Waterworks mall? It used to be where Burgatory is now. I loved the chicken with garlic sauce, Peking shrimp, pan fried dumplings,...

cold water fudge from the Globe Store in Scranton Pa.

by Vernalisa 19 years ago

For years I use to buy this fudge from the Globe dept store in Scranton Pa. It was the creamest and best I ever ate .But as you all must know the store closed .Can anyone tell me where I can find ...

Duquesne U Pittsburgh Good For Students

by dosage54 4 years ago

Friend's kid headed to Duquesne in the fall and would like ideas of places to buy him gift cards for. He is the son of Philly Foodies. Close to campus and good food most important. Thanks in advance!

Thanksgiving - Where to go PGH?

by Augie6 4 years ago

Due to events cannot cook for Thanksgiving... Where is some good places to head for a Thanksgiving Meal in PGH? THANK YOU.

Casual Business Lunch - DowntownPittsburgh

by Augie6 4 years ago

Looking for some recommendations/suggestions for a "business" lunch meeting during the week. Now,,, I am not taking a client to lunch or trying to impress the person(s) attending, but the attendee...

Ideas needed for Chefs Table in Pittsburgh

by gardengal99 4 years ago

Hello looking for a chefs table experience to take my 18 year old daughter to. The only point of reference we have on such an experience is Napa Rose in Disneyland. We loved it! Looking for similar...

Greensburg, PA, restaurants?

by somervilleoldtimer 4 years ago

My siblings and I will be in Greensburg, PA, for a weekend, soon. It's an hour out of Pittsburgh. We are looking for a recommendation for a not-expensive dinner and also a breakfast place. We ea...

Thanksgiving Dinner in Chambersburg, PA

by tapas gal 14 years ago

Hello I am seeking a good place to have Thanksgiving Dinner in the Chambersburg Pa area. My husband and I will be traveling "home" for Thanksgiving this year and need a close-by, good - but not...

Looking for place in Philadelphia to host a social gathering

by kateinathens 12 years ago

I will be in Philadelphia for work this November, and I'm looking for a place close to the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia to host a social gathering for about 50 people. A private r...

100% Grass-fed beef in Pittsburgh

by dmjordan 11 years ago

Hi, Does anyone know where I can find 100% grass-fed beef in the Pittsburgh area--the closer to the South Hills the better? Whole Foods and Giant Eagles "grass fed" beef is finished with grains...

Solo dining options in Harrisburg

by knack100 4 years ago

I will be in Harrisburg for a conference this weekend and have Friday night to myself. Does anyone have recommendations on good places, ideally in the downtown area, that would be good for a solo d...

Where would you stop along I-80? (NYC-->Boulder via Pennsylvania, Indiana, Iowa & Nebraska)

by ofoodie 4 years ago

Hi all--road tripping from New York City to Boulder and trying a new route for us going Pennsylvania-->Nebraska. Planning a 4 day drive and looking for yummy stops along the way. We'll have our dog...

ISO recipe for Amish-style tripe in aspic

by otis 4 years ago

The picture is of the pickled tripe I purchased at King's Meats at the Green Dragon Friday market in Ephrata PA. As you can see, it's not just pieces of tripe but cubes of meat in a gel which is on...