These Colombian Empanadas Prove Potatoes and Peanuts Were Meant for Each Other

Fans of empanadas, rejoice! Empanada newbies, prepare to taste some magic. These Colombian potato empanadas are crisp pockets of pure flavor (and they're gluten-free and vegan too). Empanadas de pipi...

Looking for a mail order source of dark roasted peanuts in shell?

by sfbing 11 years ago

I used to buy my peanuts direct from Hoody's, largely because they roasted their peanuts a little longer than normal (so the nuts were a golden-brown). The extra roasting time would make the nuts v...

Where can I find African groundnuts?

by lferger 3 years ago

Over the summer I was in Zimbabwe. Everywhere we went they served tiny little peanuts as a snack and called them groundnuts. Does anyone know of a place to buy them in the US? They were so tasty.

Chinese boiled peanuts in Instant Pot?

by learntocookchinese 3 years ago

I've been using 2 recipes to make Chinese boiled peanuts: https://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2010/12/chinese-boiled-peanuts.html https://steamykitchen.com/37341-chinese-boiled-peanuts-recipe.h...

How to store boiled peanuts?

by BostonTparty 4 years ago

I'm making a batch of boiled peanuts for the playoffs this weekend. I am probably going to be the only one eating them as the are not at all common up here. My question is how long can you keep th...

Looking for a roadside boiled peanut stand on FL space coast or Orlando

by roosterjen 5 years ago

Love roadside boiled peanuts but haven't seen a roadside stand around here. Does anyone know of one?

Searching for simplified vegan Peanut / Groundnut Soup recipes

by Rebel46 4 years ago

Interested in making Peanut / Groundnut Soup, though was wondering whether there is any simplified dairy-free / vegan recipes available? Prefer my soups to be smooth or clear, also am allergic ...

Looking for peanuts with crunchy, spicy coating

by Nicole 15 years ago

My husband has been talking longingly about this peanut snack he used to get in Peru. The peanuts are coated in a batter made out of corn or wheat or something. Then the coated nuts are either s...

Green Peanuts/Boiled Peanuts in MD?????

by dre22era 12 years ago

Hi I am new to the board and also new to MD. Moved here last week. I am originally from Charleston SC and grew up eating boiled peanuts. Does anyone know of any location where I can purchase ...

"You Find More Peanuts as You Head Northward in China"

Jim Leff
by Jim Leff 4 years ago

Any comments on this loose rule-of-thumb observation? ========= The further north you go in China, the more peanuts you see in the cooking (in quantity and in breadth of applications) ========...

Boiled peanuts

by morrissey.brendan 11 years ago

Does anyone know where to buy boiled peanuts (in a can) in Philadelphia? We love this southern specialty but cant find them anywhere!

Is it worth buying Virginia or other "gourmet" peanuts?

by winedude 13 years ago

I'm looking to buy some good peanuts, and I've come across only a couple of recommendations. Are any of them actually worth the shipping costs? Any recs appreciated!

Peanut puffs at Aldi's!

by janmcbaker 7 years ago

It's that time of year again when Aldi's has those addictive peanut puffs! For those who haven't tried them, they look like beige cheese puffs so they're a bit disconcerting when you first taste th...

Salted, dry roasted peanuts without MSG?

by thursday 11 years ago

I'm not sure when this trend started, but I used to be able to find salted, dry roasted peanuts at almost every grocery store. Ingredient list: peanuts, salt. All of a sudden, they're gone! Th...

Roasted peanuts,Storage advice request please

by AMETHYSTENERGY 6 years ago

I have several kg. of natural roasted no shell peanuts with the skin still on. I would appreciate advice on how to store them, I.e. in bags, or in glassware, in the fridge, or in the pantry? As it ...

Green peanuts (for boiling)?

by Ilaine 5 years ago

Friend of mine bought some in Florida, anybody seeing these up here, or have seen them in past years?

My batter doesn't bake well, what else can I do with it?

by glify 5 years ago

I mixed together 280g peanut meal (pre-grinded in a blender) with 120g egg whites and 40g whey protein powder. For taste I added 8 packets sweetener. The batter tasted quite nice and the macro-...

Worth feeding squirrels peanuts if all they do is bury them?

by ebchower 7 years ago

Every morning before work, I've been throwing a few handfuls of peanuts out in my yard. Nothing's left when I come home so I figured I'm helping some birds or squirrels get through the winter. Bu...

Peanut puffs?

by hungryann 5 years ago

They're basically a corn snack made with peanuts instead of cheese. They're popular in several European countries. Is this snack available here? My DH has a major craving. TIA

Whatever happened to butter toffee peanuts?

by Ed2014 6 years ago

It has been years since I have seen butter toffee peanuts on the grocery store shelves. There was usually Planters sweet and crunchy and a store brand. The only way that I can buy them now is onl...

Where to buy raw peanuts

by BostonTparty 6 years ago

Anyone know where to find raw peanuts in the Boston area ? I used to buy them at Superior Nuts in Cambridge but they only sell them in bulk. I was buying them at the Hong Kong. mkt ( fka The Super...