The Ultimate Guide to Charcuterie

From humble beginnings often come magnificent ends. Case in point: charcuterie. You might have a vague sense that charcuterie refers to “sausages and things;” you might even be aware of how to pronounce...

Can I eat this?

by theswain 1 year ago

I recently ordered some meats from an online purveyor. I've ordered before with no problem. This time, the USPS SAID they tried to deliver on Sat evening and couldn't get to my door (poppycock).......

Need a Recipe From Marguerite Patten's Everyday Cookbook - Anyone Have It?

by edmelissa 6 years ago

I've recently moved house and seem to have mislaid my copy of Marguerite Patten's Everyday Cookbook. There is a Chicken Liver Pate recipe in it that I love... and need urgently! Would anyone happen...

Making pates

by Cflower5 5 years ago

Over Christmas I made a rabbit liver and chicken liver pate now for New Year's I want to use my duck liver and chicken liver to make aNother pate. What I'm wondering is when you make your pates ...

Where can I find Pate in NC?

by vttp926 5 years ago

Where can I find pate, more importantly duck liver pate in NC? Preferably in Charlotte but can go to Raleigh if needed. This is something that my dad is wanting to try and would love to buy since i...

Hot chicken live pate

by Fuffy 6 years ago

In Copenhagen many eateries had hot chicken liver pate on the menu. It was delicious. I am wondering whether there is a special Scandinavian recipe for hot chicken liver pate.

Tinkering with Heston's Meat Fruit Recipe

by mkmkmk 6 years ago

Hello, I'm thinking of making an improvised version of Heston Blumenthal's Meat Fruit for Christmas this year, using a similar process in the linked article. I'd like to use bought chicken...

Notice the marked deterioration of East Village Cheese?

by Lady Grey 7 years ago

I started going to EVC (Third Avenue near 10th) years ago. It was touted as a godsend for cheeses that were maybe not up to the high standards of Murray, but vastly cheaper, along with deli meats,...

Where to find pate and terrine in Vancouver?

by gourmet wife 6 years ago

I'm looking for really good meat pate or terrines the kind you find at the local french deli/butcher stores in France. Are there any out there other than Granville Island? Thanks!

Where to buy foie gras pate in SF?

by mrsflynn 6 years ago

Anybody know where to buy foie gras pate in the city? Recently returned from Alsace where we had some lovely pate paired with Gewürztraminer & want to recreate at home. Ideas?

Duck pate

by djaypark 6 years ago

Any good purveyors for duck pate at a decent price? I will be buying wholesale.

Another pate question

by eight_inch_pestle 11 years ago

So my first chicken liver/ground pork/bacon pate came out just the slightest bit pink. Odd thing is that the center is perfectly brown---the hints of pink are around the edges and the bottom, where...

Does all pate contain liver?

by Shann 12 years ago

The title says it all? I simply do not like organ meat. I had a very expensive french meal in Montreal once that was pate de fois gras, sweebreads and the like and it just wasn't for me. I'm...

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