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good crawfish in south fl??

by javy2004 10 years ago

new to the board, and i will be spending more time in south fl due to my family moving to pembroke pines. i'm just curious if there is any worthwhile crawfish to be had here or should i just wait ...

BLT Pembroke Pines?

by lemarais 7 years ago

Where can one get a good BLT sandwich in the PP area?

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Need suggestions in Pembroke Pines

by lemarais 7 years ago

Going to be staying in Pembroke Pines on a winter holiday for a few weeks. Looking for some good non-chain restaurants. On the web I found Cook In Paris and Giovanni's. Any comments on these a...

Mezzes Taverna in Pembroke Pines

by Sloppy eater 7 years ago

Had dinner there with the family last night. Very good food. Especially good array of appetizers... the grilled octopus was excellent! Good selection of greek wines. Wondering if this is the ...

Mojo Donuts Pembroke Pines

by retloctt 8 years ago

Just tried this new hand crafted donuts place and I have to say that it's top notch. I've had Voodoo and many great small mom and pop places across the country and this place blows them away. The d...

Pembroke Pines

by lemarais 8 years ago

Will be visiting in a couple of weeks. Seems like this area is a wasteland, with mostly chain restaurants and strip malls. Anything more noteworthy around here?

Pre-cooked Thanksgiving Turkey Dinners in Pembroke Pines area?

by Halobaal 8 years ago

I'm looking to purchase a pre-cooked Thanksgiving turkey this year. I'm in the Pembroke Pines area but am willing to travel to Miami to pick up a tasty bird. I've done some research and the top p...

Very pleasanly surprised! Sushi in Pembroke Pines

by ShadowGorilla 9 years ago

We had a delivery from Nami Sushi & Grill in Pembroke Pines. Never ate there, no exactly sure where this restaurant is exactly, but we were in the mood for Sushi and did not want to go out on a ...

Pembroke Pines area recommendations? (also The Keys)

by laurachow 10 years ago

Visiting family in Florida. The in-laws live in Hollybrook, which is in the Ft. Lauderdale area, and aren't very mobile so we don't want to travel far with them. Any recommendations in that particu...

Breakfast in Pembroke Pines

by walkoda 10 years ago

Will be there in a week, where do you go for a good breakfast on Sunday morning? Looking for something a little different from the traditional fare...

Big Dawg's Sports Bar-Pembroke Pines

by Beachbum 15 years ago

I posted this twice before without response. Its located off Palm Avenue just north of Pines. Anyone have any comments on this place? Bob

Crazy Crab - Pembroke Pines

by madtheswine 14 years ago

Has anyone been to Crazy Crab in Pembroke Pines? I want to check it out, but don't know if it's any good.

Good food around Pembroke Pines

by da12345 14 years ago

I am going down to Pembroke Pines for a wedding. Anyone know of any good restaurants in the area? Thanks!!

La Brochette Bistro - New (old) find in Pembroke Pines (worth a drive)

by YosemiteSam 14 years ago

Having recently moved out to the 'burbs, I have been scouring the local scene for non-chain options, and frankly it's been depressing. However, I have found a gem, which I feel safe recommending...

Chitralada Thai-Pembroke Pines-anyone eaten there?

by MufiesMom 15 years ago

It is at Pines and University (se corner by Big Lots)...wondering if it is any good.

Rickey's Restaurant- Pembroke Pines

by mavtheswine 15 years ago

Sort of hidden, right off of Pines Blvd is Rickey's Restaurant. We started off with Nachos and Spinach dip. It was ok. Too much artichoke put us off. Someone on this board had said that they ha...

Repost-Big Dawg's Sports Bar-Pembroke Pines

by Beachbum 16 years ago

This is probably the only sports bar in SW Broward that I have NOT been to. I've heard good things and not so good things. What say ye all? TIA Bob

Grand Palms Steakhouse in Pembroke Pines

by Beachbum 16 years ago

I was just told that this is one of the best steakhouses in Broward. Anyone know anything about it? I've known about the hotel but didn't know they had a seperate restaurant operated by an indepe...

Ozzie's in Pembroke Pines

by Michael Villar 16 years ago

I recently ate at Ozzie's seafood on SW 196 Ave. and thought it was ok. The conch fritters were fresh and tasty. The surf and turf was below average. The lobster was burnt and tough. The steak ...

Big Dawg's Sports Bar-Pembroke Pines

by Beachbum 16 years ago

This is probably the only sports bar in SW Broward that I have NOT been to. I've heard good things and not so good things. What say ye all? TIA Bob