While nothing beats biting into a fresh peach or cooking up an easy peach cobbler recipe, Chowhound’s peach recipes use the versatile fruit for everything from peach and hazelnut mascarpone bruschetta to white peach sangria.

Squeeze Every Last Ounce of Flavor from Summer Produce with These Unique Cocktails

These late summer drink recipes take full advantage of the last seasonal produce before fall's apples, pumpkins, and root vegetables take hold. For many, Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer...

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Peach overload SOS

by swfood 3 years ago

I picked up an enormous basket--10+lbs-- of bargain "ice cream peaches" (e.g. some turning overripe) at the farmers market earlier today. I was pleasantly surprised at how many still aren't quite r...

Lidia Bastinach's Peach Stuffed Potato Dumplongs

by Viking Blood 3 years ago

Where can I get the recipe for peach stuffed potato dumplings that Lidia had on her show a few weeks ago? I've tried all of her wewbsites and most of her books. They were rolled in a breadcrumb and...

Long Island Peaches

by MacTAC 3 years ago

I've been checking Davis for a few weeks and saw no activity except an Open In July sign that looked like it could have been there since last year, and a 64(?) acres For Sale sign next to their dri...

Cling vs. Freestone Peaches and Nectarines

by debodun 4 years ago

Is there any way to tell the difference between freestone and cling peaches or nectarines without cutting into the fruit?

Andy's Orchard: Fay Elberta, Amish Paste Tomatoes [Morgan Hill]

by SteveG 12 years ago

Andy's Orchard has a new selection of stone fruit available this week, but some of the varieties are the same. Fay Elbertas are still available, though I don't know how much longer they will be;...

Preserving (freeze, jam, jar) peaches and figs

by itryalot 3 years ago

We love peaches - peach crostatas, cakes and pies. Also love them grilled with pork, as jams and preserved. We also love fig jam and are wondering how figs freeze. 1. Freezing peaches: Can we do...

When to eat a peach

by Birmingham 9 years ago

We were just given a gift of 12 large peaches. Gave 5 away to a neighbor. The 7 we kept all have spots that are soft and wrinkled--but the majority of each fruit is still quite firm. Not sure how l...

Peach Boards

by scunge 3 years ago

A long while ago I would by a bakery item that was referred to as a "Peach Board". Sliced and spiced fresh peaches on a flat (slightly sweet) pastry . Peaches and spices I have , the dough for the ...

Flats of peaches, other stone fruits in West Sonoma County

Dave MP
by Dave MP 3 years ago

At the end of June, I'll be up in the Guerneville area and want to find a place to buy a large number of peaches (and potentially other stone fruit) for a large quantity of fruit salad. Would love ...

Recipe from early 80s

by nicnac927 3 years ago

Hi. Hope someone can help. My mom had been looking for a peach ice cream recipe from a Better homes and gardens magazine around 1982. She said it was amazing and did not require an ice cream maker....

What to make with Peach Amaretto Pecan Honey Butter?

by kitchengardengal 4 years ago

I received a jar of Peach Amaretto Pecan Honey Butter as a gift. Even searching online, I can't find much to do with it other than topping baked goods or chicken. I'd like to use it as an ingr...

Southern vs midwestern fruit desserts (a marital conflict) :-)

by jillytomato 4 years ago

I have some amazingly juicy peaches in the freezer, from last fall's late crop. They're finally getting thawed today, because sweetie and I can never agree on the best plan. My husband is a Souther...

A question about peaches.

by MrsJonesey 4 years ago

I have some peaches that are just barely shy of peak ripeness that I want to use in a pie. Will baking them at this stage bring out all the flavor or should I wait? I should know this but I don't. ...

Modern Farmer: A Bitter Harvest

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

"...It’s impossible to separate the past from the peaches and nectarines and raisins that I grow today. People don’t just buy my produce; with each peach, they consume a little of my family’s past....

Looking for the perfect cobbler crust

by cstout 4 years ago

Peaches are everywhere & so are a dozen other wonderful berries & fruits. I am going nuts searching for that special crust. Let me see if I can describe it to you. First of all, it is NOT cakey...

Fruit Pie

by Sheryljkt 4 years ago

I have frozen blueberries and fresh peaches. My goal is to make a blueberry-peach pie. What's the best way to go about this? I'm not sure about working with fresh and frozen together.

Fresh Peach Ice Cream

by dfrostnh 4 years ago

Am I too late? Are there any ice cream places in NH or southern Maine that have fresh peach ice cream?

Soft Fruit in Paris

by Fuffy 4 years ago

We used to think that fruit and veg. are tastier in Europe than in the U.S. but this year I am having bad luck with peaches in Paris. I have tried regular peaches, white peaches and flat peaches in...

ISO Ontario White Peaches

by earthygoat 4 years ago

Just wondering if baskets of Ontario white peaches are showing up in grocery stores yet? I'm near Peterborough, and other than the farmer's market, which I can't make it to, I rarely see them in s...

Best Year EVAR for MA Melons and Peaches

by StriperGuy 4 years ago

Okay for you hounds who don't regularly hit farmers markets / farm stands, and like summer fruit GO TODAY. Over the last two weeks I have been eating MA donut peaches, white peaches, yellow peaches...