What happened to Teddy's Lunch in Paterson?

by italianices 10 years ago

I was driving along Market Street in Paterson recently (first time in a long time) and noticed that Teddy's Lunch, the longtime and much beloved Texas Wiener stand, was no longer there. What gives?...

How does The Bosphorus in Nutley, NJ compare to the Turkish offerings in Paterson/Clifton area

by tqa81 7 years ago

I am about to make a trip to the NJ area and was craving good turkish food. Having tried both Toros and Sahara in the past (which i both loved!) I was wondering how The Bosphorus in Nutley compares...

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Help me Decide on the best Levantine cuisine in Clifton/Paterson area: Al-Basha, Aleppo or Abu Rass

by tqa81 7 years ago

Guys, will be in NJ area for one day. Need to decide on a good Syrian/Palestinian/Lebanese restaurant in Paterson/Clifton area. I've narrowed my choice down to these three. Which one should i pick?

OK Seafood Kitchen, 235-237 Buffalo Ave, Paterson NJ 973.881.8806

by fred the fressor 9 years ago

The OK Seafood Fish Market and Kitchen is a little known hole-in-the-wall that serves well prepared and tasty food. It is a Chinese seafood restaurant that will beat the fancy suburban places on q...

Where can i find the Best Shawarma (with garlic paste- toum) in New Jersey? (Clifton / Paterson area)

by tqa81 9 years ago

Where can i find the the best authentic shawarma in New Jersey (Lebanese/Syrian style) in the Clifton/Paterson area, with proper garlic paste (toum). I've only been to Al Kumah which was good but ...

Hamilton and Ward Steakhouse in Paterson, NJ

by joanied 9 years ago

Don't let the locale deter you from checking out this amazing find. Valet parking and safe! As we all know, steakhouses can be pricey. My husband and I dined with 2 other couple as well as foodi...

Paterson Turkish

by gerchak198 9 years ago

A Turkish professor I know recently said to me that the most authentic Turkish food in the U.S. is found in Paterson, NJ. Would NJ Chowhounders recommend one or two restaurants, since I will be in ...

Fairway Coming to West Paterson!

by zhelder 9 years ago

Yeah, that's right, I said West Paterson. Bump that "Woodland Park" nonsense. Anyway, Fairway is apparently taking over the old Pathmark space on Route 46. A bit surprising, as I would've thought t...

Paterson/West Paterson

by bornie 10 years ago

Looking for best bakery's, best pizza, best hot dogs, best diners in the area... thx

Clifton/Paterson is a Mecca for cooks

by pappysmom 10 years ago

When I moved to Clifton in 1986, from my sweet little beachfront hometown of Santa Cruz, Calif. I was heartbroken & HATED living here.I thought it was ugly, boring & uninspiring. Little did I know ...

coming up for mini reunion this month in Paterson

by bornie 10 years ago

Need recommendations for the area's best; Pizza Diner Hot Dogs Subs Italian Bagels Thx!!!

Hamilton and Ward Steakhouse in Paterson - Any Reviews?

by NJfoodLover 10 years ago

Has anyone been to this steakhouse? I would love to hear what you have to say about it. Thanks :)

E & V Paterson, NJ

by kewdigital 11 years ago

We are hosting 30 people for a rehersal dinner. Comments about E & V, or any suggestions? Kewdigital ----- E & V Restaurant 322 Chamberlain Ave, Paterson, NJ 07502

30 people , rehearsal dinner, west paterson

by kewdigital 11 years ago

We are hosting 30 people for a rehearsal dinner. Any recommendations in west Paterson, NJ would be appreciated.

Peruvian recommendations in Northern NJ (Kearny/Harrison/East Newark/Paterson)?

by freshfigs 12 years ago

I'm looking for some top-notch, authentic Peruvian restaurants in Northern New Jersey. I know that there are a bunch of Peruvian eateries in western Hudson County (Kearny, Harrison, East Newark) a...

Anything worthwhile in Paterson area?

by Angelina 11 years ago

I will be heading to Patterson today to a furniture warehouse, and wanted to know if there was anything in this area for lunch? I have NO clue about anything in this area, so I am the lamb. :) ...

Hookahs and food in/near Paterson

by barryg 11 years ago

Going to be in Paterson tomorrow night. Have never been before, but was told there are some good hookah bars. I'm looking for a place where I can get a hookah and some light food, like hummus and...

Paterson Farmer's Market

by johnlockedema 12 years ago

I enjoy the farmer's market in my town, and several surrounding ones. However, I'd like to do some canning and the prices charged at the local markets can be high. Can anyone tell me if the pri...

Riverside Manor- Fair Lawn/Paterson Border

by lhmom 12 years ago

Tried the new Riverside Manor today for lunch, and was pleasantly surprised at how good the food was. The food is Italian/Continental. The lunch menu ranges from a $9.00 hamburger to a $15.00 ful...

Anyone been to Riverside Manor in Paterson?

by rifkind81 12 years ago

Friend of mine has V-Day reservations there. I checked out the menu online and it seems fairly typical. Almost like an Italian version of Duke Ocean Grill. Has anyone checked the place out? Any...