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Brief Pastrami Report

by DavidT 26 days ago

I was in Manhattan the past several days and was able to have pastrami sandwiches at both the Pastrami Queen (Lexingt...


DavidT commented 25 days ago

Frankel's Pastrami Is The Real Deal

by sushiman 2 months ago

FInally got to Frankel's. Pastarmi is hand cut, which is he right way to do it. Melt in the mouth perfect. Just ...


sushiman commented 2 months ago

What goes better with pastrami?

by jackrugby 11 years ago

O.K. this is an on going stupid argument that me and a friend are having. The argument is; which is the more traditio...

The_Libster commented 2 months ago

Storing uncooked pastrami?

by w33bie 2 months ago

I currently have in my fridge two 4lb slabs of homemade pastrami ready for the smoker. Unfortunately, the party I h...

rasputina commented 2 months ago

Good pastrami in the SGV?

by SoCal Foodie 9 years ago

My favorite pastrami from a fast food joint is Top's in Pasadena on Colorado Bl. Their pastrami is quite delicious an...


fatmaninalittlecoat commented 2 months ago

mail order pastrami from Katz

by Spinal Tap 7 years ago

Has anyone ordered whole pastrami from Katz Deli in NY? I am thinking about ordering some for my wife's birthday and...


jeffy1021 commented 3 months ago

What is the best way to cook pastrami for a sandwich??

by MiaSmash 4 years ago

I usually grill pastrami (&corned beef) for our hot pastrami sandwiches and reubens on a flat top at work, I feel it'...


scunge commented 3 months ago

BottleDog Offers A Pastrami Sandwich Alternative (Raleigh/Cary Area)

by klmonline 5 months ago

We've written in the past about the difficulty in finding good pastrami sandwiches around the Triangle (heck, around ...


bbqme commented 4 months ago

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Outstanding sandwich from Frankel's (W'burg/Greenpoint)

by Blumie 4 months ago

Frankel's has been open a while now, and I've learned that they do a really nice bagel-and-lox sandwich. Nothing fan...

Home made Kosher Pastrami

by CrazyAish 9 months ago

Since the beef I will use is already koshered with salt does anyone have a recommendation to make sure the finished p...


ShlomoGeffen commented 7 months ago

Buying a whole pastrami

by georgeb 9 months ago

Am planning a get together and am looking for a place in the Mid Hudson Valley to buy a whole pastrami. Any tips for...

georgeb commented 9 months ago

In Your Opinion, What Makes a Pastrami Sandwich Exceptional? Bonus Points: Which Place Makes Your Favorite?

by marssy 1 year ago

To me, what makes it beyond good is the quality of the ingredients, in order of importance: 1.- Meat: I don't like...

Karl S commented 9 months ago

Pastrami Wednesdays at Memphis Minnie's

by Civil Bear 10 months ago

Hadn't been to Memphis Minnie's in some time, so I was happy to see Pastrami Wednesdays as strong as ever. This is a ...


virtualguthrie commented 10 months ago

Pastrami question

by Cobraz06 12 months ago

I have a 15 pound brisket the recipe I have calls for 60 grams of pink curing salt (same as 12 teaspoons) 9 liters of...


Cobraz06 commented 12 months ago

New York Pastrami?

by jounipesonen 1 year ago

Anything comparable to Katz' in Las Vegas? I see there is a Carnegie at the Mirage - but have found Katz better than ...


saeyedoc commented 1 year ago

Mail-Order NY Pastrami Katz Deli or Carnegie Deli

by kjen 1 year ago

I'd like to purchase through mail-order, NY Pastrami for my husband's birthday, but cannot decide between Katz Deli o...


kjen commented 1 year ago

Best Pastrami in Minneapolis?

by NewTransplant 1 year ago

I love Jewish deli's and have had a little struggle since I moved here a year ago. I am having some friends over and ...


JimGrinsfelder commented 1 year ago

National hot pastrami sandwich day

by BostonTparty 1 year ago

Tomorrow is national hot pastrami sandwich day. Where should I go to celebrate. I dont want to spend $20 on a sandwic...


gargupie commented 1 year ago

Making a great pastrami sandwich

by Tom Hall 9 years ago

I have some Niman Ranch naval pastrami (it is not my intention to have a discussion about the perfect pastrami; let m...


kondorfoxwod commented 1 year ago