The Secret to Perfect Cacio e Pepe Lies in This One Step

“Tasting Rome,” by Kristina Gill and Katie Parla has been on shelves since its release in 2016, but flipping through a copy today has never been more vital. With travel indefinitely suspended, navigating...

About melting pecorino romano for cacio e pepe

by Lucius9270 2 years ago

Hello all, I've been trying to make cacio e pepe by whisking pecorino romano and pasta water until it reaches a consistency similar to heavy cream but the cheese always ends up clumping together...

Emulsifying Pecorino

by kd360 2 years ago

I recently went to a restaurant and had some outstanding Cacio e Pepe. Sitting at the kitchen counter I noticed that the chef had container of pre-prepared cheese and pepper. He add a few scoops of...

Italian Pecorino for Pasta all' Amatriciana

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 5 years ago

I've been perfecting my pasta all'Amatriciana as part of the worldwide Virtual Sagra to honor and raise money for the Italian earthquake victims. http://www.chowhound.com/post/virtual-sagra-allama...

A Brooklyn family’s edible heirloom: a quarter wheel of cheese.

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 5 years ago

" . . . We mark ourselves by what we choose of our past to shield from the churn of change. Much of this, whether an old building or historic landscape, is lasting and durable by definition. That s...

Bucatini Alla Gricia recipe, please

by Tatyana Gourov 19 years ago

Ever since I tried this dish at Lupa, I can't seem to stop craving it. It appears to be a simple recipe: guanciale, onions, ground black pepper (possibly chicken stock?, pecorino. But does anyone...

Pecorino/Romano advice needed

by arepo 7 years ago

I promised a chef in the Caribbean that I would bring some pecorino/romano cheese with me so that he could make cacio e pepe the right way. What size wedge should I buy for 4 people, or is there a...

Parmigiano Reggiano v. Pecorino Romano

by sandrina 15 years ago

Parmigiano Reggiano seems to be the cheese of choice for grating over pasta, salads, etc. I much prefer the tanginess of Pecorino Romano instead, especially over pasta. Parmigiano has kind of a n...

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