Points, Flats, and Packers: What's the Difference Between Brisket and Texas Brisket?

Maybe you've never wondered, What is the difference between brisket and Texas brisket?—maybe you didn't even know there were multiple types of brisket. But there is a difference, and it's all in the...

Best hot dog in Manhattan is @ Harry & Ida's

by ipsedixit 4 years ago

Best pastrami hot dog, to be precise. Not a hot dog *with* pastrami. But a hot dog made *from* pastrami. Comes garnished with pickled onions (as well as umami rich mushroom sauce and parsn...

Brief Pastrami Report

by DavidT 2 years ago

I was in Manhattan the past several days and was able to have pastrami sandwiches at both the Pastrami Queen (Lexington & 78th) and at Katz's (East Houston). There was really no comparison. The...

National hot pastrami sandwich day

by BostonTparty 4 years ago

Tomorrow is national hot pastrami sandwich day. Where should I go to celebrate. I dont want to spend $20 on a sandwich so I don't want to go to Katz or Stage Deli but I want a decent sandwich at a ...

Cost per pound of Sliced Pastrami- New York City Metro Area

by seikoloco 4 years ago

Anyone happen to know what stores in the NY metro area charge per pound for regular glatt kosher beef pastrami (not turkey or chicken), someone told me 20 bucks per pound, that seemed high to me.

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