Pastry Tools

A Guide to Essential Baking Tools Everyone Should Own

From Christmas cookies and birthday cakes to bake sale brownies and Sunday morning muffins, there's almost always an occasion (or a good excuse) to bake. Whether you're ready for your spot on The Great...

Chocolate truffles—to mold or not to mold?

by ninrn 10 months ago

My niece and I make great chocolate truffles that we give as holiday gifts. We have always molded them by hand and rolled in cocoa so they look a bit like actual truffles. This year, we thought we’...

[POLL] Tortellini - Frilled Edges vs Straight Edges

by Moromilas_Radec 1 year ago

Tortellini edges. Which do you think is better and why? Thought of this while shopping for a new tortellini stamp/cutter and not being able to decide. https://www.strawpoll.me/19500700 Frill...

How to get rust off my mesh strainer?!?!

by sarahbeths 2 years ago

My hubby left the dishes undone for 24 hours and now my mesh strainer which I use often looks partially rusted. We sent it through the dishwasher and that didn't help at all. Can it be saved?!?! Ye...

Is all 'silicone' the same?

by mobiledynamics 2 years ago

Eon's ago, we bought silicone muffin pans. Could not have thrown them out any faster....they were terrible to clean......I detest even touching the wifey's silpats... The only Silicon we have is...


by VFish 2 years ago

I have some silicone coated whisks and would like to get plain SS whisks. When I purchased the Silver7 saucier, they were also having a sale on their Sur la Table metal whisks and they looked good...

What May Be The Use Here?

by JosephInOhio 2 years ago

OK so I was at a thrift shop and price tags in white were 50% off... so for the princely sum of exactly 1 dollar I picked up this little thing, gadget I don’t know… It is stamped “Japan” but I...

Best Rubber Spatulas?

by zackly 2 years ago

Any recommendations for sturdy, well designed rubber spatulas? The ones with plastic or wooden handles break on me when mixing something stiff like cookie dough. I've owned ones with metal handles ...

Which Disher For Level Standard Cupcakes?

by charmdesign 4 years ago

Which size disher to cupcakes that are level with the liner and or are filled 2/3 the way. I’ve seen such a variety of thoughts on it so I made a table comparing the sizes. Although my chart wi...

Disposable Pastry Bag?

by zackly 3 years ago

Merry Christmas! I am making Potatoes Lorette ( deep fried mashed potatoes and eclair paste) for Christmas dinner today. I want to use a disposable pastry bag but I don't have any. I am unfamiliar...

Potato Ricer vs Food Mill

by bxgirl 3 years ago

I am wondering what the difference between a food mill and a potato ricer in terms of function. I know that the ricer is much smaller, and wonder why that is preferable for mashed potatoes than a ...

Tomato Passata- No Food Mill

by naunabear3 3 years ago

Hey! I’m a young homecook and I’m trying to make tomato passata, however I don’t have a food mill. Is there any other method that I could try that would give me the same or close to the same results?

Do Electric Caramelizing Irons Exist in the US?

by annagram14 3 years ago

I know a French pastry chef who has one and it's amazing for pastries that need to be caramelized on top. They're so much more consistent than a torch and plug into the wall so the heat stays stead...

What can my friend bring me from Japan?

by houseoflogan 4 years ago

My friend is in Japan, and has aked what he can bring me back as a gift. I love the Japanese cooking tools I’ve begun to discover. Does anyone have any recommendations for something inexpensive (un...

What does spraying water on top of bread do before baking it?

by Jeanna_Lynch 4 years ago

I was talking with a friend and he mentioned that if you sprayed water on top of a loaf of bread before baking it, that it would make the crust on top kinda glossy and a little better. What exactly...

Ateco piping tips in Toronto

by nazia_1983 4 years ago

Hey bakers! Any insight into sourcing baking supplies, both edible and non-edible (tools, packaging, decorating supplies, etc) would be greatly appreciated. I just recently moved to Toronto and le...

The myth of marble pastry boards

by jeremyn 12 years ago

Why do people use marble boards for rolling out pastry? It is no colder than a wooden board. Marble boards feel colder because they conduct heat better than wood and thus facilitate heat transfer...

Pastry Brushes: Silicone vs Natural? Brand recs?

by arielleeve 5 years ago

Interested in hearing people's thoughts on good pastry brushes. ATK recommends the Good Grips silicone one as its top pick, and in general they give very poor reviews to natural bristle brushes. I ...

Looking for your favorite new kitchen tool

by EatinConnecticut 6 years ago

I am always on the hunt for a fun new kitchen tool. With the holidays around the corner, I would love to find an innovative and interesting new tool that I can impress my friends with. Any ideas an...

Have You Tried the Cuisinart Electric Cookie Press?

by Velda Mae 12 years ago

I saw an ad for an electric Cuisinart cookie press and am wondering how well it works. Any feedback on whether it would be worth upgrading from my old Mirro with the screw top would be welcome.